The Background Of A Host Organization

Company was foremost founded in the state of Japan as Komyosha in 1881 by two brothers Haruta and Jujiro Moteki. Together with their ain head applied scientist Heikichi Nakagawa, they began production with undertakings for the Nipponese national naval forcess and shortly progressed to the creative activity of syrupy pigments.

1.2 Nippon Paint Pakistan ( Pvt ) Limited

Nippon Paint ( Pakistan Pvt ) Limited distinguishable the winning entry into Pakistan with their first gross revenues being traveling out on the 5th of November 2007. Head Quartered in Japan, Nippon Paint is the major pigment manufacturer in Asia. The company is goin to put $ 25 million in Pakistan in following three to five old ages, which will include a fabrication installation in the District of Kasur, near Lahore. Currently, Nippon Paint Pakistan is making concern with more than 200 mercantile establishments on a national graduated table of which 115are equipped with the Nippon Paints latest Colour Creations Tinting Systems. We aim to hold more tham 250 Colour Creations Outlets by the terminal of the twelvemonth 2010. The allotment web is at present spread from the far South, Karachi and Gwadarss to the hilly countries of Mingora and continues to distribute. All certified traders are prepared with Nippon Paint Colour Creationsa„? which is an advanced computerized pigment system which allows the consumer to take from 1000s of colorss and the selected coloring material is made available within proceedingss. With Nippon Paint Colour Creationsa„? , patrons no longer are uncomplete by the picks of colorss as they can make up one’s mind from our scope of 1000s of colorss, and the pigment will be assorted exact before their eyes. Nippon Paint Colour Creationsa„? is set to alter the Pakistan pigment market place. Nippon Paint has peculiarly formulated merchandises for the Pakistan market.

The five chief merchandises being, Nippon withstand bond for outside walls, Nippon Brilliance Matt Enamel, Nippon Perfect Emulsion and Matex Gold for interior walls, and Nippon 9000 Gloss draw to a stopping point for lumber and metal substrate. The particular preparation is the effect of Nippon Paint ‘s R & A ; D for merchandises to accommodate the substrate surfaces uncharacteristic to Pakistan. At the same clip, at the underside of merchandises such as wall sealants, primers and wall putty are besides gettable. Nippon Paint Pakistan ‘s works will be equipped throughout the last subdivision of 2009, and will originally do usage of about 300 people. production from the base will be for local use and possibly for export to bordering states. In the impermanent era, Nippon Paint Pakistan is importing from its Malayan works to run into the present local souk order for its merchandises.

Nippon Paint is the chief pigment shaper in Asia and a most of import name in paint international. It is add up to one in Japan, China, and Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia and is a cardinal participant in Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, The Philippines and India. all through these states, Nippon Paint is known for its devotedness to high category, open uping merchandises and ace client service.

1.3 Vision Statement and Mission statement Of the Nippon Paint Pakistan Private limited.

Vision Statement

“ We aim to construct upon the strength of current foundations to run into the demands of the new millenary everyplace across the Earth ”

Mission Statement

“ To be the spouse of first pick for clients and providers, guaranting sustained leading place in the markets where we compete, presenting long-run concern value through a high public presentation civilization, invention, moralss and responsible attention ”


2.1 Organization construction

Following are the sections working at Nippon Paints Pakistan.

Human Resource Department

HR Manager ( Mr.Anwar-ul-Haq )

Purchase Department

Manager ( Ghulam Rasool )

Finance Department

Finace Manager ( Khuram Shahzad )

Marketinng Department

Brand Manager ( Sadique Akbar )

Natinal Gross saless Department

Manager ( Asad munir )

It divide into Two subdivisions

North countries gross revenues section

Manager ( ijaz Ali Khan )

South countries gross revenues section

Manager ( Ali Baig )

Technical Department

It divided into three subdivisions

Technical Trade new

Manager ( Nasira Hadit )

Technical in Dew

Manager ( Amir Hanif )

Technical Heavy Duty

Manager ( Umar Itrat )

