Terms and Concepts in Traditional Management Essay

In order to understand direction 1 must first understand the term “ administration ”. Hellriegel et Al ( 2008. p6 ), and The Free Dictionary ( Online: Accessed 15 March 2011 ) specify the word “ administration ” likewise, as a figure of people, more than two, working together towards a common intent or end in a structured or organized mode.

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Terms and Concepts in Traditional Management Essay
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The Free Dictionary ( Online: Accessed 15 March 2011 ), defines a director as a individual who manages people in an administration, in order to make set ends, ( MAN100. Study Guide, p.3, 2011 ).


Management is defined in many ways but many indicate that it is a individual or group of people who direct others ( workers ) to make an aim in an administration and execute undertakings of planning, organizing, taking and control, Hellriegel et Al ( 2008. p9 ), Wikipedia [ hypertext transfer protocol: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Managers, accessed 15 March 2011 ], MAN100: Study Guide, 2011.


Harmonizing to the survey usher, ( MAN100. 2011, p6 ), be aftering is regarded as the “ primary direction map ” because it prepares for the staying parts of direction. The survey steer farther indicates that how an administration reaches its ends involves determinations and involves be aftering. Hellriegel et Al ( 2008. p10 ) besides supports this position by saying that, “ be aftering involves specifying organizational ends and suggesting ways to research them. ” McNamara [ online ] says that be aftering “ is choosing precedences and consequences ( ends, aims, etc. ) and how those consequences will ( be ) achieved ”.


The Study usher ( MAN100, 2011. p7 ) explains that organizing entails the prep necessary for put into operation programs for action. Hellriegel et Al ( 2008. p10 ) says that one time programs are developed they must be turned from “ abstract ” information into “ world ”.


Hellriegel et Al ( 2008. p10 ) explains that taking needs communicating in order to actuate workers to make the administration ‘s ends. The survey usher ( MAN100, 2001. p7 ) besides supports the account by bespeaking that taking is about act uponing people in an administration so that the ends of the administration can be reached. The workers are kept happy by making a happy work environment.


The survey usher ( MAN100, 2011. p7 ) explains that commanding is about indicating the workers in a way so that the ends of the administration are reached. Hellriegel et Al ( 2008. p10 ) supports the above by stating that monitoring of workers is required but that “ disciplinary action ” is a key in commanding

Using traditional direction to better client service.

A traditional point of view can better client service because you are commanding what happens in the workplace. By be aftering, organizing taking and commanding your workers you can do their work efficient ( MAN100. 2011 ).

For illustration a call Centre that dispatches ambulance, constabulary autos and fire trucks are neglecting to run into there demands because they are taking the call and so logging it because they are utilizing an old system, it hence prolongs the clip to reply the following call in order to despatch what is required. The director will utilize resources to invent a program that will do the calls more efficient. The operators in the Call Centre could be asked for their thoughts and if the thoughts are practical, they can be used on a test footing. An illustration is to put in headsets with a mike. By obtaining the headsets they will hold their custodies free and so be able to type information into the computing machine system and despatch the needed services rapidly ( Interview: A R Kesten – Executive Director: Catastrophe Management: Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality ).

In order to better the Call Taking Centre operations, one needs to be after a figure of things. One needs the workers, the Information Technology ( IT ) section, the Finance Department and many other role-players to be involved. Geting these people together requires planning. Organizing the role-players into a group is the following measure. The group members need to be invited to a meeting or workshop. Agendas demand to be prepared and the locale big plenty for the meeting or Workshop needs to be prepared.

The following measure is to take. Leading agencies that all the role-players must purchase into the thought of rushing up the call taking actions. This may intend that the IT section needs to upgrade the programme used to log calls and acquire a citation and purchase headsets. It so needs to be installed. Your employees need to be sent on preparation and one demand to explicate to them why it is a demand. Make certain that they understand why this is go oning. Answer any inquiries they have about this, demo them what you expect from them and assist them to accomplish their ends.

Monitor their work. Check the statistics. Ensure they are making what is required of them. Put out regulations and ordinances for them to follow. Fix a elaborate structured program puting out what is needed to be done on a day-to-day footing. Once the regulations for monitoring is set and the operators understand them they will cognize how they are traveling to be measured. If one has the mensurating tool one can measure old public presentation against current public presentation and have a image of how good or non the new method is making.

Question 2

2.1 Role and importance of Vision and mission


The vision in the strategic planning of an administration is like a long-run end the administration has. The vision of an administration will direct the administration along a way towards accomplishing it. A vision needs to be clearly stated and short so that people can easy retrieve it. It is of import to hold a vision because it lets everyone cognize what he or she is working towards. The vision is besides of import because it helps to concentrate the staff on the long-run ends ( Hellriegel et al, 2008. p136 ).


