The Business of Unilever Bangladesh Limited Essay

The beginning dates back to 1964, when the first Manufacturing Operations were set up as a portion of Lever Brothers Pakistan operations. After independency, it was incorporated as a separate Company under the Torahs of Bangladesh. Subsequently on the Company diversified into different classs.

OverA the the last four decennaries, Unilever Bangladesh has been invariably conveying new and first merchandises for the Bangladeshi people to take the day-to-day jobs of life.A Over 90 % of the state ‘s families use one or more ofA our merchandises.

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It ‘s a Fast Moving Consumer Goods company with local fabrication installations, describing to regional concern groups for invention and concern resultsUnilever contains 60.75 % portions, and The Government of Bangladesh-39.25 % of entire portions.

The company has a Soap Manufacturing mill and a Personal Products Factory located in Chittagong. Besides these, there is a tea packaging operation in Chittagong and three fabricating units in Dhaka, which are owned and run by 3rd parties entirely dedicated to Unilever Bangladesh.A The chief merchandises which are celebrated in Bangladesh are: Wheel, Lux, Lifebuoy, Fair & A ; Lovely, Pond ‘s, Close Up, Sunsilk, A Lipton Taaza, Pepsodent, A Clear, Vim, Surf Excel, Rexona, Dove, A Vaseline & A ; Lakme. And these merchandises are categorized into 8 divisions: Household Care, Fabric Cleaning, Skin Cleansing, Skin Care, Oral Care, Hair Care, Personal Grooming, Tea based Beverages.

Unilever Operations in Bangladesh provide employment to over 10,000 people straight and through its dedicated providers, distributers and service providers.A 99.5 % of UBL ( Unilever Bangladesh Limited ) employees are locals and it have equal figure of Bangladeshis working abroad in other Unilever companies as Exiles.

( 1.2 ) Aims of the Study

The study contains the Recruitment and Selection procedure of Unilever Bangladesh. It includes:

1 ) Recruitment system of Unilever Bangladesh

2 ) Recruitment procedure

3 ) Recruitment Policies

4 ) Choice Procedure

5 ) Application Process and,

6 ) Purpose and Principles of Unilever Bangladesh.

( 1.3 ) Methodology

The study had been made by utilizing descriptive analysis. The information ‘s are gathered from different souces, documents and analyzed among us and presented. We have besides included our ain findings and Analysis and recommendations along with a decision.

( 1.4 ) Beginnings of Datas

Secondary Beginnings:

We have used secondary informations which we have collected from cyberspace, printed ads and from assorted intelligence web sites.

( 1.5 ) Restrictions of the survey

While making the study we have faced assorted jobs as in the signifier of restriction:

The information ‘s sing their exile, repatriate, HCN ( place state national ) , PCN ( parent state National ) is non good described in the web site.

They were non ready to give us information sing their whole procedure of Recruitment and Selection, when we contacted them through phone.

The information is really limited in the peculiar web site.

The study may incorporate some failings as we have made the study wholly depending on secondary information ‘s.


Recruitment and Choice

( 2.1 ) Recruitment

Recruitment is the procedure of happening and pulling capable appliers for employment. Recruitment refers to the procedure of sourcing, showing, and choosing people for a occupation or vacancy within an organisation. Though persons can set about single constituents of the enlisting procedure, mid- and large-size organisations by and large retain professional recruiters.

Harmonizing to Decenzo and Robbins, “ Recruitment is a duplicate procedure of detecting possible campaigners for existent or awaited organisational vacancies or from another position, it is a linking activity conveying together those with occupations and to make full and those seeking occupations ” .

( 2.2 ) Different Approaches of Recruitment

There are 4 ( four ) attacks of Recruitment:

Ethnocentric Approach

Polycentric Approach

Geocentric Approach and

Regiocentric Approach.

The descriptions of each are given in the following page.