Production Department

Production Manager ( Sajid Naeem )

TCM Department ( Technical Colour Machine Department )

TCM Manager ( Khalid Nasir )

2.2 Management Hierarchy of Nippon ‘s pigment Pakistan

2.3 SWOT Analysis

2.3.1 Strengths

The chief strength of Nippon ‘s pigment is its association with Nippon pigment Japan and its latest engineering. Through latest engineering and Colour design machine 13,000 shadiness are offered in Nippon pigments by two particular Colour aggregations.

an extra strong point big figure of coloring material and latest coloring material aggregation strategy. Nippon pigment is present with more than 1,000 colorss, sunglassess and chromaticities.

value of its point for ingestion is besides cardinal strong point because Nippon pigment is given that high scope of merchandises.

2.3.2 Failings

Number of traders

Nippon ‘s pigment has merely a few traders in Pakistan which sum is merely 250.

Price factor

cost issue is besides one more mistake of Nippon ‘s pigment since its rivals are offering smaller sum monetary values and other nice-looking inducements to their patronages so it has to give weightiness age to this issue.


Promotion is most important device is order to be a focal point for client to your creative activity but Nippon ‘s pigment support non up to the vilification still it non recognizable to general populace to amount.


Increase publicity

It has chance to add to its indorsement in order to acquire move together with people and to augment their gross revenues volume.

Nippon has late entered the market it should increase their publicity quickly and should put on it in array to construct their creative activity familiar to their patronages.

Increase coverage

Nippon ‘s pigment has chance to increase its describing through the state in order make its merchandises accessible to clientele.


Increase compition

The competition is really high and is lifting in this concern, a batch of cardinal participants and local niches are present at that place in the market and will stiff clip for them. Nippon ‘s pigment needs to capture this ground into relation.

Political instability

It is another major menace for all the industry nowadays in the Pakistani market.Now a yearss political instability in our state as at its extremum and this factor will act upon all the concerns non Nippon ‘s pigment is affected by it.


Since Nippon ‘s pigment nice strengths and chances in the market, its market portion is increasing and it is spread outing its web quickly, so the state of affairs tells us that Nippon ‘s pigment is following and implementing on Growth Strategy.

2.4 Selling Scheme

2.4.1Decrease monetary value

Japan can add to its gross revenues by diminishing monetary values of its merchandises and this can be a great chance for them to take over the market place.

2.4.2 Differentiation Strategy

This is that the company is doing its merchandises and services differ to the other companies. Nippon ‘s Paint has to give more ethical motives to its clients, so that it will be helpful to turn out to be the market place individual in charge.

Nippon ‘s Paint is utilizing separation in order to separate its goods and services from extra key histrion in pigment concern of Pakistan.

2.4.3 Focus Strategy

Focus scheme refers to the focal point on the client, focal point on that mark market, place it and function them better. Nippon ‘s Paint is presently following this scheme in order to run into the organisational aim.

The initial Nippon ‘s Paint is aiming the high and middleclass people the state holding ability to buy quality merchandise by paying it cost but in future company is besides be aftering to run into the whole demand of the state by supplying necessary merchandise line to the people of Pakistan.

2.5 Rivals

Maestro Paint











2.6 PRODUCTION OF Components of PaintS

2.7 Nippon Paint is supplying these trade names in the Pakistani Market

“ Nippon Paint Perfect Emulsion ( Interior )

Nippon Paint Weather bond ( Exterior

Nippon Paint 9000 Gloss Finish

Nippon Paint Brilliance Matt Enamel ( Interior Wood, Metal & A ; Wall )

Nippon Paint Matex Gold ( Interior )

Nippon Paint Super Matex ( Interior )

Nippon Paint Vinilex 5100 Wall Sealer

Nippon Paint ACS Wall Putty

Nippon Paint Coloured Undercoat ”



