The Benefits Of Effective Communication In Workplaces Commerce Essay

Effective communicating has its ain benefits in the workplace. Effective communicating from directors to employees will ensue in the employees making their occupation good. A good direction manner together with a positive communicating attack will be rather effectual in the workplace and will take to better understanding between the employee and director.

For an organisation to be successful communicating should go on both internally and externally.

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The Benefits Of Effective Communication In Workplaces Commerce Essay
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Internal communicating: between direction and employees.

External communicating: this takes topographic point between staff and clients.

Let us see Vodafone as a instance survey to exemplify the effectual communicating accomplishments [ 3 ]

Internal Communication [ 2 ] : this takes topographic point inside the organisation between the employees and direction. Here the employees act as stakeholders. This communicating may take topographic point in any of the signifiers listed below:

Vertically: this the top down attack which happens from the senior employees to juniors associates. The ultimate end here is to better the public presentation of undertakings and do the junior employees understand the company ‘s precedences and demands.

Horizontally: this takes topographic points between assorted squads and across sections. The end here is to do certain functions are efficaciously carried out and undertakings completed.

Intranet with restricted entree to people within the concern is a great tool for advancing better communicating.

External communicating [ 1 ] : this takes topographic point with clients. Vodafone has laid a rule for communicating as “ We will pass on openly and transparently with all of our stakeholders within the bounds of commercial confidentiality ” . Vodafone believes that this will cut down the barriers to communicating. It makes certain that its messages are conveyed both verbally and not verbally.

For verbal communicating the company has set contact centres so that the staff can be in direct contact with the clients and farther giving an chance for its staff to speak to the clients about the issues.

Non verbal communicating can take topographic point through assorted methods such as advertizements in telecasting, newspapers and other media, the Vodafone logo. This besides acts as a method of finding the place of the trade name. Further methods of non verbal communicating include SMS to reach certain clients. Gross saless information can be reached out to clients through literature in the Vodafone stores.

The many signifiers of communicating through which Vodafone reaches out to its clients are as below:

Promotion and gross revenues material- Vodafone makes certain that the advertisement stuff is right and follows its Business rules. This besides helps the information reaches out responsibly to its stakeholders together with advancing its merchandises and services.

Awareness and Information: Vodafone promoted the usage of nomadic phones responsibly in the autos. It took the complex stuff and translated the information in easy to understand signifier and made the public aware of the new jurisprudence and appropriate usage of phones in the auto.

Explanation and counsel: nomadic phones have wellness effects on human existences. But the latest scientific research has something new and Vodafone needs to convey these findings clearly to the clients.

Motivation to give Employees

A good motivated staff is a key to a productive and pleasant environment in a workplace. Motivating the employees must be one of the cardinal duties of a director. An effectual direction and leading reflect through effectual motive of employees in the workplace. Understanding the human nature is a cardinal to effectual employee motive.

The key to public presentation betterment in an organisation is motive. Motivation is really indispensable for any concern to last and stand out. Motivation is a accomplishment and must be learnt. Performance can be defined as a map of ability and motive as below

Job performance= map ( ability ) ( motive )

Ability depends on instruction and preparation. Motivation has the undermentioned seven schemes through which it can be initiated:

Fair intervention of people

Positive and high outlooks


Satisfying the demands of the employees

Puting ends at work

To reconstitute the occupations

Set wagess and acknowledgment for public presentation

Every organisation has its ain ways to actuate the employees to guarantee that ends and marks are reached [ 4 ] .

Obstacles to Effective Performance

The chief obstructions to effectual public presentation in an organisation are as follows:





Culture is related to beliefs, values and customary ways of making things. The chief ground for employees go forthing the company is cultural mismatch. Harmonizing to the present civilization employees are required to hold a clear apprehension of short term and long term ends. The employees are required to hold a shared vision and values every bit good as being productive and motivated.

The organisational civilization is determined by the leading manner and patterns in an organisation and hence dramas an of import function particularly during acquisitions and amalgamations. Every organisation has a set of values and beliefs. When an employee is exposed to a new civilization, the person goes through a province known as civilization daze. When the companies merge the employees from the non dominant company demand to accommodate themselves to the new civilization of the dominant company.

Let us see Barclay Plc for case. Barclay acquired Lehman Brothers and one of the major issues for Barclay after this acquisition is to take into consideration the two different civilizations in these two companies. Most of the employees of Lehman Brothers have left Barclay and a few did non fall in Barclay. This makes it clear that the employees are non ready to accommodate to the new values, leading manners, beliefs and patterns of the Barclay civilization. One of the biggest challenges to the direction at Barclay is to do employees accept the new civilization. The alteration in civilization finally has an consequence on the motive degree of the employees, their committedness to the organisation and their battle in work. Another effect of an acquisition is that the persons from the non dominant organisation will experience like loss of individuality and the others will hold a superior feeling. This will finally impact the company accomplish its ends and aims.

Another major issue of civilization when the two organisations were merged is it will deviate the attending of the employees and do the less productive. The attending of employees will be diverted to issues such as occupation security, feeling of uncomfortableness working with new employees. Job security is the chief issue as there will be duplicate of sections and to pull off the staff, the organisation can cut down the work force.

