Terms of the book

Term Definition
Hypothesis A statement of what you think will happen on an investigation
Observation Something you find out about what your studying with your senses .
Variable Something that can change in a test
Control group A Standard against which change is measured
Experiment The use of scientific methods to test a hypothesis.
Procedures Step-by-Step instructions for completing a task.
Inference A conclsion based on observations
Data Information Which a conclusion can be drawn or a prediction can be made
Evidence Observations that make you believe something is true
Precision the ability to constantly repeat a measurement
Accuracy Ability to make a measurement that is as close to the actual value as possible
Accuracy A measurement that is as close to the actual measurement as possible
Precision Consistently repeating a measurement.
Surveys Questions that are answered by people Great for opinion questions.
Experimental group The group that gets the special treatment
Dependent variable it is measured. changes when the independent variable Changes
Independent variable. The variable you can control or change.
Sampling examining random individuals from a population.
Model objects or Ideas That represent other things

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