“ Nippon Paint is the innovator of tincting systems in South East Asia. Nippon Paint now brings its Computerized Tinting System, Colour Creations to Pakistan. It is a computerized pigment system that lets you accurately choose the right shadiness, chromaticity, shade and speech pattern of coloring material. All you have to make is take the type of pigment for your specific demands first. Then, take the coloring material that suits your subject, from more than 3,000 sunglassess available in our two color aggregations. The Ambiance coloring material series offers you softer, pastel sunglassess, while the Evolution coloring material series, gives you richer, bolder 1s. Your selected coloring material will so be analyzed in the coloring material computing machine and the information is sent to the dispenser. The pigment is so assorted and jolted, to give you the finished merchandise. It ‘s done right before our eyes, in proceedingss and in your pick of Nippon Paint Perfect Emulsion, Nippon Weather bond, Nippon Paint 9000 Gloss Finish, Nippon Paint Brilliance Matt Enamel and Nippon Paint Matex Gold. Choosing the right pigment and the right coloring material has ne’er been easier! Nippon Paint is presenting the following trade names to the Pakistan Market ” .

2.8.2 Nippon Paints Has Paints for following usage

Painting Industries, Big and Small

“ The Nippon Paint canvas ranges from a mammoth span to a thenar sized iPod. Today, 1000s of industrial makers depend on Nippon Paints merchandises for long permanent strength, protection and improved productiveness. Bridges, ships, fuel pipes and chemical armored combat vehicles, route markers, electronic contraptions, steel and wooden furniture are merely some illustrations where Nippon Paint displays its leading. Nippon Paint ‘s Plastic Coatings protect surfaces against obstinate trouble makers such as intoxicant, lubricating oil and oil. Its Marine Paint has the capableness of protecting surfaces of ocean vass such as super-tankers and container ships from corrosion and fouling normally caused by sea H2O. In the Disk Drive Coating market, Nippon Paint ‘s Sn free CED coating is dominant. It is a pigment specially formulated for protecting the aluminium die-cast shell from rust and corrosion ”

2.8.2 Electrical Appliances Paint

“ Our merchandises for electrical contraptions are developed to protect place contraptions and office equipment against corroding, nutrient staining and family chemicals like detergents and scourers. Electrical points such as computing machine and telecommunication equipment benefit from the protective belongingss of surfacing systems such as the Nipsea Polystylac and Superlac F/45 ” .

2.8.3 Cathodic Electrode place Paint ( CED )

“ Nippon Paint ‘s CED coat is trusted for its outstanding belongingss such as corrosion, humidness, chemical and scratch opposition, and first-class adhesion. Presently, this merchandise for HDD holds a dominant 90 % portion of the disc thrust surfacing market worldwide because of its complete tin-free engineering ” .

2.8.4 Furniture Paints

“ Japan pigments besides deliver high quality coatings for wooden and steel furniture. The Nippe 2000 and Melamic 1200 series are widely used for the high degrees of protection and lastingness they provide for furniture adjustments, image frames, cosmetic doors and canework ” .

2.8.5 Road Paints

“ Nippon Paint ‘s Road line seriess of route markers and coloured tarmac pigments play a important function in easing land traffic. These pigments are of import in making a safer and more attractive environment in Parkss and commercial zones ” .

2.8.6 Plastic Paint

“ Nippon Paint ‘s industrial solutions for fictile constituents are developed with particular characteristics such as intoxicant, lubricating oil and oil opposition, resiliency against warming and freeze rhythms, and first-class adhesion and rub scratch opposition. These pigments and coatings are specially formulated for plastic constituents used in internal and external car adjustments, electrical equipment and sound merchandises, and are available in rubric, semi-gloss and flatness coatings ” .

2.8.7 Wood Coatings

“ These coatings are chiefly used by both domestic and export market makers for protecting furniture and adjustments such as image frames, cosmetic doors, cane work and wood panels. A assortment of finished coat visual aspects are available, and these include clear and colored lacquers, solid and metallic, marble, rock, old-timer and other forms ” .

2.8.8 Coil Coating

“ Coating merchandises for metal coilings such as the Nipsea Super Coat and the Nipsea Steel Coat are developed to defy rust, weathering and other caustic elements. These pigments provide first-class attachment and heavy-duty protection. This protective map is besides extended to other solutions for pre-coated metal such as steel spirals and sheet metal ” .

