The 1920s And Its Impact Essay

The 1920’s was a decade of enjoyment, employment, and for some
dissapointment. IN the following report you will see how the 20’s was a
decade to remeber and how it had an impact on the people living through
it. It was a decade that would shourly have reason to be classified as the
“roaring twenties”
The Economy
During the twenties the economy had a definite impact on the society,
It benifited some, but hurt others. The people that benefited were the
prairie farmers and the oil companies, the people who dident’t benifit were
candian soldiers returning from WW1.

Around the middle of the twenties, a wheat farmer was the person to
be. Business was booming for all the wheat farmers, places like Europe,
which was war torn, was hungry for Canada’s wheat and contributed
tremendous business to the canadian wheat industries. Farmers begain
making more money than ever before, and they started buying tractors and
other farm machinery to take place of their cattle and horses. Prices of
wheat were at a all time high, which gave canada’s wheat industry an even
bigger advantage and a bigger form of maney making in canadas economy.

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The 1920s And Its Impact Essay
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Canadian soldiers on the other hand who had returned from war were
ecpecting to be employed, but not even for their bravery and fighting for
their country could they get a job. Canadian soldiers were surprised at
how difficult it was to get a job. While they were out fighting in WW1,
people who had business relating to military were striking it rich because
of all the military equipment that was needed for the canadian army, for
canadian soldiers who had fought in the war, unemployment was a reality for

During the twenties another discovery led to a rising economy for
Canada, the oil industry struck it rich in turner vally Alberta, where a
huge oil discovery took place. Eventually this industry would create new
jobs and more money for the economy.

Canada did have its goood and bad times, but most people benifited
from the good times becuase of more job increases because of new industries
such ass wheat and oil!


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