The Benefits of Networking Essay


This study was developed from an appraisal made by Central Institute of Technology lectors. This was created to assist us larn the benefits of networking to do new contacts.A The purpose was to make new contacts with people who portion similar involvement and ends as you.

A contact list was developed with the people who were contacted, to garner information for this study. The people who I contacted were human resources officers from infirmaries from across the metropolitan country. When talking to them I asked them to e-mail me a transcript of a occupation description for a ward clerk place.

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The Benefits of Networking Essay
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The information provided by my new contacts, shows that networking is really good to doing concern relationships work.


This study is based on what kind of work I would wish to be making in the hereafter. At the minute I am presently analyzing Certificate IV in Business Administration. I hope to travel on and analyze the Diploma of Business Administration. This study is based on our ability to set up webs and to derive new contacts.

To derive the needed information for the study, the web had to be established. The determination was made, that I would pealing around all of the local infirmaries and speaks to their human resources officer. When talking to the human resources officers I asked them, if they could e-mail me a transcript of a occupation description for a ward clerk place. This gave me a unsmooth thought of the accomplishments that would be required for that peculiar place.

I was antecedently analyzing nursing at Central Institute of Technology, but due to allergic reactions I could non go on. My dream was ever to be a nurse, after caring for my ill grandma before she passed off in 2007. At least this manner I do n’t lose all the cognition that has been gained by personal experiences in the infirmary environment. My current long term end is obtain a Diploma of Business Administration by July 2012. I hope to derive a occupation as a ward clerk or an admittances and discharge ‘s clerk.

Medical Administration Officer

A ward clerk helps to maintain the ward running every bit smooth as possible. This enables physicians, nurses, physical therapist, occupational healer and pathology worker to happen things easy. ( Health and Community Services 2008 )

Functions and Duties

  • Adhering to demands of the Occupational Health and Safety Legislation and infection control guidelines.
  • Answer telephone and desk questions utilizing a pleasant, gracious and professional attack, and help where possible or mention the inquirer to the appropriate health professional.
  • Welcome patients on admittance and supply room orientation as appropriate.
  • Complete all relevant admitting and discharge processs ( including lodgers ) and complete certification
  • Maintain duty for the direction of all patient wellness records associated with patient admittances, transportations and discharges for the ward or country.
  • Ensure Patient Administration system informations is updated accurately and continuously.
  • Arrange follow up assignments for patients with medical practician ‘s suites and/or other allied wellness professionals.
  • Update health professional rolls on rostering system database on a day-to-day footing or as requested.
  • Communicate and liaise with nursing and medical health professionals on ward information including electronic mails, new policies and processs
  • Liaise with nursing and medical health professionals sing questions, assignments etc
  • Enter nurse beepers into the Nurse Paging System.
  • Order and keep letter paper supplies.
  • Aid with word-processing as required by the Nurse Manager/ward.

( Seek 2010 ) ( Jobs WA 2008 )

Main support webs that are effectual for this function

The chief support webs that are effectual for this function is my nursing friends and human resources officers from infirmaries. My nursing friends have now finished their making and they are now happening their first occupations in a infirmary environment. My nursing friends ( particularly Odette and Max ) may be good to me happening a manner to a medical disposal place.

My friends set me in contact with the human resources officer ‘s at the infirmaries that they are presently working at. This gave me some way in doing my new contacts. I contacted these human resource officers and they were really supportive and willing to assist. They emailed me a twosome of different disposal occupation functions within the infirmary environment.A These occupation functions were for: ward clerk, admittance and discharge clerk, medical disposal officer and a engagement clerk places.

I developed my friendly relationship with my nursing friends back in June 2009 on enrolment twenty-four hours. To maintain my friendly relationship and web with my nursing friends, we have regular get togethers ; travel to the films as a group. We do this chiefly to catch up one time or twice a month to chiefly remain in contact. It is reasonably difficult to stay in contact with my nursing friends, when they are working displacement work. This makes it disputing for us to remain in regular contact and for all of us to be available to run into up at the same clip. We sometimes maintain contact utilizing MSN instant messaging, but non really frequently. I prefer face to face conversations, phone calls and emails.

Networking Definitions

To me networking agencies utilizing the procedure of constructing a relationship, utilizing your bing contacts to do new contacts who portion similar involvements. ( Dwyer 2009, p. 580 ) As the stating goes “it ‘s non what you know, but who you know.”

Networking could besides intend constructing relationships with people who have similar involvements and wanted to or hold achieved a similar end. Once you have built a strong web, you can inquire people for helpful information advice and support. You can return the same favor to them subsequently on when they require aid. I see networking as a manner to develop communicating accomplishments, cognition and a beginning of information available within the community. Networks provide entree to resources, contacts, support and advice. ( Cole 2005, p.201 )


To reason this study, friendly relationships are really valuable in maintain a web and doing new contacts.


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