The 33rd President Was Harry S. Truman. He Took Over Office After Roos Essay

Usevelt died, during this time period of WWII. He had to make the decision of the atomic bomb and how to take care of getting peace in Europe and with the other countries. He dealt with these difficulties in correct and appropriate manner and in a respectful way. Harry S. Truman had to make hard decisions while in office and he made the right ones.
Harry S. Truman came into the White House not even knowing about the atomic bomb. He had come into office after President Roosevelt died. It was during the final stages of World War II. At the time they were testing the bomb and seeing what the capabilities and effects of the bomb were. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks in the white house the President Truman learned about the bomb. Then, he was faced with the situation of whether to use the bomb. He met with his advisors and they debated on whether to use the bomb to end World War II. They in turn decided to use the bomb. They had figured out that they would have had more than a million or more soldiers dead if they made an attack. They saved many lives.
Just by looking at President Truman using the bomb it shows that he was looking for the good of the U.S. and the rest of the world. He also helped to establish many other things while in presidency.
Harry Truman used the power of being president well. He also used well judgment in making decisions in office. The biggest example was the saving of more lives than the ones that were destroyed with the atomic bomb. President Truman was indeed a good president and made good decisions while in office.

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The 33rd President Was Harry S. Truman. He Took Over Office After Roos Essay
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