Thank You Ma'M Essay

Jesus Escamilla Escamilla1 Mrs. Hollie ELD 3 28 August, 2010 Examples of how people make there own decsions in the story Thank You Ma’m some examples of how roger and Mrs. Jones made their own decsions. Some exsamples of how the two main charecters is in the beginnig is when roger tryed to steal the old lady purse but the lady was confident and being assertive.

The reason roger tryed to steal the purse is because he wanted to buy some blue suede shoes the other reason he did that was because he lived in a poor neighboorhood. She was also aggressive when he got kicked in the butt by Mrs. Jones but she was also broad minded because she knew what he has been through because she did crimes like stealing and other kinds of things she also trusted him because she took him home and washed his face and didnt want to tell on him or take him to the police after that all happend. he also walked away and left her purse that had her money in and walked away from it and left roger on the bed with it she did that because she trusted him. at the end of the story she gave him the money so he can buy the shoes. These exsamples are just true for this story this is true for everyday life like you always chosse what u want and always think of the consequence that what happend of the choice that you are going to make and the things that you already made.

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