2.8.9 Marine Paints

“ Nippon Paint offers surfacing systems that can defy the depredations ocean-faring vass are exposed to. Marine coats under the Nippenyl, Nippelux, Nippechlor and Nippekote series are used for all types of ships including supertankers, container ships and ferries, and assist lend to more efficient seafaring and corrosion protection ” .

2.8.10 Heavy Duty Coats

“ Offer higher degrees of protection against utmost conditions, Nippon Paint ‘s heavy-duty merchandises such as the Hi-Pon and Co-Pon scope are developed with particular characteristics that stand up to the harshest caustic environments. These merchandises are used to surface surfaces such as oil membranophones, chemical armored combat vehicle insides, grapevines and industrial workss ” .

2.8.11 Breathing Life into the Landscape

It is non sufficient that urban landmark appear up to day of the month? every bit good the aesthetic to a agreement, Nippon to be with its strength, conditions functionalities and matchless value, esures that it is to be reserved good sheltered. The map of Nippon Paint in recent architecture is indispensable.

2.8.12 Cement-Based Surfaces

The Walkleen line of acrylic coatings, for case, has anti-algae, anti Fungi and anti-carbonation belongingss that make the pigment highly lasting and easy to use. Durasil is another breakthrough merchandise in silicone rosin emulsion pigment that provides first-class lastingness in protecting exterior walls onslaughts while continuing the initial coated province. Another popular merchandise, Super Matex Emulsion is a cost-efficient pigment solution that provides permanent coats for internal walls. For waterproofing protection we have W300 Watershield, an unseeable system used extensively on bricks and other porous surfaces. This merchandise helps to retain the original expression of the surface, while efficaciously driving H2O and moisture.The Jikitone scope of coatings offer granite, ceramic and tile look-alike coatings. These attractive coatings come in a pick of either flatness or rubric. Besides this, the Jikitone scope besides provides first-class lastingness and opposition against staining and yellowing, while being highly easy to use. Nippon Paint ‘s Speed seal water-based wall sealant system is another discovery merchandise that efficaciously cuts down plaster surface bring arounding clip by up to 16 yearss and reduces plaster clefts and discolorations. This system besides significantly reduces happening of flower.

2.8.13 Metal Surfaces

The Bodelac 9000 series is one of the most popular merchandises for metal surfaces in the place and office environments because of its easy application method and attractive visual aspect. On the other manus, Copon merchandises offer high degrees of lastingness in extremely caustic environments, and map efficaciously in the harshest chemical industries every bit good as under salt-water exposure. The Hipon line of rubric epoxy heavy-duty coatings besides offers high degrees of protection against corrosion.As for cladding coatings, Nippon Paint offers the Duflonar system. This merchandise is one of the universe ‘s most advanced fluoro polymer coating System and can be used for aluminium panelling, bulges and curtain wall surfaces. Available in solid every bit good as metallic and alien colorss, the Duflonar system of primer, coat dilutant and completing coat offers first-class degrees of Performance in footings of its exterior conditions ability, movie unity and general visual aspect.

2.8.14 Timber Surfaces

One of the most popular merchandises from Nippon Paint for lumber surfaces is Timberlake, an easy-to-apply clear varnish that retains the natural beauty of wood grains ensuing in a durable bright coating.

2.8.15 Coloring the Four Most Important Walls in the World

Choosing merely the right coloring material pallet for your place can be a hard determination. It is a fresh new start. A complete scope of merchandises from the Home/DIY section is the first measure towards this new beginning. With Nippon Paint, you get the largest scope of pigments for merely the right look and intent.

This scope spans across base-coats and top-coats for interior and exterior walls, wood, metal surfaces, roofs, every bit good as pigments for particular coatings and effects. The Solar Reflective Paint Coating helps in cut downing surface temperature by up to 5A° Celsius.

