TEST 2/26 - Unit 4 Sound

Question Answer
Frequency The number of vibrations per second
Pitch How high or low a sound is
Vibration The back and forth movement of matter
Volume The loudness of a sound
What causes sound? Vibration
How is amplitude measured? Amplitude is measured in Decibels
How can you tell if something has a loud amplitude? A loud amplitude has a higher number in Decibels
Compare 2 strings on a guitar. The strings are the same length but one is thinner. The thin one will make a higher pitched sound than the thick one
If two guitar strings have the same pitch when plucked, they must be _________________. Vibrating at the same rate
Would a sound that has fewer vibrations per second have a higher pitch or a lower pitch? A sound with fewer vibrations would have a lower pitch
What happens to the sound an object makes when its rate of vibrations decreases? Its pitch becomes lower
Why does a baseball bat falling on the playground make a sound? It causes vibrations in the air
What produces sound? Causing an object to vibrate
Would a long, thick pipe on an organ make a low pitched sound or a high pitched sound? A low pitched sound
How can you raise the pitch on a guitar string? By tightening the string
One string on a guitar makes a lower pitched sound. What is true of that string? It vibrates more slowly than the other string
If an object does not vibrate, it cannot produce ____________. Sound
If you tighten a guitar string, what will happen to the pitch? Its pitch will be higher

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