The Bangladesh Bank Website Commerce Essay

Harmonizing to the Bangladesh Bank Website and Wikipedia information, after the release war, along with the ultimate independency of Bangladesh, the Government of Bangladesh rationalized the Dhaka division of the State Bank of Pakistan since the indispensable bank of the state, and specified the name it Bangladesh Bank. This restructuring was completed pursuant to Bangladesh Bank regulate, 1972, along with the Bangladesh Bank approached into subsistence with presentation achieve from 16 December 1971. In 1982, the initial reform docket was commenced, where the disposal denationalized two of the six state-owned commercial Bankss and allowable restricted private Bankss to bring forth competition in the banking division.Currently it has nine offices situated at Motijheel, Sadarghat, Chittagong, Khulna, Bogra, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Barisal plus Rangpur in Bangladesh ; full work force locates at 4926 ( administrative official 3910, subordinate force 1016 ) since on Dec. 31, 2011

Bangladesh Bank is transporting out some indispensable maps to keep the economic construction of the company, such as arising fiscal and recognition policies ; oversing the top choice currency problems/matters and accommodating new or improved payment system. Bangladesh bank is besides responsible for the exchequer and modulating the abroad exchange market. Regulating and administered the Bankss and financial organisation, and urge the authorities on the communications and the impacts of economic, pecuniary and other fiscal policies-these are the cardinal function played be Bangladesh bank.

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The Bangladesh Bank Website Commerce Essay
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I have been working as a Teller at Bangladesh bank for 1 and half old ages and experienced bad and good state of affairs really closely and have learnt a batch which I am seeking to utilize in my hereafter life.I have been closely connected with the clients and supply them information sing the merchandises and services our company provide and seek to convert them to purchase the merchandises.

Every month we have a meeting with our executives and every hebdomad we have a meeting with our ain supervisors or directors. As I have mentioned earlier that deficiency of the director ‘s assessment is the cardinal job of our employees ‘ sadness or demoralising nature. I think if the employee public presentation is traveling to highlight/evaluated in the meeting or give some acknowledgment in forepart of the whole staff so that could heighten the assurance degree of the employees. www.bangladesh-bank, hypertext transfer protocol: //

Problem statement:

Bangladesh bank is a immense organisation in the part of Dhaka and has been runing as a cardinal bank for many decennaries. While working in the organisation I have noticed one vastly effected issue which could subsequently take the organisation in a immense problem.

The critical job is the managers/supervisors of the company do non demo any concern or fondness or you can state deficiency in the assessment for the employees ; as a consequence employees are losing their assurance and religion for the organisation which led them to give lower productiveness. It ‘s truly hard to do the directors understand about this issue/problem because most of the squad is working with the bank about a century/decade and they stick with their tradition which make them believe that measuring the employees non at all necessary. If the employees want to work they can work and if they do n’t desire to work so they could go forth and the directors have many others options to use ; since Bangladesh is a state where people need work severely.

Literature Review

Employees Performance assessment based on their self-review:

Directors ‘ enterprise to assist employees develop their public presentation, by acknowledging public presentation countries where sweetening was desirable, habitually resulted in defensiveness lying on the portion of staff, and with less effort to develop in countries disapprove of them in extra public presentation countries ( Kay, Meyer & A ; French, 1965 ) . Harmonizing to Maier ( 1958 ) that appraise defensiveness is an awaited response from the decision maker, in converse his assessment of a subordinate public presentation with the adult male, is involuntarily cast in the function of the adjudicator and the subsidiary be converted into the suspect. Harmonizing to Glenna ( 1968 ) the effects of the conventional director organized a public presentation assessment by agencies of those of the less normally used self- rating or subordinate-prepared public presentation appraisal.. Workers who furthermore had knowing no predating manager-prepared assessment or had attain low on need-for-independence substance. Maier ( 1958 ) in an attack feedback signifier expressed superior satisfaction through the manager-preparation technique of assessment. They were frightened that an appraisal treatment base on a subordinate-prepared construction would make it more complicated to train such staff sing needed development in public presentation. Their uncertainties confirm to be groundless.

