The 21st Century Sample Essay

The twenty-first century has revolutionized the manner we interact with others and see the universe ; engineering made it is easier to pass on. web. and even coquettes with others. Computers transformed themselves into going the new “cupid” via instant messaging. chat-rooms and on-line dating in which flirtation is easier in these infinites. Besides the rise of societal networking sites even made it possible to happen a important other ; for illustration. my friend met his current girlfriend of six months through Facebook. However. there are still leftovers of traditional flirtation in the sense where we still meet people who attracts us at common locations. such as a saloon or party. Both offline and on-line flirtation have similar ends of get downing and following a sexual and/or romantic relationship with other people ; but at the same time. they have different attacks in run intoing new people. With the usage of my interview. I am traveling to analyse the male and female position of chat uping online and offline and the many chances and limitations that correspond with flirtation. Although the ways we flirt have changed dramatically. thoughts of gender has non: both in the past and present. work forces seek physical attraction in a spouse whereas adult females seek fiscal stableness.

Additionally. I will farther analyze the dual criterion of gender and how it stagnantly remains unaffected in today’s society and its consequence on how one attack and coquettes with another. There are many chances in chat uping online every bit good offline in which they have similar attitudes and tactics when speaking to others. Chat uping frequently involves an “erotic energy” between two people escalated by “alcohol. music. attractive people. and sexy outfits” ( Hamilton & A ; ump ; Armstrong 605 ) . Both my male and female interviewees ( Ages 21 ) agree on the analogues of chat uping to see where the dating possible prevarications and make up one’s mind how far the romantic and sexual relationship goes. Flirting is strictly a sexual behaviour that is fueled by freshness ; run intoing new people or seeking to inflame a sexual relationship with a friend seems hazardous and exciting ergo sparks an attractive force. Chat uping starts the dating procedure and is finally the foundation of a relationship. Furthermore. harmonizing to my male interviewee. he believes that chat uping is a “playful interaction between two people where sexual tenseness is present” irrespective of the infinite he or she is in ( Male. 21 ) . Chat uping. or “playing difficult to get” . is a game of desire that makes both parties want the other individual more and becomes a harmless sexual activity.

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The changeless playful tone of the relationship makes dating more gratifying for those take parting in the flirtation. The footing of flirtation is impression of moving upon guiltless yet kittenish animal feelings between two people while seeking to pull a new romantic or sexual spouse through different online and offline infinites. Furthermore. on-line chat uping gives more chances to happening a sexual spouse because of its easy and unidentifiable kingdom. Due to its anon. environment. work forces and adult females flirt by utilizing many gestural cues that indicate actions such as acronyms and descriptions of their physical attraction and position ( Whitty 116 ) . Chat uping likewise includes stating certain things while cognizing that it will top out the other person’s sexual and romantic desire ( Female. 21 ) . Work force and adult females say certain things either to demo or portray involvement towards the other party. Knowing what the other individual likes is an advantaged to the flirter because he or she can construct upon those positive qualities. The flirter can self-validate themselves through the description of text by making a positive image and good feeling in the other person’s eyes.

The description of one’s visual aspect and personality can be tempting the others because the image is developed in their heads. By developing their ain idealistic image of the flirter. whom they are speaking to online. it gives them the power doing them sexier. smarter or funnier in their heads. The chase of a relationship seems easier online because it gives the flirter the chance to develop a absorbing personality and image which is unknown yet enchanting to the flirtee. But however. there are a few restraints that coincide with on-line flirtation every bit good demoing that we may non cognize the person’s “true” ego and his or her existent disposition. Certain offline non-verbal cues and behaviours are hard to interpret such as organic structure linguistic communication and a person’s voice. visual aspect. and olfactory property ( Whitty 117 ) . Both on-line and offline flirtation are a “mentally thought-out process” due to the belief that many people plan what they say and do before manus ; therefore. chat uping does non look self-generated and existent as it is made out to be ( Female. 21 ) .

