The British Army Responsibility Sample Essay

If you want to fall in the British and think you have the accomplishments and abilities there is a batch of information you have to cognize. What is the British Army responsible for?
The British Army. together with the UK’s other armed forces. is responsible for the defense mechanism of the United Kingdom. It besides performs many peace maintaining operations and is presently deployed in over 80 states around the universe. For illustration. shortly after the invasion of Iraq. the British Army were peacekeeping by policing the boundary lines between Iraq and Iran to forestall confliction between the states. It is in the function of the British Army to do security for our state and its Alliess. It is besides the British Army’s duty to give assistance in catastrophes. For illustration. the British Army giving assistance to India in 2003 to supply shelter for people that had their places destroyed.

The Army are besides responsible for being an exigency service if there are any major jobs where other services need back up. For illustration. the Army about had to be called in to assist with the summer public violences 2011 as there was non adequate Police to cover with it. The United Kingdom’s mainland. seashores and districts are protected by the Army and are here to back up national policy and implement national aims to forestall invasion.

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The British Army Responsibility Sample Essay
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How and to whom is the British Army responsible?
The Ministry of Defense is the authorities section responsible for execution of authorities defence policy and is the central office of the British Armed Forces. It is responsible for supporting the UK and abroad districts. This involves pull offing the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours running of the armed forces. eventuality planning and defence procurance.


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