The occupation profiles may be redesigned which may hold an impact on the public presentation of the employees. The employee ‘s motive, attitude and public presentation are determined by the civilization. Motivation and civilization go manus in manus. More an employee is motivated ; the civilization will be healthier. The cardinal factor to be dealt in any organisation is motive. If an employee is non motivated decently so the employee will hold job accepting the new civilization which will impact the person ‘s ability to make the occupation efficaciously and expeditiously. The company should hold flexible civilization if a determination of acquisition is taken. This will let the new employees to set to the new civilization.

Culture reflects the manner of direction and leading. A little alteration in the values, leading manner and thoughts will assist the new employees adjust to the new environment. This is non easy undertaking, but since Barclays has taken a determination of amalgamation it should be ready to see alterations in its civilization and leading manner.


Except for alteration nil is changeless in this universe. Every activity in an organisation consequences in some alteration. It can hold a positive or negative consequence depending on the communicating made through alteration. The acquisition of Barclay and Lehman Brothers bought together a immense alteration in both organisations. New schemes and policies, processs and work environment were created for work in both organisations. Change should affect people and non be imposed on people.

Fixing the employees of an organisation for alteration is a really critical undertaking and it is the duty of the direction to make this. This can be done through assorted methods such as through unwritten communicating, via preparation plans or through guidance. The major ground for the Lehman employees go forthing Barclays when the two organisations were merged is that the alteration was non managed decently.

The cardinal rules needed when be aftering to pull off alteration are as follows:

Every individual reacts to alter otherwise.

Each individual is different and has its ain perceptual experiences and penchants. A few people ever look frontward to alter and new things and it easy to manage them. But it is a really hard to manage people who ever like things the manner they were. These sort of people will see emphasis and dissatisfaction and negative attitude towards their opposite numbers penchants.

Every individual has his ain demands and precedences

A few people work merely for money but a few for the ego and societal designation. Change can be managed efficaciously by planing occupations in a better manner through occupation redesign, occupation rotary motion direction etc.

Pull offing outlooks realistically

The organisation should do clear to its employees that it can non do everyone happy at the same clip and this should be communicated efficaciously and realistically. The relation between outlooks and world is really of import.

The direction should make the undertakings listed below in order to pull off alteration efficaciously:

The direction should animate people and put certain aims, ends and values for the organisation

It should put up a communicating web such as face to confront interaction so that new thoughts and policies can be easy communicated. If there are any obstructions in the manner of communicating so those should be removed as this will assist people accept alteration.

Change can be made inevitable by publicities, enlistings and wagess.


When Barclays merges with Lehman struggles were natural to originate as people from two different civilizations and two different companies were unifying. Get downing with little differences, struggles may make to higher degrees which will finally impact the organisation. Since the civilization of both organisations is different each will hold its ain thoughts, schemes, positions and ends.

The different types of struggle that may originate when people of two different civilizations merge are as follows:

Conflict with foreman

Since the director has a more experience and bigger position it will non be good to meet struggle with the foreman. In order to avoid such a struggle it is better non to oppugn his authorization and any thoughts and positions should be presented in the signifier of suggestions.

Conflict with co-workers

Different point of position will take to conflict between employees. This can be done resolved through proper communicating.

Conflicts with the subsidiaries

Conflicts can be grips efficaciously by one of the undermentioned ways:

Each individual should be given freedom to show their positions.

Conflicts can be sorted to a greater degree by placing positive minded people.

Not everyone may hold a wide vision as ours. So communicating and discoursing our vision will assist maintain struggles off.

Changing nature of Modern Work Organizations [ 9 ]

There many factors that contribute to the altering nature of work at organisation, but the two chief factors are:

Current market scenario requires organisations to be more competitory and client focused, hence there is an increased force per unit area on the organisation

The discovery in IT and communicating is another factor. For illustration Mobile and cyberspace have made work to be separated from clip and infinite.

Organizations have changed their focal point and their chief rules are:

Specifying vision and values from the consumer ‘s position

Making a value concatenation i.e. , specifying activities and procedure that add value to clients and associate them

Remove activities that add no value to the organisation.

Reducing inefficiencies in the undertakings in an organisation.

These rules have added value to the organisation enabling them to react quickly to clients ‘ demands and back uping alteration and encouraging invention.


The base of any organisation depends on the policy, the values, the vision, the doctrine and ends set by the direction. These act as the drive force for the organisational civilization. Culture in a workplace determines the leading manner, the type of communicating and group kineticss within the organisation. The employees in the organisation perceive the civilization as a quality indispensable at work which has an impact on the grade of the employee ‘s motive. This ultimately affects the public presentation, personal growing and ego development which finally affect the organisation from accomplishing its ends.

The above discussed constructs such as communicating, motive, civilization etc, do up merely a little portion of the theories of organisational behaviour and theory. The success of any organisation is determined by the application of the constructs of organisational behaviour in the organisation.

The best manner to manage struggles in a workplace is to turn to them through treatments and arguments. Conflict can hold a positive consequence within the organisation if it is addressed efficaciously. A successful director is one who takes clip to turn to and cover with the struggle. This in bend will take to a healthy and diverse work environment.


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