There is an extra “degree of confusion” between work forces and adult females since they do non see vis-a-vis when they foremost coquette and hook up because they have different sexual docket ( Friedland 10/19/10 ) . Peoples flirt merely to do a good feeling towards the other individual because chat uping finally sets up rejecting or accepting a day of the month or sexual brush. Chat uping influence negative behaviour because people might portray a sham and bizarre individuality and blow up their personalities merely to affect the other individual. Although flirtation is a facade bulk of the clip. people do fall for the individual they flirt with. Most people can non state the difference between what is existent and forge because the attractive force towards the flirter can overmaster what is conveyed as false. Another job with chat uping includes when people flirt. there are many unexpressed boundaries that can non be crossed and one time crossed certain issues arises. In traditional flirtation. there are regulations of flirtation that are set up by the people involve that is shown through non-verbal and verbal cues ; yet. if one crosses the boundary. it can hold all future romantic interactions ( Male. 21 ) .

Because flirtation is a gateway to a relationship. people should be careful of their actions and words in order to maintain the flirtation ongoing. However. these boundaries are unknown for on-line flirtation due to the limited representation of gestural cues that can non be transcribed on-line ( Whitty 123 ) . Sometimes when people chat on-line. they do non cognize whether if the conversation is serious or playful making an instability of way of the duologue. Chat uping on-line fuzzs such boundaries and makes it harder for people to see eye-to-eye when set uping an online resonance and leads people on easier because they can non physically see the person’s reaction to the conversation. Ultimately. there are boundaries that people can non traverse when flirtation because it will turn the other individual off wholly and stop all opportunities of a connexion. Chat uping. online and off. besides sets up certain gender functions that have non changed since the yesteryear. When chat uping. work forces and adult females seek certain properties in the opposite sex that they rate higher than others ; the thought that work forces choose and want a adult female to be physical attractive and adult females want fiscal security and stableness ( Fisher 116-7 ) .

Work force and adult females both have an “unconscious biological and cultural preference” in taking who they flirt and mate with ( Fisher 121 ) . Here the superficial stereotypes that states “men desire beauty” and “women desire money” is acted out through flirtation. Looking at chat uping through an evolutionary position. adult females seek fiscal stableness in order for household support of themselves and their progeny and work forces seek beauty to demo off their maleness to other work forces. On a subconscious degree. work forces and adult females look for specific qualities in the opposite sex believing that holding these qualities makes them a better spouse. Gender and chat uping besides contains the sexual dual criterion of work forces and adult females foregrounding the ability that work forces have the upper-hand in the coquettish relationship. Gender affects the pursuer’s function in chat uping in which work forces take the more active function in originating the chat uping whereas adult females are more inactive and delay for the work forces to near them ( Male. 21 ) . But the sexual dual criterion bounds women’s sexual freedom and ability to get down any flirtation with work forces. The sexual dual criterion is the thought that work forces are able to hold many sexual spouses because they are “players” whereas adult females can non because they will be known as a “sluts” ( Bogle 105 ) .

This illustrates the socialisation of gender functions in which society assumes that males are superior and adult females are inferior. The aggressive trait is seen to be more masculine and the inactive trait is more feminine ; the thought that adult females can non be aggressive and the chaser of the relationship because it is non her in feminine nature to command. It is more of a societal norm to allow work forces command any sexual state of affairs because it is their sexual power and nature to be the chaser. This balance of sexual power is uneven because adult females are seen to be sexual perverts and work forces as sexual heroes when making a relationship with one another. When chat uping. the ends are the same when pursing a relationship in which there should non be any gender differences and dual criterions ; nevertheless. society shows that this is non the instance. Because chat uping significantly expanded its footings to suit a more technological universe. it is easier to hold new dealingss with different people outside of our comfort zone. Traditional flirtation was contained by a physical infinite. such as a saloon or college party. yet on-line coquette was able to enlarge those infinites to the full World Wide Web leting work forces and adult females to run into others from different backgrounds and locations.

Online flirtation is more of an timeserving activity than offline flirtation because it is simpler through the usage of chat-rooms and on-line dating web sites ; the people who partake in such web sites are looking. prosecuting. and desiring a sexual relationship as good. Although the manner people flirt have transformed. the beliefs of gender and chat uping have non changed at all. Gender is the most debatable issue with chat uping due to stereotypes and the sexual dual criterion that remains immobile and biased is still present in comparing to old old ages ; the motivations of online and offline flirtation continuously portrays the stereotype of “men are attracted to beauty and adult females are attracted to money” and how the dual criterion besides prevents adult females have any entitlement to their sexual freedom in run intoing new sexual spouses. Regardless of such issues. flirtation is a common activity conveyed by high-students to the freshly divorce and can be seen anyplace in today’s society giving everybody the chance of developing new dealingss with others.


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