The Body Shop Essay

The Body Shop ( TBS ) has developed 2500 shops in 60 states with a scope of over 1,200 merchandises in about 30 old ages, and is the 2nd largest decorative franchise in the universe. After the first TBS ‘s mercantile establishment founded in 1976, the company has experienced rapid growing and with spread outing rate of 50 % yearly. When its stock foremost obtained a full listing on the London Stock Exchange, its monetary value increased by more than 500 %. In 1999, TBS was even voted as the 2nd most sure trade name in UK by the Consumers Association. The laminitis, Anita Roddick had received legion awards including Dame Commander of the British Empire for her parts. ( Roddick, Anita Lucia – Overview, Personal Life, Career Details, Chronology: Anita Lucia Roddick, Social and Economic Impact ). TBS ‘s success is difficult to detect from the extrinsic value but the ethical value which make the success of TBS so legendary and inspiring.

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Anita Roddick, laminitis of TBS foremost entered the industry by utilizing & A ; lb ; 4,000 to open a little stand-alone store of natural ingredient cosmetics and skin care merchandises. Through her early travel experience, she had seen the potency of those natural ingredients being produced as decorative and skincare merchandises commercially. Due to the budget restraint, Roddick used the urine sample containers purchased from local infirmary as the containers of her merchandises.

The store ‘s walls are painted with dark green to cover the moistness. To salvage cost on advertizement, Roddick spread olfactory property in forepart of her store to derive attending of the frequenters. The scheme pursued was a immense success and another store was able to be opened before the first twelvemonth ended. In its 2nd twelvemonth, the company started to franchise the operation and by 1984 TBS already had 138 shops while 87 of them were located outside UK. The development of the company continued to surge when it went public in 1984. At the same clip, Roddick started her attempts to promote and lend to societal and environmental jobs such as run of issues against carnal proving in decorative and recycling.

In 1987, TBS ‘s Trade Not Aid plan started. It was aimed to assist prolonging 3rd states ‘ people livelihood. ( Roddick, Anita Lucia – Overview, Personal Life, Career Details, Chronology: Anita Lucia Roddick, Social and Economic Impact ) Besides, TBS ‘s charitable activities included helping communities near to place and assorted contributions. Roddick was strongly relentless with her ain remarkable vision, that concern could be a force for good, and that net incomes could be made without compromising rules which matching with TBS ‘s mission statement, “ To give our concern to the chase of societal and environmental alteration. ”

In 1990, TBS Foundation was launched to give fiscal support to pioneering and frontline organisations that aim to accomplish advancement in the countries of human and civil rights, environmental and carnal protection. ( TBS values & A ; runs ) The web site of TBS was launched in 1995 to maintain gait with IT revolution. In 2002, Roddick stepped down as the co-chairperson of TBS International PLC but remained back as non-executive manager. In 2006, TBS was purchased by Loreal which is non against carnal testing. This move has raised a immense contention around the protagonists of TBS, nevertheless the company clarified that it is operated independently within the Loreal Group. Until now, TBS is still the icon of moralss concern for many people.

These are three well-known policies that TBS taken as their nucleus values of merchandises:

Against animate being proving

TBS is approved by the internationally recognized Humane Cosmetic Standard which is against carry oning or committee cruel trials on animate being for decorative ingredients and merchandises. In 1980, carnal trials were popular among cosmetics trade name. Subsequently, these Numberss dropped bit by bit and companies bowed to public sentiment and in 1999 there were none in Britain. While TBS is among one of the taking forces to object these non humane experiments, they ever emphasized that they have ne’er and will ne’er prove their decorative merchandises or committee others to make it.

Support community trade

Most transnational corporate are merely seeking for inexpensive labour force in undeveloped states while TBS has pioneered a plan called ‘community trade ‘, non merely about charity trade, but to accomplish economic development and authorization which provides chances for deprived manufacturers, particularly adult females and autochthonal people. The value concatenation to the advantage of manufacturers is reconfigured, frequently via cut downing multiple mark-up inefficiencies and cutting out exploitatory jobber. TBS realized that without development of the community, any development in the community will be uneffective. ( Allen R. ) As a consequence, the company introduces just trade by purchasing the ingredients and resources they demand in the production of their merchandises from those people with higher than market monetary value. One of the illustrations is the purchase of chocolate beans from Kuapa Kokoo Company in Ghana, which is a just trade co-op with over 30,000 small-scale husbandmans.

