Test 1

The population of the predator increases.
When an increase in the population of prey occurs, which of the following usually occurs in the population of its predator?
When a species is transported, it leaves behind its predators and the diseases that previously kept its population in check. Therefore the species is able to grow to large and damaging numbers.
When a species is moved from its native area to a new area, it can become an invasive species and damage its new ecosystem. What is one reason these species are able to damage an ecosystem?
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Test 1
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intraspecific competition
If two members of the same bird species are competing for the same tree to build a nest in, this is considered
Many plants have developed complicated defenses to protect themselves against
In an ecosystem, phytoplankton are
An earthworm that feeds on the remains of plants and animals is acting as a
tertiary consumer
When a human eats a steak, the human is acting as a
A cow eating grass is an example of a
tertiary consumer
A human who just ate a hamburger is eaten by a shark while swimming. The shark is acting as a
are secondary consumers.
Approximately _____% of the energy at one trophic level is passed on to the next highest trophic level.
10,000 kcal of producer could support approximately _____ kcal of tertiary consumer.
a surface exposed by a retreating glacier
Which of these is a starting point for primary succession?
lichens and mosses
The first colonizing organisms during primary succession tend to be:
plants have wind-dispersed seeds
Which one of the following is a general characteristic of plants that are early colonizers during primary succession?
water and energy
As organisms prey on one another, ______ and _____ move through the community from one trophic level to the next tropic level at a rate of 10%.
Keystone species are the largest-bodied species in a community.
Which statement is an accurate description of a keystone species?
a pyramid of numbers
The most accurate way to represent trophic levels in a food chain graphically would be as
return ecosystems to a more “natural” state, often what they were like before industrial civilization altered them
Ecological restoration tries to
temperature and light
What are the two major factors determining the distribution of terrestrial biomes?
Which of these biomes is characterized by little rainfall?
coniferous forest
Which of these is the largest terrestrial biome on Earth?
tropical rain forest
Which biome is characterized by an extensive canopy that allows little light to penetrate to the ground and by the presence of epiphytes?
Which biome is characterized by the presence of permafrost?
are an invasive exotic species that clogs water intake pipes at factories, power plants, and wastewater treatment facilities
Zebra mussels
interspecific competition
Many moths, beetles and flies closely resemble bees and wasps but cannot sting. This is
primary consumers or herbivores
Grazing animals such as deer are
tropical rainforest
Which terrestrial biome has the most biodiversity?
Microbes in our digestive tract that help us digest food demonstrate a(n) ________ association.

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