Ethnocentric Approach

An Ethnocentric Staffing policy is one in which all key-positions in a multi-national being filled by parent-Country Nationals ( PCN )

Polycentric Approach

A Polycentric staffing policy is one in which Host Country Nationals ( HCN ) are recruited to pull off subordinates in their ain state and Parent Country Nationals ( PCN ) occupy places at corporate head-quarters.

Geocentric Approach

A Geocentric Approach is one in which the Best People is recruited for the occupations through out the organisation, irrespective of nationality.

Regiocentric Approach

A Regiocentric Approach is one in which part wise Human resource Management ( HRM ) policies are adopted. It involves with functional rationalisation on a more than one state footing. Harmonizing to this attack Host Country National ( HCN ) and Third Country National ( TCN ) are recruited for the organisation.

( 2.3 ) Factors impacting Recruitment

There are many factors impacting Recruitment. These factors may be considered in to 2 ( two ) wide Groups: Internal Factors, External Factors.

Internal Factors

External Factors

Image of the Organization

Image of occupation or attraction of occupation

Size and growing potency of the organisation

Internal Policies

Trade brotherhood demand

Enrolling budgets

Demographic factors

Governmental demands


Labor Market

( 2.4 ) Different Beginnings of Recruitment

There are fundamentally 2 ( two ) types of beginnings from where possible employees can be drawn their new employees. These are: Internal Beginnings and External Sources.

The most widely used channels by appliers and Recruiters are:

Private Placement Agencies

Professionals or Executive Research Firms

Educational Institutions

Professional Associations

Walk-ins and Write-in candidates

Ad Agencies

Labor Union

Voluntary Organization

State Employment

( 2.5 ) Choice

Choice is the procedure of garnering information for the intent of measuring and make up one’s minding who should be employed in peculiar occupations. It is the technique of taking a new member of organisation from the available campaigners.

Harmonizing to Dale Yoder “ Selection is a procedure by which campaigners are divided into class-those who will be offered employment and those who will non ” .

Harmonizing to Blare “ Selection is the procedure of taking from among available appliers the persons where are most likely to successfully open for a occupation ” .

Harmonizing to Decenzo and Robbins, Selection is a uninterrupted procedure which consists of the undermentioned EIGHT Stairss:

Initial showing in the interview

Completing the application signifier

Employment List

Comprehensive Interview

Background Investigation

A conditional occupation offer

Medical or Physical Examination

The lasting occupation offer

( Beginning: Book-Human Resource Management ( Seventh Edition ) , Page No-170. )

( 2.6 ) Choice Procedure

The Selection procedure is a series of stairss through which applicant base on balls. If anyone fails to measure up for a peculiar measure he/she will non be eligible for looking the following step.It is the determination procedure which involves on the undermentioned stairss:

1. Reception of Application

2. Screening

3. Application Blank

4. Employment Trials

5. Interview

6. Mentions

7. Medical Examination

8. Hiring determination or Employment

Figure: Choice Procedure

The above Figure shows the choice procedure Start with the Reception of the Applicant and Ends with Hiring Decision or Employment.

( 2.7 ) Factors need to be Considered in Selection Process

The Selection procedure demands to see the following 2 ( two ) Factors:

A. Individual Factors

B. Situational Factors

Technical Ability

Cross-cultural Suitability

Family Requirement

Country-Cultural Requirements


MNE ( Multi-National Enterprise ) Requirements




It besides includes some other Factors:

1 ) Dual Career Couples

Finding employment in the same company

Inter company networking — -Support for commuter matrimony

Job stalking aid — -On assignment calling aid

2 ) Family Considerations

Children Education

Children Marriage

The job of individual parent

3 ) Work permits refusals ( peculiarly for other members of the household ) .

( 2.8 ) A Comparison between Recruitment and Selection

Finding out Vacancies

Job Analysis

Attracting a Field



Offer and Credence


1.Finding out Vacancy: It may be either replacement or new creative activity

2.Job Analysis: It leads to the authorship of a occupation description and a individual specifiation.