How of import to Develop the Pay-for Performance Appraisal System:

Performance assessment has turned out to be a general beadwork for a diverseness of activities.Through which an organisation seeks to do available sentiment to their employees, develop Their competences, better public presentation, and allocate wagess. Subordinates ‘ sentiment about their supervisor play a critical function in the efficiency of diverse leading manners. ( Fiedler & A ; Chemers, 1984 ; Graen et al. , 1982 ) . Following the research of Michael A. Mulvaney and William R. McKinn a well- intended employee public presentation assessment setup takes for granted the huge importance by supplying bureaus with information that can direct administrative and developmental decision-making about their most important asset-their human resources. In this research paper place some stairss for bring forthing a more effective pay-for-performance construction for public bureaus which I think decidedly helpful for the Bangladesh Bank to implement the wage for public presentation construct.

( 1 ) Recognized a methodical class of action for making public presentation rating setup ;

( 2 ) Illustrate the suited preparation for those accomplish an appraisal interview ;

( 3 ) put into pattern public presentation assessment by agencies of the developed instruments and reexamine interview/assessment preparation, and ;

( 4 ) estimation employee attitude in the way of the late developed system

( Michael A. Mulvaney and William R. McKinn, 2008 ) .

The Influence of public presentation assessment on the psychological contract of the staff:

Performance assessments are an indispensable constituent of the wider performance-management organisation and are expansively used to measure international employees. ( Gratton, 2000 ; Milliman, Nason, Zhu & A ; De Cieri, 2002 ) . Regardless of their significance and widespread usage, the achievement of public presentation assessments is on a regular basis misfunctioning in a numerical of ways. These limitations include misguided judgements about public presentation, bootless feedback, unacceptable public presentation standard and a deficiency of intelligibility about the purpose of the system. Harmonizing to Jane F. Marley performance-appraisal satisfactoriness and the map of appraisal materialize from the literature to be both supremely and reciprocally dependent. In the beginning the grounds recommends that, from an employee point of view, in order to be satisfied about the assessment desires to hold a clear rule, and the assessment thought has to be acceptable. The relationship between intent and satisfactoriness strengthen the necessity for an assessment to be entrenched in a public presentation direction method instead than to turn up entirely as a human resource juncture.

Dimensions of public presentation assessment:

Performance organisation systems – together with public presentation assessments or appraisal -Are unsafe anchors for human resources disposal ( Guest, 1997 ) . Even though public presentation assessments are a manageable world of life, in the full their continuance, assessments and assessment construction are inactive non wholly unexpressed and valued.Performance assessment has been distinguished as conceivably the chiefly widely deliberate, converse and written in relation to and metagrobolized investigate parts of human resources in the record of peoples ‘ organisation ( Wright, 2002 ) . Performance assessments are capable of being distinguishable as an intermittent appraisal of the productiveness of an single calculated against definite outlooks ( Yong, 1996, cited in Rusli and Nor Azman, 2004 ) . The process engages scrutinize and measure employees ‘ public presentation in the administrative centre in following of family to pre-set rules. Straight approaches to public presentation assessment indulgence it as a dimension exercising, though more existing attacks are more discerning with information dispensation surrounded through the public presentation assessment decision-making pattern ( Rusli and Nor Azman, 2004 ) .Private every bit good as community division association must exhibit that there have been an sweetening in public presentation and that aim and intent are being accomplished ( Wisniewski and Stewart, 2004 ) . This has made it indispensable for effectual public presentation disposal approaches to be hardworking and practical ( Bovaird and Loffler, 2002 ) .

Effectiveness of Performance Appraisal as a Tool for Enhancing Employee Performance

Harmonizing to Prowse & A ; Prowse ( 2009 ) public presentation assessment ( PA ) is potentially a solution implement for organisations to make the chiefly of their human resources. “ To remain spirited, the employ of method to actuate and keep public presentation has turned out to be the managerial indispensable ” , ( Hooper & A ; Newlands 2009:1 ) Appraisals are unsystematic along with the consequences on occasion withheld from the workers who necessitate sentiment in order to accurately public presentation deficit and modify occupation behaviors. It was in add-on renowned with apprehensiveness that there are in the bulk instances no evident public presentation criterions and purpose locate at the beginning of the twelvemonth plus one speculate what is to be charged at the terminal of the twelvemonth. Chiang & A ; Birch ( 2010 ) see the civilization ‘s punishment on chief rule and execute utilizing a illustration size of 1749 strained from the banking concern in seven states crossways Europe, Asia, along with North America. The author finished that non simply is the transferability of the assessment every bit good as its operationalisation artificial by communications with diverting civilizations and background scenes, excepting new mixture assessment architectures are lifting that require extra research.