An administration ‘s mission should, harmonizing to Hellriegel, et Al, 2008. p136, cover the undermentioned facets: “ Core intent ”, “ Core schemes ”, “ Core values ” and “ Core behavioral criterions ”. The mission is the wide strategic program of an administration. It is developed to assist the administration reach the vision.

Goals ; ( schemes, resource allotment and tactical and operational planning )

Harmonizing to Hellriegel, et Al ( 2008 ) p136/7, one time the vision and mission are in topographic point, it is necessary to develop ends. The ends are developed from the vision and mission in order to interrupt them down into more apprehensible parts. The ends give a more elaborate image of the vision and mission. The people in the administration would be able to better understand what needs to be done because the ends give a clearer image.

Hellriegel, et Al ( 2008 ) p137, indicates that there are three degrees of ends and that one follows on another. The ends can be broken up into “ strategic degree ” ends, “ tactical degree ” ends and “ operational degree ” ends. Because one degree follows, another, each one provides more item than the following.

The “ strategic degree ” ends, harmonizing to Hellriegel, et Al ( 2008 ) p137, are “ usually ” set by “ top direction ” of the administration. The ends can be developed to cover up to a 5-year period. Hellriegel, et Al besides indicates that that “ strategic ends have to be in line with the vision and mission of the administration. The strategic ends must be clearly apprehensible because the tactical ends are developed from them.

Tactical ends are usually developed from the strategic ends and are developed by in-between directors and by leaders of sections ( Hellriegel, et Al ( 2008 ) p137 ). Hellriegel et Al continues by stating that the tactical ends are developed for a “ one to four twelvemonth ” period. It makes sense so that the tactical ends will be more specific than the strategic ends from which they are taken. Carpenter M., Bauer T., & A ; Erdogan B [ online ] besides indicates that aims provide a clearer image because they must be “ must ( 1 ) be related straight to the end ; ( 2 ) be clear, concise, and apprehensible ; ( 3 ) be stated in footings of consequences ; ( 4 ) Begin with an action verb ; ( 5 ) stipulate a day of the month for achievement ; and ( 6 ) be mensurable. ”

Once tactical ends have been developed, operational ends can be set. The operational ends, harmonizing to Hellriegel et Al, are developed for a section or subdivision in the administration. These ends are set for a short period of up to one twelvemonth.

Hellriegel et Al ( 2008 ) besides indicates that ends must be “ ambitious ”, “ come-at-able ”, “ specific and mensurable ” and “ clip limited ”.

It is in this manner that people working in an administration will be able to concentrate on what needs to be done in order to accomplish the vision and mission.

Question 3

3 ( a ) Strategic be aftering procedure and ( B ) function and importance of the strategic planning procedure

Hellriegel et Al ( 2008 ) describes a basic strategic be aftering procedure as holding the eight parts indicated below one portion after another:

Developing a mission and ends

The function of the mission and ends is to give way to the administration. In this manner, it will cognize where it is and where it wants to travel.

Measuring the menaces and chances to the administration

The function of measuring the menaces and chances is to look at what can impact the administration from the exterior. In this manner the administration can look at what its rivals are making which will impact the administration and do it neglect.

Assess the strengths and failings of the administration

The function and importance of measuring the administrations ain strengths and failings is to look at what it is making good so that they can better on it and besides to look at what they are non making good once more to better on it.

Prepare schemes

The function of fixing schemes is to do certain that strengths remain strengths, failings are turned into strengths, chances are used to better the administration and menaces are thought about and acted on to take them.

Develop a strategic program

Develop a strategic program to cover with the strengths, failings, chances and menaces so that the administration can turn. The strategic program will give more inside informations of how you would increase your strengths, change the administrations weaknesses into strengths, and happen out what the administrations menaces are so that you can develop a program to take them or alter them into chances and last to look for chances to turn the administration.

Develop tactical programs

Develop tactical programs so that the inside informations of what to make and how to make it can be decided on. The tactical programs will explicate what the administration has to make and how it needs to be done and by when.

Puting in controls and measuring consequences

Put option in controls to do certain that the program stays on path and step the consequences. By seting in controls, the administration can do certain that the program stays on path. Measuring consequences makes certain that what was planned to be achieved is achieved. It besides lets the administration make little alterations to the program if the program is non working every bit good as the administration thought it will.

Repeat the planning

By reiterating the planning procedure the administration can do certain that things have non changed that will impact the program. This is of import because we live in a universe where things change all the clip. The administration needs to be careful of alterations that could impact it and so alter the program in line with the altering universe.

Question 4

Different undertakings of directors

Harmonizing the Hellriegel et Al, first line directors are straight responsible for the production of good services. Middle directors focus on organizing employees activities by finding which merchandises or services to supply, and make up one’s minding how to market these merchandises or services to clients. Top directors spend most of the twenty-four hours planning and taking.

How the undertakings differ and how they are aligned

Hellriegel et Al ( 2008 ) p.13 explains that first-line directors are straight in charge of the industry of goods and or providing of services. The first-line directors can be supervisors responsible for a little squad of people who do a specific occupation. The first-line director makes certain that the squad members all carry out their specific occupations.

