The Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority Essay

As one of the regulative organic structure, ADWEA enormously influence the procedure and operation in most of its subordinate companies, viz. TRANSCO, AMPC ( Al Mirfa Power Company ) , ALDC ( Al Ain Distribution Company ) and ADDC ( Abu Dhabi Distribution Company ) . ADWEA besides holds about 60 % bets in these subordinate companies, therefore doing it non merely a organic structure of authorization, but besides an influential organisation and chief beginning of power and H2O production in UAE. It is involved in the processing, administering and modulating the flow of power and H2O, and therefore helps the state and its million of families to profit from their activities straight or indirectly. ( ADWEA, About ADWEA )

Part 1

ADWEA HR Department and its Aims

The ADWEA HR Department is structured within the Planning and Development Directorate. The Planning and Development Directorate of ADWEA as we can understand plays a important function in the overall procedure of the organisation, particularly when it comes to HRM.

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The Directorate is entirely an aim based division to finish it four chief projects, viz. HR procedure and its project, besides the execution and monitoring of HRM policies. Apart from that ADWEA Planning and Development Directorate besides undertaken within its chamber the procedure of organisation and development of corporate concern aims and most significantly the consolidation of concern programs so that concern aim of the organisation is reached without any hiccoughs. ( ADWEA, ADWEA Organizational Structure )

It is to the cognition of everyone that UAE and in peculiar Abu Dhabi is reconstituting itself as a leader in structural reforms. That is why we see events and phenomenon such as ‘Emiratization ‘ plans, which is a societal project of the authorities of UAE. When it comes to the ADWEA besides, the phenomenon is really much at drama. That is to state, the structural reform or merely, restructuring of the organisational make-up is really much at drama within the organisation. It is besides of import to observe that the ADWEA organisational construction is hierarchical system. ( ADWEA, ADWEA Organizational Structure )

Therefore, constructing up on these points we can ground that ADWEA HR Department is an project with a vision to streamline the procedure and operation of the organisation in the most executable ways. It is in other word an organisational structural section that is important for the organisation and its growing. It would be prudent besides to foreground the current organisational chart. Below is the glance of the same.

Fig, ADWEA Organizational Structure

This is really likely to be the organisational chart of ADWEA. There is no uncertainty in that respect, given that organisation is entirely under the legal power and control of stakeholder, who own 60 % bets in the company. Bing a public organisation, the function that Planing and Development Directorate, ADWEA Business Support Directorate, every bit good as the Privatization Directorate and Project Directorate, they all play important function in the organisation.

Theory in Context of ADWEA HR Department

As we can analyse from available information, it is believed that ADWEA construction of the section itself is important towards its production and operational direction. From our apprehension of the theory it is believed that production, be aftering and control is understood as the scientific discipline of direction that is directed towards the organisation, stuff, installations and resources towards the attainment of the specified ends in the most efficient ways. ( Arora, 2004, p. 442 )

From this point and its statements, we can deduce that such a mechanism besides is really much nowadays in ADWEA. For case, ADWEA reconstituting organisational construction is projected in such a manner that the organisation, its installations every bit good as its resources is employed efficaciously for ends accomplishments of the company. As we can see, the construction of the ADWEA is divided into four departmental organic structures, which undertake the operation of the organisation is the most executable ways. ( ADWEA, ADWEA Organizational Structure ) Hence, the construction of the organisation really much can be looked in context of production and operation direction and its theoretical point of position that is related to Production, planning and control mechanism.

Furthermore, ADWEA organisational construction is executable, since it guarantee that communicating and overall coordination between departmental organic structures is free fluxing. Take for illustration the instance of Planning and Development Directorate of ADWEA. The nucleus operational procedure in it is to keep its four countries of duty, viz. direction and its development, concern planning, organisational public presentation, digital system and its control and eventually choice control mechanism. When it comes to Business Support board of directors, its chief function is within the country of HRM, Administration and Supply. Equally far as the denationalization Directorate goes, its activities are chiefly in the countries of ADWEA policies. And eventually ADWEA Project Directorate is enormously engrossed with executing of undertaking, its control and execution. ( ADWEA, ADWEA Organizational Structure ) Thus, span of control every bit good as communicating and direction manner are structurally built to heighten the aim of the organisation in the most executable ways.

ADWEA Internal and External Factors

ADWEA internal and external factor are controlled under the board of managers. In recent clip, ADWEA was in the intelligence for all the good ground when it comes to its internal and external factor. As can be read in the media study available with Trade Arabia, it highlights that ADWEA will convey to illume its scheme that is objectively defined in context of sustainable concern in the power and watery sector in UAE. As we are cognizant, ADWEA is entirely committed to its nonsubjective towards developing a sustainable and long-run aim in the power and watery sector for the benefits of its clients. For that ground, societal plans, environmental causes and economic factors are the equilibrating mechanism of ADWEA that besides influence its concern. Furthermore, the organisation partnership with corporate in the power and electricity sector in UAE is to heighten their concern and make out to the populace and its cardinal message. Bing a planetary innovator is no average undertaking, but what is of import is that vision should be shared for the benefit of its client, and the society, feels company spoke-person. ( TradeArabia, 2010 )

The Need to See Future Internal and External Factor

When stressing to the above analysis and ADWEA message there is a clear point that company aim is a step undertaken for the benefit of the society, its consumers and most significantly the airy mentality for concern sustainability. Hence, in that respect, the message of the organisation which goes as “ If we are to genuinely go a planetary innovator, we must portion our vision and derive support from our stakeholders ” ( TradeArabia, 2010 ) is clear and precise.

