The Age of Imperialism Sample Essay

1. Motivation for European imperialism came from engineering. the Industrial Revolution. and colonisation in Africa. European imperialists were so successful because of the steam engine bettering transit throughout the continent. The Maxim gun was rapidly granted by states during the clip African ground forcess were still depending on old-timer arms. The steam engine provided easier ways to go deep within Africa. Colonies and commanding states were able to hold close communicating through overseas telegrams and railwaies. Although industrialisation agitated enterprises in many states. they looked at Africa as a beginning for markets and natural stuffs. The Industrial Revolution accommodated many European states with consideration toward adding lands to their power. They searched for new markets and natural stuffs to better their economic systems. Colonization was easier to manage chiefly because of Africa’s immense assortment of civilizations intimidated integrity among one another.

2. Two stairss taken by the British to derive economic. political. or societal control over Nigeria related to direction methods such as determining the economic systems to derive benefits and acquiring people to follow European imposts. One manner was through compromising with the Nigerians socially. Some agreed on pacts of protection and accept British occupants. Those who opposed the intervention rebelled against the foreign matter. The British organized a conquering of northern Nigeria that was proficient through the Royal Niger Company. It was earned control through the trade along the Niger River. Another ground was the fact the economically. Europeans were progressing toward utilizing imperialism to derive power over Nigeria by besides utilizing indirect control. The Berlin Conference handed Britain a associated state over landscapes. It was imperative to non merely claim a district but besides to administrate the citizens populating at that place. Nigeria turned out to be the extreme diverse country to pull off culturally. The premises councils would develop local leaders in the British population would regulate themselves.

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The Age of Imperialism Sample Essay
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3. The function geopolitics played in the eruption of the Crimean War involved Russia establishing a war on the Ottomans to derive the country on the Black Sea. Reason why was to supply a warm conditions port for Russia. The Crimean War broke out and Britain. France and the Ottomans joined forces to forestall any longer loss of land from the imperium. They defeated Russia. It broadcasted the Ottoman Empire’s failing from the military’s position. World powers were drawn to its location and the Ottomans controlled entree to the Mediterranean and Atlantic sea trade path. Russia attempted to win favour. and so assembled confederations with Ottoman enemies which eventually waged war. Although they were having aid from Britain and France. land was still being lost. By the clip World War I began. the Ottoman Empire diminished and no longer existed.

4. India was the “jewel in the crown” of the British Empire because India was the major provider for natural stuffs during the Industrial Revolution. Britain cherished the state for its potency more than its existent net income. Over 300 million people were besides apart of the mammoth potency market for British-made goods. The British set up limitations sing bar of the Indian economic system from runing independently. For being the brightest and most valuable British settlement. India was advised as the “jewel in the crown” . Policies considered competition with British goods prohibited. It besides called for bring forthing natural stuffs for British fabrication and purchase goods. Britain viewed India in this position because of how rich their markets were and their independency throughout the state without intervention from outside Alliess. Their economic system boosted population growing. production of more goods. and the engineering universe was introduced. India lost their political and economic power to the British.

They restricted Indian-owned industries and loss autonomy for many villagers. Officials threatened traditional Indian life after the acceptance of hands-off policies for spiritual and societal imposts. 5. Assorted consequences of the European colonisation in Southeast Asia included direction of plantations and trade brought in a immense Dutch population. seized Malacca from the Portuguese and fought the British for control of Java. The Dutch moved to Indonesia and claimed it as their place. They created a stiff societal category system and forced husbandmans to works in specific export harvests. Economies grew on hard currency harvests. Improved communicating and transit advanced through seaports. roads and rail systems. Even though it largely boosted European concerns. instruction. sanitation and wellness improved every bit good. Cultural alterations sporadically led to spiritual and racial brushs that are still viewed today. Millions of people migrated to work on plantations and in the mines in Southeast Asia. Later became known as the “melting pot” for different faiths and ethnicities.


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