The Analysis of Pip's Characteristics Essay

The Analysis of Pip’s Characteristics Great Expectations is a novel,written by Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens is one of the great novelists in Britain. Born in a poor family,Dickens gains a great popularity by producing many excellent novels and becomes rich in his life. The story tells that the growth process of Pip. Pip, a poor, uneducated boy, is suddenly told that he can achieve his great expectations one day. From that day on, he changes a lot both in thoughts and behaviors. He is ashamed of inferior people. However, when he knows who makes him rich and educated, he feels frustrated.

After that, he experiences a lot and he leads a new life. The analysis of Pip’s chracteristics: 1. the childhood of Pip Pip lives in a poor family. His parents died when he is a baby. Pip is raised by his sister¬¬—Miss Joe Gargery, a harsh and unkind woman. Miss Joe Gargery always gives less food than Pip really needs. What’s worse, she often beats Pip with a stick. Most people except Joe, is just like Pip’s sister—treating him badly. Joe ,a blacksmith and uneducated man, is a friend of Pip. Joe often help Pip and cares about Pip very much. Pip grows under the environment.

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But he is still innocent, kind boy. Once, Pip was afraid, but still helped a convict and brought him some food. 2. the adolescence of Pip (1)the period before Pip goes to London Pip is hired by Miss Havisham. Miss Havisham, an old lady with white hair, always wears the wedding dress which is yellow with years. She was cheated by a bad man—Compenson and doesn’t believe true love. She has an adopted girl—Estella, and mades her hurt other men, including Pip. After Estella’s leaving for France, Pip becomes Joe’s apprentice and learns to be a blacksmith and learns some wrings which is taught by Biddy.

In this process, Pip has a desire to learn. He wants to be a gentleman. He thinks that only in that way can he match with Estella. (2)the period when Pip is in London One day, Pip is told he can go to London to achieve educations by an unknown man. Besides, he can get too much money in the future. He thinks his great expectations can come true. The people around him treat him politely, such as Mr. Pumberchook who didn’t like Pip and fawns on Pip. That makes Pip believe that being rich is good. When Pip is in London, he spends too much money on luxiries.

Instead of being a true gentleman, he becomes snobbish and thinks money is almighty. He shows excessive adorations towards money. He even feels ashame of Joe, because Joy doesn’t read. 3. the period after Pip knows the truth One day, Magwitch, the convict Pip helped in his childhood, risks his life to meet Pip and tells Pip that it is Magwitch that helps Pip becomes what he is now. Pip feels surprised, frustrated and regretted. He doesn’t see any hope of his great expectations. However, he becomes a more pleasant man—a man who is happy to help others.

He helps Herbert run a new business. He also helps Magwitch out of trouble, although Magwitch is caught by the police. On a whole, Pip becomes mature and kind. He knows what he really want and what he shoud do. 4. the causes of Pip’s characteristics (1)Environment affects Pip’s characteristics The surrounding people , their attitudes or behaviors affect Pip. When everyone is in the same position, either foolish or ignorant, he can realize nothing is wrong. Because he never knows that. But once he meets someone who is better or richer than him, he feels ashamed of himself. 2)Joe’s and Magwitch’s love revives Pip’s kindheartedness Joe always loves Pip no matter what position Pip is. Magwitch uses the money he earns in Australia by hard working to make Pip educated, only because Pip helped him long long ago. So, when Pip realizes love , not the other things ,is important, he becomes kindhearted. 5. the lesson from Pip The environment can affect people, but it is not crucial, if one can face up to the trouble and trys to change it and resolve it. What matters is that one knows what to do and what not to do. The future is within his own hands. True love can revolve love.


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