Hence, ADWEA HR Department should to take a good attack towards ‘Emiratization ‘ Program. Emiratization plan is a HR nucleus procedure. Initiative in that respect besides should be to factor upon new preparation civilization within and enroll dependable officeholder. ( ADWEA, ADWEA Academy ) There are many challenges. However, the presence of ADWEA Academy and its association with preparation schools such as Henley Business School – United kingdom, Cranfield University – Engineering School – United kingdom, University of Waterloo – Canada and Hult International Business School – United kingdom are a good thing to factor upon the nucleus HR needs of ADWEA towards it internal and external factor.

Part 2

ADWEA HR Department: Restructuring Needs Analysis

Restructuring need analysis can be done in many ways. As a affair of fact, “ information gathered from the internal and external concern environment and its analysis helps organisation Foster strategic programs to the development of concern, its execution and functional schemes. ” ( DePamphilis, 2009, p. 137 ) Restructuring needs analysis is long-run.

Restructuring demands analysis and its theoretical accounts can sort into

Undertaking Management

Participate Management

A Political Position. ( Price, 2007, p. 279 )

These theoretical accounts are normally practiced in most organisation.

Additionally, ADRM ( Applied Data Resource Management ) is felt to be the most advanced, as it allows to bring forth industry specific theoretical account for concerns. ( BA‚aA?ewicz, 2003, p. 422 )

Fig, ADRM Model

Beginning: ( )

We feel that ADRM theoretical account is best suited to ADWEA. The ground for that is simple since the application of ADRM allows bring forthing industry specific theoretical accounts, wherein Syncsort helps rush up warehouse informations and Variety can be applied in informations cleansing and excavation. ( BA‚aA?ewicz, 2003, p. 422 )

Recommendations: ADRM Model for ADWEA

ADRM theoretical account as shown above and sing the instance of ADWEA we can see that the constitution of the ADWEA academy in 2009 was a step of strategic importance for the company that enormously depends on human resource. Hence, ADRM theoretical account can be executable to reconstitute alteration in the right order strategically, as the following adjusted organisational chart reflects.

Fig, Adjusted Organizational Chart

The application of ADRM allows bring forthing industry specific theoretical accounts. The above adjusted chart besides can be generated through the application of ADRM theoretical account in the instance of ADWEA. The basicss of ADRM theoretical account are alone. The benefit of it is non merely for HR section that is being considered as an independent unit, but besides for strategic concern mentality. ADWEA construction is divided into four Directorates. Hence, the applications of ADRM theoretical account can simple reconstitute it into 5 Directorate as specified in the above organisational chart and its restructure.

Justification: ADRM Model and its benefits

ADWEA Academy was established so that preparation, development, educational every bit good as strategic and tactical ends can be harnessed within the company. ( ADWEA, ADWEA Academy ) Hence, ADRM theoretical account can be executable every bit good for HRM procedure that is decentralized. Structuring procedure of ADWEA academy and HRM demands of the company besides can be organized when it matter to the following


Job Analysis


Performance Management

HR Gaps in Context of ADRM Model

Human resource spread in ADWEA can be looked in context of cognition workers. There is no demand for creative activity of new occupation every bit far as reconstituting an independent HR section in the company, since HR procedure is carried out in the Business Support Directorate as stated before. Hence, resource and professional from Business Support Directorate can be organized in squads to run into the really intent of ADWEA HR Department. In that manner resource in the company besides be channelized efficaciously and used besides fruitfully for the aim and ends accomplishments.

Part 3

ADWEA Organizational Makeup

ADWEA organisation construction is hierarchical to be precise. It is headed by the board president, H. H. Sheikh Diab Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The function of the president is that he does non describe to the board. ( ADWEA, Sustainability Report 2009, 2009, p. 23 ) Besides, his activities are besides limited every bit far as concern and twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours procedure goes.

Therefore the function of president should be changed, and CEO Job should be opened within the company. Chairman can move as adviser for that affair.

It is felt that CEO function within the company can be effectual for many grounds and to leverage effectual managerial leading in all facets of concern.

CEOs and his Function

One place for opening in ADWEA instance is that for a CEO as we have recommended. As we can understand, CEOs collaborate with board of the company. CEOs function besides is strategically focused. CEO helps besides in charting an one-year operational program or correlating with one-year budgeting. Leadership and its development besides really much is the focal point of CEOs. Monitoring organisational strategic mentality for fiscal stableness is besides the function and duty of CEO.

CEO function within the organisation can foster heighten direction squad and direction board to be more nonsubjective when it comes to

Decision devising,

Fiscal direction,

Strategic HRM ( ADWEA, Sustainability Report 2009, 2009 )

Decision and Recommendation

Since its origin, ADWEA has proved itself to be a capable organisation with solid foundation of the organisational make-up and its civilization. It chief concern activities are in the countries of H2O and power sector in UAE.

The survey in context of ADWEA and its restructuring mechanism with its concentration in HRM presents a favourable point for the company to profit on the long term. As we can understand human resource is the anchor of any corporation. The same instance besides can be looked in context of ADWEA. Our survey besides shows that HRM and its procedure overall under the departmental Directorate of Business Support Directorate of ADWEA is a step undertaken to heighten affectivity degree of the organisation.

Therefore, it is recommended that ADWEA restructuring should besides give accent towards: –

Job Analysis within the direction squad and board of direction.

Enhancing leading plans for sustainable step.

CSR that is in melody with the demand of the current concern environment, so that ADWEA trade name image is projected on a planetary platform.


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