The best things in life are free Essay

There is a sayin that the best things in life are free. It is surely that some things that we can bask in our lifes are free but the most of them are ery expensive and non everybody can afford it. It is just that we have to pay for holding a good clip? In the one manus there are many things that we can make wholly free. Like run intoing friends. For illustration. you can organize an sleepover or besides they can travel to your house to watch movies. What is more. if you are an clean individual and you want to kill your clip. you can rehearse the athletics whatever you want without wage. in certain topographic points. Besides. there is something else that everybody want to hold in their house. a pet. You can follow a pet or roll up it from the street. even though that the most of them are expensive.

On the other manus. it is nice to travel to topographic points like the film or to a disco on occasion with your household or with your friends. but the job with this is that you have to pay and every clip this amusement is increasing. The same job we have with the nutrient. There are a batch of hapless people in the society that don’t have adequate money for eat. and it isn’t something inexpensive. Besides. there shouldn’t be private instruction. it would hold to be the same instruction for everyone. It seems clear that if the bulk of this points would be free. everything would be easier. To sum up. I would state that are specials things gratifying and alone in our lifes. However. money is necessary for our wellbeing and besides with it we can bask others irremplaceable things.

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The best things in life are free Essay
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