The 1951 Refugee Convention

The 1951 Refugee Convention

It is of import to cognize that the UK is one of the signers to the 1951 refugee convention hence ; when a individual asks for refuge in the UK there are in fact inquiring the governments to recognize them as a refugee under the 1951 UN refugee convention and they will measure up for protection under the refugee convention if they have a well founded fright of persecution or they may claim under Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights ( or both ) , Article 3 of The European Convention on Human Rights stats that ‘ No one shall be subjected to torment or to inhuman or degrading intervention or penalty ‘

It is of import to see that the UK has duty to supply them with adjustment and fiscal supports because UK is on one of the signers to the 1951 refugee convention and European Convention on Human Rights.

Now a twenty-four hours the bulk of arguments are against refuge searchers /refugees with some statements in favor of them.

First of all imperativeness and politicians are doing a negative position on public sentiment sing asylum issue in the UK by inaccurate and violative usage of linguistic communication to depict refuge searchers, ” Peoples have small trust in the refuge system, believing it to be out of control, excessively generous to asylum searchers, and uneffective at taking refused refuge searchers. ” ( Hobson, Cox, Sagovsky, 2008, P.17 ) , When you listen to press or politicians you likely have the feeling that the UK is invaded by refuge searchers ( See image 1 ) Headline published in day-to-day Express on 17 December 2002, they should utilize an accurate nomenclature when talking about refuge searchers and in-migration,

‘The argument is non concerned with conditions refuge is a job, but how best to undertake it. ‘ ( Brendon 2003 )

But the inquiry is ; Are asylum searchers truly invaded the United kingdom! There are many statements against refuge searchers and refugees

For illustration:

  • Not echt refugee, This statement is based on that the bulk of refuge searchers are immigrant workers and they are here to ‘steal our occupations ‘ but the truth is if they are adept immigrant workers or unskilful, are likely to take occupations unwanted by the UK population and are willing to work without depending on public assistance benefits so they will lend positively to the UK economic system as the UK urgently needs immature and adept workers.
  • They are here for our benefits: Government research so shows that the nonnative population contributes around 10 per cent more to authorities grosss than they receive in benefits.1 Asylum searchers can non able to claim public assistance benefits and they merely get fiscal support from the cardinal authorities, most asylum searchers are populating in poorness ; Single refuge searchers in the UK have to last on ?42.16 a hebdomad while twosomes without kids receive ?66.13 a hebdomad.

    But when they get refugee position or go forth to stay in the UK they can claim benefits and most of them are of working age with makings and accomplishments. In the short term they might have support, but in the longer term, most wish to happen a occupation and do non desire to populate on the UK benefits.

    Those seeking asylum tend to be aged at least 20 old ages old, and therefore are of working age the minute they start to interact with the public assistance province. Contrast this to person born in the UK – who will pass at least the first 18 old ages of their life “ foraging off the province ” ( in the signifier of a free instruction system and assorted fiscal kid benefits ) – and it is clear that, over the class of a life-time, it is much more likely that a successful refuge searcher will stop up “ in recognition ” with the public assistance province than the life-long UK citizen. So the public assistance statement fails. ( Brendon ( 2003 )

  • Crime and Terrorism: It may be true that the offense figures are higher amongst refuge searchers but simple ground behind this is out them to work, most asylum searchers are populating in poorness, they get low degree of support whilst claming refuge, they merely need work permission to lend positively to the UK economic system as the UK urgently needs immature workers.
  • Excessively many aliens: Some believe Britain is turning to a ‘foreign land ‘ but the true is the UK is home to merely 3.2 % of about 9.2 million refugees universe broad, in the other words what is incorrect with people wishing the UK even asylum searchers and refugees broaden and diversify our civilization.
  • Tighten the Rules Against Them: Some believe that the authorities should fasten the in-migration regulations in order to curtail the figure being allowed into the UK, but the best manner of cut downing the figure of refuge searchers in the long term is to cut down Numberss of people forced to fly around the universe by forestalling and deciding struggle and advancing regard for human rights.

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