The Birla Group Essay

Executive Summary

Birla group is India ‘s extremely repudiated and taking group. They are working in assorted sectors like telecommunication ( IDEA ), garments ( MADURA GARMENTS ), cement etc.

This group truly understands the mind of consumer and they offered quality merchandises in classical design with superior engineering. Today the company has theoretical account for every monetary values section and every market.

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We are non traveling to establish the traditional locks in the same market where Harrison and links are working but the thought would to capture the modern locking market. Our locks would non merely be the one which keep passing on the doors and feign to supply a security step to house, autos and workplace. This locking system will full make full all the security needs whether family, workplace and autos and others.

In Indian market there are already some companies and even Chinas exported locking system are selling in the market, no uncertainty chinnes merchandise are inexpensive but the dependability and lastingness is non there which a client privation, so our chief USP would be quality and monetary value.

“ The Birla lockup system gives sense of security to your autos and topographic points ”

We will be positioning our company with emotional scheme and gives a feeling of Indian company. Like Tata salt does from get downing we will follow the same way being Indian and celebrated group in Indian market.

Basically it will cover with following mark market:

  • Domestic
  • Vehicle industry
  • Offices
  • Other industries

I have farther divided domestic market into assorted income classs:

  • High income group
  • Middle income group, and
  • Lower income group

Marketing Aims is to increases Market Share of the company in the coming twelvemonth every bit good as to increase the profitableness of the company.

The rival are besides playing an of import function to catch the market portion.We as the Marketer attempt to increase the market portion by catching the chance from other company.



  • The mission of the company would be to capture a good market portion in coming 5 old ages.
  • To go the leader in Indian modern locking industry.
  • To do the Birla lockup locks a power trade name.

Target Market

Basically it deals with following mark market:

  • Domestic
  • Vehicle industry
  • Offices
  • Other industries

I have farther divided domestic market into assorted income classs:

  • High income group
  • Middle income group, and
  • Lower income group


Political & A ; legal Environment:

The Indian Government is advancing the SME ‘S because authorities want to bring forth the employment though this sector because it need low investing and even uneducated individual can hold a work in these industries. So that ‘s why authorities is supplying so much subsides to theses industries.

And the Torahs besides do n’t curtail this sector signifier working.Government is seting really less legal formalities on this sector.

Social and cultural environment:

Gross and disposable income has increased quickly over the past 10 old ages, and is expected to turn until 2015. Statistical figures indicate that the Engel coefficient7 has been diminishing since the early 1980 ‘s. The figures imply that both urban and rural population has a degree of public assistance which allows them to pass a important portion of their income on non basic endurance demands

Technological environment:

Even the technological environment is non really sophisticated and flexible in this industry. Thingss do n’t acquire alter really early and that ‘s why we can state that working in this industry is non really hazardous. We do n’t necessitate to pass much on research and development. Just need to concentrate on client demand and penchants.



  • Technical Innovation and 100 % Control
  • Strong Relationships with 3rd Party Industries
  • Good repute of Birla group in the market.
  • Customer trust because of good focal point on CSR by Birla group.
  • Entry as a large participant in concern universe.
  • Adequate managerial and proficient expertness available with them.
  • They can hold immense no of investors with them because of their group name.


  • Lack of experience in this industry.
  • Would hold a tough completion from bing participants.


  • Birla group would be the first large group who would be come ining into the lock industry. And it would be supplying anti locking system, house security system and other locking demands.
  • Birla group as the large one can manage more mark market than its rivals, e.g. domestic, industries etc.
  • They can besides believe of traveling globally after acquire set uping itself in Indian market.
  • They can besides put up their ain research and development centres where they can plan universe category locks with a modern and fashionable coating.
  • Can change over its merchandise into a immense trade name name and so after into power trade name.


  • Tough competition from nexus and Harrison.
  • Entry of new large participants.
  • Changing authorities policies


Entire market size:

Still there is non any large group like Birla group in this market if we keep aside the Harrison and associate so the 3rd name would be of Birla locks. Even Birla group have the possible to be the leader in this industry and leave behind the other rivals.

Domestic and export chances:

In domestic market cars giant like Maruti Suzuki have contract with China ‘s lock industries and they need good sum of locking system in their autos

If we look for the hereafter prospective so the export chances are really good because large companies like general motors and others locking system in their autos and even houses are need locking system so we will be concentrating on the modern locking systems in Indian market.

Factors that can act upon market size Demand

  • The size of the overall market.
  • Domestic and export chances
  • Are there any alterations taking topographic point that may propose that historical tendencies
  • Will no longer be appropriate?
  • What factors will act upon the size of the market?
  • What alterations are taking topographic point in the merchandise ( engineering and so forth, ) that could
  • Affect demand?


  • Local production versus imports
  • Number and location of local manufacturers
  • Local manufacturers installed capacity
  • Use rate ( existent production versus installed capacity )
  • Local manufacturers. Expansion programs.


    • What are the chief market sections and the chief channels of distribution?

In the Local market, and

In the Export markets

  • What are the comparative sizes of each of these markets in relation to your merchandises?
  • Are there any purchasing features that could restrict your ability to sell in these markets such as companies which buy merchandises merely from associate companies or subordinates?
  • What other cost of entry may your company face seeking to come in into this market? This is relevant to new companies or new merchandises.


  • What are the market monetary values?
  • for locally made merchandises, and
  • for imported merchandises
  • What are the monetary values of replacement merchandises?
  • What are bing import responsibilities and other import barriers, and can a
  • Protective responsibility be sought?
  • What is the cost of merchandise on FOB footing?
  • Cost of Freight to clients?
  • What are the pricing tendencies in this market?
  • What factors influence monetary value?
  • How of import is monetary value in the purchasing determination procedure?
  • What factors could act upon the market monetary value in the short to medium term
  • Resulting from the supply/demand equation?

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