The Accounting Policy Is A Part Of This Is A Financial Reporting Standard Accounting Essay

A Business Report of the Evaluation and Compare the Financial Positions of Two Large Supermarket Companies At UK: Sainsbury Plc and Wm Morrison supermarkets Plc

This concern study is rating of the two companies which is J. Sainsbury Plc and WM Morrison Supermarket Plc in United Kingdom. These two companies are a largest public limited supermarket companies and the name list of the place are in top 5. The one-year study of both companies has given their concern reappraisal, accounting policy, fiscal reappraisal, administration, board of manager and etc. Through the one-year study, it can demo the fiscal stated of the companies and it besides can be usage for rating the ratios analysis, sum up statement for board of manager, accounting policy and the public presentation for both of the companies from 2006 to 2010. The ratios analysis is a technique that uses to analyse and to unclutter about the accounting statement of the both companies concern histories. Besides that, it uses to compare with the rival in same industries such as J. Sainsbury Plc and WM Morrison Supermarket Plc and can besides to utilize for planning and predict the stabilize of the companies by utilizing liquidness, profitableness, efficiency, and stableness ratios. The intent of this concern study is to look over the one-year study of each company to cognize or understands the declared or ends of the company, the nonsubjective, schemes and construction of the company by utilizing rating the ratios analysis, sum up statement for board of manager, accounting policy and the public presentation for both of the companies.

Sainsbury Plc

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The Accounting Policy Is A Part Of This Is A Financial Reporting Standard Accounting Essay
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J. Sainsbury Plc is a public limited company, the first shop unfastened at United Kingdom is in 1869 and it is a chief company of the Sainsbury ‘s Supermarkets Ltd. The J. Sainsbury is the 3rd biggest supermarket in United Kingdom. The J. Sainsbury plc besides had invested in different sector such as bank and the name of bank is Sainsbury ‘s Bank. The Sainsbury ‘s Supermarket Ltd is dwelling with many concatenation of shop, which has 537supermarkets and 335 convenience shops and the rate of portion for J. Sainsbury Plc is 16 % in twelvemonth 2010.

The scheme program of the company is refers to the online services and bringing services. To better the gross revenues and the net income, Sainsbury ever care about the quality of merchandise. If the merchandise is drinks and nutrients, they ever put the bosom of the affair such as fresh, good quality, gustatory sensation, healthy to function to their client. The aim of the company besides can increase or growing their degree of the profitableness and the degree of client are with five countries of focal point such as:

The first countries are Great nutrient at just monetary values. Sainsbury ever provide a gustatory sensation, fresh and healthy nutrient for their client. With this quality of the merchandise, the company will give a carnival or impartial monetary value.

A 2nd country is Accelerating the growing of complementary non-food scopes. The company everydays continue to increase the scope of electrical, apparels, and IT merchandise in their shop by weighing the monetary value, quality, and invention for the merchandise.

Reaching more clients through extra channels is an nonsubjective to pull more client ‘s purchases their merchandise by extend more convenience shops in the state, and ever upgrading their online services and bringing services. And increase criterion of the Sainsbury ‘s Bank.

Turning supermarket infinite countries is a 1 of the aim of the company to upgraded their concern such as unfastened a new shops in United Kingdom and supply a widely or differential merchandise for clients particularly increase the non-food merchandise. For the last countries is active belongings direction. This aim is to maximise the value of the belongings assets and the possible development.

The top for board of manager at Sainsbury is David Tyler, Chairman. The president is the top of executive, ever act to go a leading of the company, who are bear to take the board and manage of company every bit good. For the executive managers and the main executive in Sainsbury have 4 people taking the place. The responsible for these executive managers to guarantee the corporate is effectiveness and the way traveling right. However, the main executive is being in charge the direction of the company scheme, aims and administration with the understandings by the Boardss.

For the non-executive managers in Sainsbury have 5 people attend the places. The function of the non-executive managers is to manage or verify to the scheme, company public presentation and the hazard pickings of the corporate.

Sainsbury is a company who are take attention of the environmental. It have organise different programme such as Eco-stores to cut down the energy, packaging, nutrient waste and waste. By making this green direction, Sainsbury had won a batch of award and they continue this direction of environmental programme to alter the community.

Wm Morrison supermarkets Plc

Wm Morrison supermarkets Plc have established since 1899. The Morrison supermarket plc is 4th largest nutrient retail merchant with the gross revenues turnover of & A ; lb ; 15.6 billion and 9.1 % of market portions growing in 2010.Wm Morrison supermarkets Plc have 382 shops and 42 new shops in the United Kingdom.

Wm Morrison supermarkets Plc concentrate the scheme on freshness, great value, and outstanding services. The aims is to attach more and more client by offering the more fresh merchandise thought personal fabrication installations and ready nutrient readying in the shop.

The.great value by maintaining low cost to guarantee the monetary value are competitory and offer the high quality merchandise by publicity. The aim is to hike gross revenues and increase the market rate growing. Wm Morrison supermarkets Plc is besides assured the quality and salvage clients money.

Wm Morrison supermarkets Plc besides will spread out supply concatenation into the neighbour country from the nearest shop. In future will take about 15 infinitesimal thrust from the family to supermarkets. The aim is to increase the clients and accessible to more people in the shops.

The board of managers at Wm Morrison supermarkets Plc is Sir Ian Gibson, Chairman, 4 executive managers ( include Dalton Philips, Chief Executive Directors ) , and 6 non executive managers ( include Paul Manduca, Senior Independent Directors ) . The president is responsible for running the board to do certain the commission is map. The main executive is responsible all the facet in strategic development, commercial and operational of the companies. The non executives is to do rating reappraisal on fiscal public presentation, hazard direction, and concern scheme.

Wm Morrison supermarkets Plc is besides concern the alterations on environment, it besides have planned plan called as ‘Great Taste Less waste ‘ to cut down C by emanations decreases and waste bar.

Accounting Policies

The accounting policy is a portion of this is a fiscal coverage criterion for the both company, such as income statement, balance sheet, and hard currency flow. It besides is a note of the fiscal statement which can impact the income statement of the net income such as depreciation, disposal, rating of stock list and etc. Normally, the chief of consequence the net income is the method of depreciation and the footing of rating the stock list. Different company usage different method. So, the manager is responsible to make determinations on the accounting policies.

Depreciation Basis

Sainsbury Plc

The intangible assets are utilizing the cost less accrued depreciation to cipher the impairment loss and to acquire the sum receivable for the assets, such as fixtures, equipment, vehicles, land and edifice. This sum receivable is usually refers to the residuary value or trash value of an assets.

Wm Morrison supermarkets Plc

All belongings, works and equipment are recorded at cost less accrued depreciation and accrued damage loses. For freehold edifices, leasehold edifices, and works equipment fixtures and vehicles, they are utilizing depreciated on consecutive line method.

Inventory Valuation Basis

Sainsbury Plc

The stock list is presented the net realizable or at cost of the company and value the lower cost of the stock list. This company counts their stock list at the warehouses by utilizing the first-in, first-out footing.

Wm Morrison supermarkets Plc

The stock list is measured at the lower cost and cyberspace realisable value. This company have used a leaden mean footing to number the stock list at the warehouse.

Performance Indicator

Graph to demo the gross revenues of the Sainsbury Plc and Wm Morrison supermarkets Plc

Sainsbury Plc

Wm Morrison supermarkets Plc
















Graph to demo the net income of the Sainsbury Plc and Wm Morrison supermarkets Plc


Sainsbury Plc

Wm Morrison supermarkets Plc



( 250 )














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