Sometimes Performance Appraisals Do n’t Work-What Department of energies:

Harmonizing to Susan Heathfield ( 2007 ) the director is painful in the diocesan place. He be acquainted with him may embrace to give good ground for his appraisal with precise illustrations when the employees ask. He is lacking in accomplishment in given that sentiment and frequently aggravate a self-protective answer from the worker, who may intelligibly see he is under assault. Consequently, directors keep off from giving true feedback, which overcome the principle of the public presentation assessment. Organizations can non bring forth a greater work force except they build up the aptitude and an familiarity of their staff. For the corporation to accomplish something, the workers must transport on to cultivate and spread out. Harmonizing to Susan Heathfield ( 2007 ) by and large the public presentation assessment replicates what the director can maintain in head ; these are of course the chiefly recent proceedings. Approximately ever, the assessment is the base on appraisal because echt public presentation dimension obtain clip and followup to execute good.


Bangladesh Bank has been covering with this peculiar job for many old ages but the direction is non ready to accept the fact that the root of the job is the directors deficiency of concern or non praising the employees at the right clip harmonizing to the right state of affairs. Performing employees ‘ assessment topographic points great demand on input information.To gather information for employee assessment is rather a hard undertaking. It non merely requires employees ‘ cooperation, engagement of line directors, and decently trained HR Renaissance mans, equal methodological analysis and good timing, but above all matures corporate civilization. The key to an effectual and good employee assessment system is in a systematic attack

Therefore, the root of the job is the ignorance of the directors towards measuring or supply feedback the employees about their public presentation ; as some of our employees have already pointed out the job indirectly non straight but they do n’t react positively towards the issue. The director uses their control of authorization and autarchy to command the staff in malice of covering with them with grace and respectfully. Since sometimes in surplus of pressurization does non work. Bangladesh Bank does non supply any peculiar preparation based on how to actuate the employees or how to appreciate their work to hike their confidence. There are rather a few troubles implicated, which comprise such as: modulate an assessment system to detailed applications ; make up one’s minding on, give the directors preparation, in add-on to directing the “ valuator ” ; measuring the valuator ‘s capableness to analyse information every bit good as converse consequences to the issue of the assessment ; plus direction ‘s aptitude to use completing drawn as of the accumulate information to the realistic degree of finding of fact devising in workers direction. We are hence discerning here with a prescribed process: public presentation assessment that is designed in advancement and planned to obtain reliable information about forces public presentation that is as applicable and accurate as executable. ( Mulvaney, A.M & A ; McKinney, R. W & A ; Grodsky, R 2012 )

From the leading and organisational book I have found some utile construct which I would wish to use to explicate my research work. There are some constructs which help my research to travel on a right way and explain in a well planned mode.

I think Pay for public presentation /merit wage construct is applicable After reexamining the literature reappraisal I have come to the point that If the manager/supervisors appreciate the employees by supplying them some inducements or rise in payment for their public presentation or virtue so that would give a positive feedback to employees to work more. Performance assessment is planned to back up the concern in realizing its intrinsic public presentation prospective. It does this through makes possible the directors of an association to better employees ‘ inspiration and work-related ability, and doing the perfect determination process involved in the undertaking of workers to new topographic points. In order for this process to carry through this program, it be obliged to be established on two primary behavioural values. The first provinces that amplified productiveness every bit good as competency is dependent on bring forthing a direct relationship between the employee ‘s degree of public presentation along with achievement, on the one manus, and incentive and wagess ( compensation & A ; publicity ) , on the extra. ( Schermerhorn, R.J, & A ; Osborn, N.R. & A ; Uhl-Bien, M & A ; Hunt, G.J, p-124 )

Harmonizing to Schermerhorn, R.J, & A ; Osborn, N.R. & A ; Uhl-Bien, M & A ; Hunt, G.J the trough should use the ERG theory to analysis the demands of the employees more closely. The ERG theory helps the directors know more about the interpersonal relationship and do them cognizant of the employees ‘ growing demands. The employee ‘s public presentation is non simply the magnitude and quality of his/her employment, which is really often the misguided appraisal of many supervisors, but it besides embraces contemplation, attack to employment, occupation behaviour, restraint in following safety processs, attending and nonattendance in the topographic point of work, interaction with a societal group, plus another colleague who a worker comes in doing contact with for executing his/her work. Simplified we be able to depict employee ‘s public presentation because the consequence of associating abilities to put to death the occupation, effort based on internal motive, every bit good as managerial conditions of an office, which have been formed and continue for staff. Predictable public presentation will non be consummated if any of these fortunes is misplaced. ( Pg-104 )

