Texting While Driving Essay

Imagine you are driving down the highway and suddenly a car hits the car in front of you. In that car there was one adult, one teenager, and toddler, and a newborn baby. The car that was hit got flipped over multiple times. No one in the car managed to survive that accident. This all happened because the driver decided to pull out their phone and text a simple mies. ” Texting and driving is a huge problem in the United States. Many laws have been passed to prevent texting and driving. It also causes many deaths and injuries. Many laws have been passed to prevent the danger of texting and driving.

Currently there are 41 states. D. C, U. S Virgin Islands, Guam, and Puerto Rico ban texting and driving. California has laws to prevent texting while driving. One of the laws state that novice drivers are not allowed to to text while driving. If caught they face a fine up to twenty dollars the first offense and fifty every offense after that. People still text and drive even though they are aware of the laws. It is commonly thought that people can text and drive at the same time. They believe that if the text is important enough, they should be able to respond.

Doctors have proved that the uman brain cannot fully focus on two things at the same time. No text message is ever important enough to risk yours and another person’s life. If you need to read and reply to a message, pullover to the side or give the phone the passenger. Texting and driving has cause many auto-collisions. Most of the collisions have ended in death and injury. 18% ppercent of fatal crashes were caused by phone usage. 11% of drivers ages 18-20 have been involved in car accidents because they were either sending or receiving text messages. Many people have died due to texting and driving.

On a website www. textinganddrivingsafety. com, a guy named John Breen, age 23, was on his way to get ready to deploy to Afghanistan when he decided to pull out his phone and text. He lost control of the car and crashed. He lost his chance to serve his country and his life. In conclusion, texting while driving is very dangerous. It causes many fatal accidents. Many accidents. Many laws have been passed to avoid the danger of texting and driving. There are many ways to prevent these accidents. Take the pledge to stand against it at wrww. itcanwait. com. Texting While Driving By funsizedkayy

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