Hellriegel et Al ( 2008 ) p.13 besides indicates that in-between direction directors get wide and general schemes from top direction. The in-between direction directors must “ concentrate on organizing employees ‘ activities, finding which merchandises or services to supply and make up one’s minding how to market these merchandises or services to clients. ” In-between directors are, harmonizing to Hellriegel et Al, p.14 besides responsible to direct and organize the work of the first-line directors. Middle directors besides carry out the instructions of the top directors. Middle directors are besides non ever making the proficient work that they trained to make because they must non director others who have the proficient cognition below their place.

Top directors, harmonizing to Higgins ( 2005 ) quoted in Hellriegel et Al ( 2008 ) p.15, are successful senior directors who spend a batch of clip working on put to deathing scheme. These top directors understand that working of scheme is of import to do the administration successful. The top directors must work on scheme executing or execution because this, harmonizing to Hellriegel ( 2008 ) p.15, leads to “ strategic public presentation ”. This is of import if the administration wants to utilize a good scheme in the right manner to acquire to the needed end. Hellriegel et Al, p16 besides indicates that top directors “ spend most of their twenty-four hours planning and taking ” and that this could take up to 70 % of their twenty-four hours.

Question 5

Hellriegel et Al ( 2008 ) p.10 says that taking is about pass oning with and actuating others to make the undertakings needed to make the administrations ends within the context of a back uping organizational civilization.

Management is about acquiring people in your squad to make a occupation of work in such a mode that they are happy to make it and make it good. ( Hellriegel et al ( 2008 ). The most of import parts of direction is be aftering, taking, organizing and commanding.

A director needs, harmonizing to Hellriegel et Al ( 2008 ) p.16 to hold proficient accomplishments. The director needs to cognize how the occupation should acquire done. The direction accomplishments of the first-line director will be different from the in-between and top directors. The first line director needs to cognize the occupation in order for him or her to rectify or learn a certain undertaking. The first-line director will assist the worker to larn the occupation or to make it better. The in-between director will hold better strategic accomplishments and be able to explicate why the occupation is of import.

All directors need human accomplishments in order to acquire the work done ( Hellriegel et al ( 2008 ) p.17 ). This accomplishment is of import as a director works with people. If a director does non hold human accomplishments so he / she will non be able to pass on decently and this could do the work to endure.

The following accomplishment a director must hold is to believe “ analytically ” ( Hellriegel et al, 2008. p.17 ) and to work out jobs.

However, the successful qualities of directors, identified by Harbidge House and quoted in Hellriegel et Al ( 2008 ) p.17 & A ; 18, are:

To supply clear way

A director must be able to put clear ends and criterions and must clearly pass on them.

Promote unfastened communicating

Directors must be able to talk candidly to subsidiaries and must non crush around the shrub but be consecutive frontward but non barbarous.

Coach and support people

The director must be able to assist subsidiaries and besides be able to talk with senior direction about the jobs that subsidiaries have in order to work out them.

Provide objective acknowledgment

The director must be able to see the work good employees are making and non knock them. The should honor good work by stating that the employee is making good work or by fiscal or other wages.

Establish ongoing controls

The director should be able to follow up on issues that employees have raised and supply proper feedback.

Choose the right people for the administration

The director should be able to name the right people with the right accomplishments to execute work which is needed. The people who are appointed must be able to back up the vision and mission and ends of the administration.

Understand the fiscal deductions of determinations

The good director will cognize what the fiscal deductions are of determinations that are made. Quality of the work done by employees may intend that an employee gets a larger wage.

Promote invention and new thoughts

The good director will promote his workers to come up with better ways of making work and of new ways to make the work faster, better and with better quality.

Give subsidiaries distinct determinations when they are needed

The director will non be afraid to do determinations that need pressing attending. In this manner, employees will esteem the director.

Systematically show a high degree of unity

The director needs to be honest and non demo any favoritism. He needs to be just and handle all worker every bit.

Question 6

Management is seen as one of the most of import and go outing callings in the universe.

Management is of import because workers need to be controlled and to follow orders to finish the undertakings that are given to them and hold it done by the deadline they were given. It is of import because they construction the organisation and do certain that the work gets done.

Management is go outing because there are changeless alterations go oning and these are new challenges to get the better of everyday. It ‘s go outing because it keeps you on your toes and maintain your blood pumping.

For illustration a director comes to happen that his employees are underachieving. He has to happen out why and so happen a manner to repair it. In the procedure of making that upper direction tells him the system they are utilizing is traveling to alter so he has to put up the new system and work out the job with his employees. He so sets up the new system and sends his employees on preparation and goes with them. While preparation is in advancement he speaks to his employees and finds out what the job is, thenceforth he sits down with his employees and sorts out the job.

This is why direction is of import and exiting.


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