I think the Performance Management Process construct is besides applicable.Performance direction provides an assessment ground when it lets people be acquainted with where their definite public presentation stands comparative to aims and rules. Such an assessment nourish into a declaration that assign wagess. I think these constructs are good matched with my applied research and I could decidedly happen out a solution to the job after implementing the theories in pattern. Information obtained in this procedure is non merely related to the employee ‘s public presentation at work, his/her possible and future demands, but it besides provides HR directors with valuable information for designation instruction and development demands, it motivates employees to better themselves, it uncovers their strengths and failings, it creates the footing for honoring employees, calling direction and puting employees. One of the aims of employee assessment is to determine whether the ends of employees are harmonized with the ends of the organisation. ( Schermerhorn, R.J, & A ; Osborn, N.R. & A ; Uhl-Bien, M & A ; Hunt, G.J, Pg-127 )

The highly first measure be supposed to be puting the purpose, i.e. influential the predictable result of the process of official employee assessment. The subsequent measure would be an mixture of technique which the executive wants to use. The most common and chiefly used to come into position to be appraisal conference. The director, surely, ought to inform workers about their assessment, in authorship every bit good as official attack. This must take topographic point about 7 to 8 yearss in front, as a consequence they can suitably form to go to the meeting, and the day of the month plus clip must come out as a conformance between supervisor and worker. It is

non merely gracious, but this attack makes the director demonstrate regard to the employee timetable, which set up that director values his subordinate ‘s work in add-on to extravagance them as a confederate for attainment cosmopolitan ends.


Appraisals are greatly easier, and peculiarly more comfy, if the director congregate each of the group members individually and often for one-to-one conversation all the manner through the twelvemonth. I would wish to advert some solution to the job which arise in Bangladesh Bank:

To take the negative attributive among the employees sing their occupation the directors should make a hebdomadal meeting to measure each employee ‘s public presentation and give them feedback about their work:

When employees be acquainted with there will be frequent scheduled appraisal, they become witting that they are held responsible for their occupation public presentation and they become more careful about their occupation. If they get positive feedback them that make them recognizable in forepart of the whole office and which lead them to heighten their regard for their single work.Some employee ever wants positive feedback they do n’t wish negative rating. If they have to cover with negative feedback them that straight consequence into their work.

Provide preparation for the directors to larn how to give an assessment in an accurate manner to the employees for actuating them:

The directors of Bangladesh Bank have ne’er come across this type of undertaking because of the civilization ; they ne’er realize the importance of motive towards the employees and how effectual it for the organisation and as a authorities bank they do n’t even care about that ; so it ‘s truly of import to do them recognize about how of import employee assessment which could possible by proper training.In Bangladesh Bank most of the directors are really senior sing their age and about all of them stick to the old fundamental law they do n’t wish alteration ; hence, possibly some of them are non demoing their avidity to take part in the preparation plan.

Make a secret gentleman box for each and every employee so that they could give their feedback about their ain director ‘s public presentation ( without unwraping their name ) whether they are happy with him/her or non. If a high figure or per centum of employees are dissatisfied with the manner their director ‘s dainty them so direction is traveling to take action for that.

The director is traveling to be good cognizant of the fact and the put their 100 % to actuate their employees and seek to demo them the way of growth.Some employees might deliberately give negative feedback about a director to take personal retaliation or possibly he/she like that director.


Performance assessments make available employees and directors with a chance to discourse countries in which staff excel and those in which workers need enhancement. Particularly in a bank people ever stress with the work burden which sometimes make them frustrated and due to that they can non concentrate on their work ; in that state of affairs if the directors try to hike the employees moral than that would profit for both of them. I would wish to portion my personal experience which I have in Bangladesh Bank, many times I have truly wanted to cognize how I am making or how was my public presentation but every clip I disappointed because our directors does non detect our attempts. Occasionally I want to cognize whether I am bettering or is at that place anything more I could make to better my public presentation ; so that I could make something for my personal and professional growing. Numerous human resources rational suggest the significance of public presentation assessment in on status that encouragement Information for administrative determinations when income rises, relocate or counteractive proceedings are called into the enquiry.

In Bangladesh Bank some employees are fighting with communicating job which I have noticed rather a spot and they need proper preparation for that ; if they complete the preparation so that would profit the organisation every bit good as the corporation ; but when our direction asks sentiment for our director ‘s sing the communicating accomplishment of our employees he said that cipher does non necessitate any preparation which clear the fact that he does non even bother or noticed his employees ‘ public presentation.


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