The Weather bond Exterior Paint protects walls against the harshest caustic stuffs. Walls look every bit new as the twenty-four hours they were painted. The premium Odorless All-In-One Paint is considered as a ‘clutter-breaking-success-story ‘ of Nippon Paint.

2.8.16 Interior Wall Coatings

Nippon Paint ‘s 3-in-1 Medi-Fresh Anti-Bacterial pigment has fast gained a outstanding place in the place inside market. Its particular anti-bacteria expression helps suppress bacteria growing, therefore take downing the hazard of grippe, diarrhea and other complaints in families.

In add-on, it is besides rainproof, washable, and screens hairline clefts. Other extremely popular pigment merchandises for place insides include the 5-in-1 and 3-in-1 series, renowned for their lastingness and first-class anti-carbonation belongingss ; and Super Vinilex 5000, Satin Glow, Vinyl Silk and Matex, which prosvide enduring protection to Asia place.

2.8.17 Exterior Wall Coatings

Nippon Paint ‘s scopes of place outside merchandises meet high criterions of protection and lastingness.

Nippon Paint Weather-bound and Ultra shield, for case, are recognized as high-performance exterior pigments that efficaciously protect places from enduring and surface soil accretion.

2.8.18 Wood & A ; Metal Coatings

Nippon Bodelac 9000 for wood and metal surfaces is well-received for its super-gloss coating and lastingness.

Besides popular is Nippon Timberlac, a clear wood varnish that enriches surfaces without hiding the beauty of Wood ‘s natural grain. 2KPU, another scope of high quality wood coatings, has gained a strong followers in the China market.

2.8.19 Roof & A ; Tile Coatings

For roof tiles, Nippon Paint has developed a coating system that protects and enhances asbestos, tiles and metal roofs.

The Nippon Roof Coating system is a high public presentation acrylic water-based pigment that is both fungus- and weather-resistant.

2.8.20 That ‘s our Paint going at 200 miles per hour

In the extremely competitory, design-intensive automotive section, Nippon Paint showcases its aesthetic high quality every bit good as its protective quality. It ‘s in surfacing the finest autos that Nippon Paint has systematically set new industry criterions with specially developed coatings for enhanced public presentation and vehicle life-span.

Nippon Paint ‘s automotive merchandises include surface intervention chemicals, protective base-coats, intermediate coats and scintillating top-coats. Nippon Paint is the lone company that supplies an full pigment system for autos, ruling Asiatic markets such as Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Nippon Paint has developed a polarized pigment, Maziora, which changes colour depending on the angle from which it is viewed or from where the light high spots it. This pigment is used to re-paint cars or used as high-design pigment for new cars and interior decorator racing autos.

Maziora can besides be used on featuring goods, cellular phones and musical instruments. While showing a entire service solution for car makers worldwide, Nippon Paint is besides closely allied with prima auto makers in North America and Europe.Nippon Paint ‘s research squad is presently developing eco-friendly merchandises for the following coevals automotive industry.

2.8.21 Surface Treatment Chemical

SURF, one of Nippon Paint ‘s popular surface interventions chemical, works magnificently for cleaning the organic structure of contaminations, degreasing metal and plastics, surface conditioning and phosphate.

The chemicals are available in both pulverizations and liquid signifiers, and can be applied on aluminium, Fe and steel, Cu and plastic by spraying or submergence.

2.8.22 Cathodic Electrode place

Nippon Paint ‘s Cathodic Electrode place ( CED ) pigment provides the car protection against diverse climatic conditions.

This electrode place system acts as an anti-rust primer, and besides works efficaciously as an anti-corrosion agent.

Nippon Paint is one of the taking electrodeposition pigment providers in the Asiatic industry, providing both anodal and cathodic electro-deposition systems.

2.8.23 Surfacer

Used to condition the car after phosphate, the surfacer gives the car surface anti-corrosion belongingss and good inter-coat adhesion.

This bed enhances the car ‘s coating by conveying out the smoothness, Brightness and rubric of its colors. Nippon Paint ‘s scope of surfacers includes sanding or non-sanding polyester, alkyd polyester, epoxy polyester and acrylic polyester.