Protect our planet

The 3R construct which represents reuse, recycle, refill has been utilized good in TBS. The company encourages the consumers to return the containers of their merchandises after usage to their mercantile establishments. From early 2008 onwards, 100 % recycled plastic bottles and paper bags were introduced. TBS organized runs to raise witting of people about the duty being a citizen of Earth to protect the environment.


Invention and entrepreneurship are linked by a common concern for the creative activity of new phenomena, whether new organisations runing in progressively competitory markets, invention is frequently a status of simple endurance. For public sector organisations, ceaseless cost force per unit areas and increasing public demands are obliging changeless invention and even new sorts of entrepreneurship. Before the company is established, European have merely started to speak about “ green ” and ciphers have linked this construct with concern while Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) is still a new term to the industry. As houses are ever pursuit net income maximizing mark, conveying ethical values in may make a quandary between these two aims. However, holding the repute as the most unafraid and passionate female enterpriser in the history of decorative universe, Anita Roddick refused to divide her strong personal sense of societal duty from the company values. TBS has taken so much hazard to convey new constructs into the production and the selling scheme. This strong committedness has given the company strength to garner loyal consumers who portion common values. Finally, TBS has proven the cogency of CSR by demoing a enormous success.

TBS saves a immense sum of money by non publicizing but to set more attempts in societal activities than other mainstream decorative trade names, which gives it a same consequence of promotion. It is an alternate manner to bring forth mass promotion for the company without throwing large money to capture rose-colored commercial advertizement. A really good illustration of this is TBS ‘s first major run in 1986 which is confederation with Greenpeace in UK, ‘Save the Whale ‘. This run has helped to advance the new merchandise line of TBS which is utilizing jojoba oil as the ingredient to replace the whale spermaceti.

In the cosmetics market that clip, the concern theoretical accounts are already standardized. TBS has focused on the concern degree scheme to obtain and prolong distinction and advantage on rivals in the same industries. Not like other decorative trade names which extremely advertised the unnaturally created beauty and expensive ingredients, the merchandises it offered provided no miracle effects other than cleaning and protecting. The usual finely designed bottles were besides replaced with simple containers which are made from reclaimable stuffs. The company besides set up its ain shop while most of the cosmetics trade names were turn uping them inside the shopping Centre. TBS has extremely concentrated on developing a drastically different image which is more focussed on the ethical value and natural quality in it.

The company has succeeded in disputing the recognized value curve of luxury cosmetics and beauty merchandises to make one based on more ethical values. The societal activism attack that taken by TBS has created a whole new group of consumer which is ethical life oriented. This is a really smart measure taken by TBS, non merely constructing client trueness based on typical ethical values, the company itself besides benefits from deriving a high repute and celebrity for environment friendly and part to the populace. This alone placement of TBS besides made itself more invulnerable from monetary value cutting wars. The company has presented such a distinguishable motivation compared to other net income oriented corporations. Consumers choose merchandises of TBS based on the scruples that generate of course by their ain judgements.


TBS has shown an exceeding entrepreneurship and achieved high acknowledgment by making a different corporate civilization in its industry. Entrepreneur defines a individual who is willing and capable of change overing a new thought into a successful new merchandise or service, while taking hazards all along the manner to acquire at that place. ( Entrepreneurial Thinking: The Story Of Anita Roddick From TBS, 2009 ) It is a genuinely hazardous move as the company has to get the better of the high uncertainness to implement such fresh thing to the universe, which subsequently besides created a whole new market that ne’er existed before. When the company is founded, there is still no case in point of roll uping ethical values together with decorative and skincare concern, TBS is the first company to emerge this thought and accommodate it into world.

TBS has the advantage to develop the market for natural ingredients made decorative and skincare merchandises. The cardinal stigmatization has been so successful as the term ‘green concern ‘ and ‘ethical shopping ‘ has already became its trade name individuality. On a scope of studies, ethically sensitive consumers are no longer a little, if vocal, force per unit area group: instead, a 3rd of the populace now see themselves as “ strongly ethical ”.The flake and ethical manner of the company could bring forth ferocious trueness. ( Gerry Johnson, 2008 ) As these constructs like just trade and green concern is now in the mainstream in many states with increasing degrees of public consciousness and transnational company engagement, TBS is able to retain the enthusiasm and committedness from their workers and bring forthing stable growing.


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