Thai Economic Problem Essay

Big Problems Thailand, like other countries, is facing several problems. Many are trivial; some are significant or BIG. I have reflected on the big problems,as a Thai fellow, that I think are challenging the well-being of Thailand. In fact, a small-scale survey conducted by one of my students revealed that the four big problems were ranked as follows: 1. Economic Problem 2. Red-Yellow Groups 3. The Deep South It was found that the environment-related problems (such as global warming or rising sea-level, were ranked lower.

This finding confirms the findings reported by the Thai government and the World Bank. This is what the summary of the report has stated: “The overall environment for investment in Thailand worsened slightly in 2007 when compared with 2004. Moreover, future investment decisions by Thai companies could well be affected by the uncertain economic and political environment”. [edit] The big three problems are as follows: * Economic-related Problems Economic problems persist. Poor people remain. Poverty can hardly be eradicated. Economic crises may be something that cannot be easily eradicated.

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Thai Economic Problem Essay
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Recently, a group of farmers came out and demanded that the authority help them by shoring up the lower rice prices. * The Colors Problems (Political Problems) Red and Yellow (Political-Motivated Problems) The Red Shirt has been staging their protests for over a year. Their main aim is unclear. They demand fairness and real democracy. * Violence in the deep south of Thailand, namely, in the provinces of Narathiwas, Patani, and Yala. This is a big problem, I think, which may not relate to the two-afore mentioned problem areas.

Many people, military officers, mostly civilians, were killed. How to end the violence? The simplest answer is to resort to the political means, not the use of force, alone. [edit] Political and Economic Problems It should be noted that there is a relationship between the two areas: economy and political health. World Bank, for example, has noted that “Thailand’s economic growth has been slowing down because of weak private consumption and investment demand, following the September 2006 coup and subsequent political uncertainty”. edit] Environmental Problems The eastern seaboard project has created several environmental problems since its inception twenty years ago. There are also pollution problems in several big cities like Bangkok and Chaingmai. [edit] Social Problems Crime Corruption Unemployment Among Thai Youths Youths have dreams, ambitions, and energy. However, they have been affected by the economic problems, There are not enough job opportunities for them.


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