2.8.24 Top Coats

This is the bed that provides the first degree of protection against the elements. At the same clip, it helps transform the auto into a thing of true beauty.

Our greatcoats Come in a scope of different resin-based coatings consisting polyester, cyanuramide, acrylic and alkyd cyanuramide. MACFLOW, one of the most popular Nippon Paint ‘s automotive merchandises, is an acid-resistant greatcoat that reduces the usage of volatile organic compounds while run intoing high public presentation demands for acid opposition In Japan, Nippon Paint has besides developed a polarized pigment “ Maziora ” that changes colour depending on the angle from which it is viewed or where the visible radiation falls on.

It is used to repaint cars or as a high-design pigment for new cars. It can besides be used for featuring goods, cellular phones and musical instruments. Besides this, we besides have powder and water-borne coating merchandises, which are used extensively in Japan, North America and Europe.

2.8.25 Bumper Paint

An built-in portion for the coating in car design, Nippon Paint ‘s pigment system for bumpers comprises.

1-pack primer for polypropene and acrylic substrates and resin-based top coat of polyurethane, nitrocellulose, acrylic, Cab acrylic and polyester.

2.8.26 Automobile Repairs

Nippon Paint ‘s newly-developed scope of calendered pigments, abrasion immune coatings and super-water repellant coats let car-owners give their vehicles a new rental of life with minimum dither and fuss.


3.1 Duties

I have assigned a work to develop a occupation description inquirer signifier for specifying the ends and outlooks of employees. I develop this signifier with the aid of my supervisor and through different beginnings utilizing like cyberspace. This signifier will be used to acquire the positions of employees of the company about their occupation that what is the position of the employee what are the chief duties and responsibilities of the employee and what is the making, cognition and accomplishment is required for the occupation.

This inquirer signifier will be distributed among the employees of the Nippon pigment pvt Ltd.I have distributed this questioner signifier among 50 employees of the company at the site of their fabrication works situated in qasur these signifier will be return to me after 2 yearss after this I will look into that how many employees has given to me feedback. Beside this I have assigned a work to certification of new CV, s of new appliers and enter their record in the database of Nippon pigment and besides give me some files for the marinating record of old employees.

I collect the occupation description inquirer from the employees. Which was distributed among the employees old hebdomad and I analyze these inquirers that what is the feedback of employees. Total inquirer which was given to the employees was 50.Out of 50 I received back 38 inquirer from the employees

I work at the computing machine to look into the electronic mails and print out of import electronic mails and besides direct electronic mails to different mercantile establishments and different employees and give inside informations to my supervisor about these electronic mails. I have besides given some files contains the record of employees for the entry of this information in the computing machine.

I meet with HR director. He told to me that In Nippon HR section divided into four subdivisions

Organization Development

Training session

Management by Objective

Performance Appraisal

In Nippon HR lone trades these four subdivision if any section wants to cognize about company policies so HR is to be provided as per demand. Annual leave policies, compensation bundles ‘ is mandatory to keep preparation session but in Nippon in a twelvemonth three preparation session is excessively conducted as per demand of the policies of company.

I wrote letters to the retail merchants for having their orders and payments of old goods which they have received on recognition. In these letters 15 yearss has given to the retail merchants for the payments and in these letters there is a warning that if they will non unclutter their old payment than they will non given new goods.

I learned about the process of received the leave applications of the employees from different sections on day-to-day footing. The leave application is received as insouciant, medical, out door responsibility and others. These foliages are approved by G.M & A ; HR Manager. MR Anwar-Ul-Haq besides told me about the bouncinesss, wagess, inducements, rewards, and salary increase.

I get information about the Finance Department of Nippon pigment. In finance section they told me about the

Acquisition of Finance

Outsource ( Bankss )

Personal fund

Two yearss I spend in the national gross revenues section. The national gross revenues section of Nippon Paints is divided in to two different parts.

