Tersiary education in South Africa Essay

What to do after school Many young south Trains tact the problem tot deciding what to study tater school. Tertiary education is a higher form of education that furthers a learners knowledge of a particular field. Tertiary education Is also referred to as third stage, third level, higher education and post-secondary education, it Is the educational level following the completion of a school education (after grade 12). Artery education includes universities, decathlons, Internships and Institutions that specify In skills such as FEET colleges. There are also other higher education facilities such as nursing schools There are 4 main options for higher education in South Africa universities the dictionary defines university as a high-level educational Institution in which students study for degrees and academic research is done. There are many enlistees In south Africa, but they are often hard to be accepted Into.

They require students who are prepared to study long hours and and make sacrifices In return for a degree which takes a minimum of areas to complete Universities are mostly evolved around theory and do not Include much practical work. enlistees only accept students after grade 12. Benefits of university: Degrees are required for a wide range of careers such as Medicine, Education, Engineering, Accounting and Law. A university education will help establish a career. University graduates gain professional qualifications that are recognized and respected worldwide.

University graduates are offered higher pay and greater financial stability Requirement and thing to do to Increase your chances of admiration For a undergraduate diploma study the student must have tallest a NCSC cod of 4 (40-49%) and for a bachelors degree study, learner must of achieved a minimum o a NCSC cod 5 (50-59%) To Increase chances of getting In to university: apply early, achieve high marks/ higher than NCSC code 5. Get strong letters of recommendation , participate in extra curriculum activity and participate in community service.

They also check your social network accounts so delete anything that may bring your character down FEET collages Further education and training collages offer vocation courses which get you ready or a particular job. FEET collages touch on scarce skills and careers. They are practical but also involve theory They provide opportunities for work experience as part of there course. Some FEET courses are accepted at university, meaning you can continue to Turner your Knowledge/agree at multiversity, wanly could get you enlarge pal Sods. FEET collages accept students from grade 9-12 and offer exciting practical courses.

Advantages of FEET collages: Finding Jobs are more easy Collages have links with institutions and corporal world You don’t have to pass grade 12 to be accepted Requirements and things to do to increase your chances of attending a FEET collage; at least a grade 9 certificate is required . To help your chances of being accepted, apply with a grade 12 certificate, they get first preference, get good references, show interest in community projects and sport. Apply early Technician or university of technology Technician offer mainly diploma and certificate courses, as well as degree courses and diploma courses usually take three years to complete.

Technician focus more on he technical study fields a practical form of training, as one third (e. G. One year) of the study period consists of on-the-Job training and experience. A technician is basically a mix between a university and a feet collage. They offer the same level of study as a university Advantages students are exposed to the world of work at an early stage high-quality work and motivation might lead to full-time employment very quickly after graduation.

Requirement and thing to do to increase your chances of admiration For a (50-59%) To increase chances of getting in to university: apply early, achieve high arks/ higher than NCSC code 5, get strong letters of recommendation , participate in Learner’s A learners is a s learning process that involves on the Job training, where you gain practical skills and theoretical knowledge in job which leads to a qualification. Learners participating in a learners have to attend classes at a college or training centre to complete classroom-based learning, and they also have to complete on-the- job training in a workplace.

The workplace experience must be relevant to the qualification. You can also get bayed while doing a learners . Some learners programmed do not require any entry requirements while others require a Grade 12 certificate. Learnedness do not usually cost anything, most are free of charge. What are the benefits off Learners? You will receive a nationally recognized qualification upon successful completion of the learners programmer. You will gain work experience that will improve your chances of getting work. You gain links with the employment network, increasing your chances to find work.

You can earn a promotion or be redeployed into a more satisfying Job. You can progress onto a higher level laureateship for personal growth Ana development. Requirements Ana things to ay to Increase your chances AT admission; . A grade 12 certificate is required to Join and a good letter of recommendation also good marks will assist. Many people have the believe that university is the best option, because you get better qualifications and a degree. But it might not always be the best option of study and it might not be possible to attend a university.

Many companies look for people that have work experience, which university students will not have after sitting inside lecture rooms for 4 years. Universities are also extremely expensive. They can cost a small fortuning, which the average person does not have readily available. Yes loans can be taken out but it may take years to repay and can lead to further debt due to the increase in interest rates. Its not always possible for students with a bad performance in grade 12 to attend universities. Universities do not accept students with extremely poor marks.

To enter university a bachelors pass is required, which is a NCSC with an achievement f rating 4 (adequate achievement 50-59%). FEET collages and learner’s are a great option for under performers that want to improve there skills , they involve lots of practical work that can be very beneficial. At the end it all comes to the marks you got in school that effect your choice in tertiary education, those who normally get bad marks chose learner’s and collage and those who get good marks go to universities and technicians. But there might always be that surprising clever student that wants to pursue something practical. The choice is yours.

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