North Areas

North countries gross revenues director is Mr.Ijaz Ali Khan. He controls all the gross revenues in the north countries of the Pakistan.

South countries

South countries gross revenues director is Mr.Ali Baig.He cotrolls all the gross revenues in the south countries of Pakistan. I met with Mr.Anwar-ul-haq in the HR section. Mr. anwar-ul-haq told me about the hiring process of engaging new employees and developing plan of the employees and he besides told me about make fulling the signifier of leave. He besides told me about the medical allowance, going allowance he told that going allowance is given to employee when they go outside the metropolis for the work of company. Mr. Anwar Besides told me about the public presentation assessment system of the employees. And I besides meet with the HR executive Miss Amber. She besides told me about the HR policies and steer me about the regulations and ordinance of employees

This twenty-four hours I spend with the HR section. Mr. anwar-ul-haq told me about the hiring process of engaging new employees and developing plan of the

Employees and he besides told me about make fulling the signifier of leave. He besides told me about the medical allowance, going allowance he told that going allowance is given to employee when they go outside the metropolis for the work of company. Mr. Anwar besides told me about the public presentation assessment system of the employees. And I besides meet with the HR executive Miss Amber. She besides told me about the HR policies and ushers me about the regulations and ordinance of employees.

This twenty-four hours I spend with the HR Executive Madam Amber. She told to me that she controls HR maps in the Nippon pigments. She besides manages the foliages and other application of the employees. After look intoing the foliages applications of employees she forwards a study towards HR director. She give me information that how to compose the application informations in the record than She gives me some application of employees to compose its information in the registry.

I meet with the Miss Fozia Butt. She is working as Customer Representative and in compliant cell. She told to me that she receive letters and look into emails daily of the company she assign me a work to divide the letters of orders and forward these letters towards gross revenues section. She besides attends the calls of company. She told me that if any client calls than we should talk courteously with that individual. And she rede me that when any client or any trader complain it is forwarded towards quality director that there is the issue of Quality and the traders compliant about the late bringing of goods or new order should send on towards gross revenues section.

I visit the production procedure of pigment that how pigment is prepared. First of all they select the expression of pigment that which type of pigment is manufactured after this they create a mixture of H2O, antibacterial, white pulverization and PVA after this mixture is put into the high force per unit area armored combat vehicle and it converted into the pigment

One twenty-four hours I have spent in QC Lab it controlled by Abid Azeem. In the QC lab the coloring material is matched with each other while the production of each coloring material is same or non and the quality of coloring material is besides checked in QC lab.

I work at the SAP package. The SAP package of NIPPON is straight link with the Head office of NIPPON. If any dealing is take topographic point in the NIPPON Lahore than its informations automatically sent towards the caput office of the NIPPON PAINTS.

The office they told me about the ORACLE package this package is used to come in the information in to the database of company. By utilizing this package we can come in the information related to employees really easily.

3.2 Accomplishments

First of all I complete the inquirer of occupation description. I besides complete my work to look into the registry of employees.

3.3 New Knowledge Acquired

During internship I acquired new cognition and accomplishments in the Nippon paints.I learned all HR maps like HR policies, Hiring process and preparation of employees, public presentation assessment and salary bundle etc. I besides learned about SAP package and ORACLE package in the Nippon pigments which are used in the organisation.

3.4 Problems Encountered

In the Nippon pigments internees are non decently facilitate.

There is no choice and bead installation for the internees.

3.5 How Experience Impacts on my Career

Internship was my first measure in practical life, through which I learnt a batch and it has aided me in being good equipped with valuable experience that would assist me one time I enter the professional life after the completion of my surveies. During the month of June and July 2010, I worked in Japan ‘s pigments ( Pakistan ) as an internee. My association with this company was being a portion of the HR Department. It was a great experience for me and it helped me in recognizing where my possible prevarications. What I learnt at Nippon ‘s pigments ( Pakistan ) over the hebdomads was how to pull off. The experience has taught me duty, teamwork and how to manage demand of enlisting and selection.This internship overall has been a great experience.


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