3.Attracting a Field: Its applicationt ‘s pick of appropriate field.

4.Short-Listing: Screening out campaigners by comparing applications with demands.

5.Selection: It can be done in two processes-By taking interview or by taking trials.

6.Offer and credence: Offer comes from the employer to the successful campaigner. It may be accepted or non.

7.Induction: It means the debut of the new recruit into the organisation.


Recruitment and Selection System in Unilever Bangladesh ( UBL )

An Encouraging endeavor

Unilever Bangladesh is committed to diverseness in a working environment where there is common trust and regard and where everyone feels responsible for the public presentation and repute of its company. Unilever Bangladesh Recruits, employ and advance employees on the exclusive footing of the makings and abilities needed for the work to be performed. Its committed to safe and healthy working conditions for all employees. Unilever ne’er uses any signifier of forced, compulsory or child labor. Its committed to working with employees to develop and heighten each person ‘s accomplishments and capablenesss. Unilever Bangladesh respect the self-respect of the person and the right of employees to freedom of association. It maintains good communications with employees through company based information and audience processs.

Unilever continued success depends on new thoughts, so it do everything to make an environment that contributes to that. Unilever people are some of the most advanced and animating in the industry, and it want to maintain it that manner. Peopless of Unilever have a passion for accomplishment, ever strive for outstanding consequences, and construct effectual relationships inside and outside the company.

Recruitment policy is one of diverseness, of both civilization and background. Unilever ever back up the person in gaining their possible and recognizing the value of “ difference ” . As a concern with 1000000s of diverse consumers all over the universe, Unilever want to offer that same diverseness in the workplace.A

( 3.1 ) Recruitment System in Unilever Bangladesh

Passion A to win-The Requirements Unilever expects from An Employee

Because you have the energy and thrust to better concern consequences, you overcome obstructions and are prepared to take hazards. You look for new chances and are ne’er satisfied with the position quo.

Business focal point

You ne’er lose sight of the demands of consumers and clients. You understand how they are affected by tendencies and utilize this cognition to make value.

Intellectual accomplishments

You see the ‘big image ‘ and can do an nonsubjective analysis of what needs to be done before taking action to acquire at that place. You ‘re originative, you explore new attacks and are alert to new tendencies and forms.

Peoples accomplishments

Your leading manner inspires others to raise their criterions and achieve ambitious ends. You ‘re expert at act uponing and deriving support from co-workers. You ‘re acute to understand others and are an effectual squad participant, with a committedness to team aims instead than your ain involvements.


You have unity. You ‘re prepared to stand up for your ain strong beliefs and values, and take hard determinations that challenge the norm. You ‘re able to larn from your errors and successes.

( 3.2 ) Working in Unilever Bangladesh

Recruitment Policies

Unilever Bangladesh, created an environment where people with energy, creativeness and committedness work together to carry through ambitious ends. And it looks forw highest criterions of professional excellence and unity.

Get downing out

Most calling countries are unfastened to alumnuss of any subject, although there are some exclusions. If you know which country involvements you, great – but it ‘s good to maintain an unfastened head and happen out about all the chances Unilever offers.

Traveling on

As an experient professional, Unilever want to see how you can run into your calling aspirations and where you can outdo use your accomplishments and expertness.

( 3.3 ) Choice System in Unilever Bangladesh

Unilever culture-Application Procedure of Unilever Bangladesh

The Unilever civilization is really of import to them. Its purpose is to make an environment that will let employees to boom. It ‘s deserving believing about whether the calling ends fit in with concern, what can offer you, and what Unilever need from the employees.

If you decide to use, we ‘ve included some tips below that might be utile.

Application signifier

Your application signifier is the first opportunity you have to do a good feeling. It ‘s deserving taking the clip do certain you ‘re wholly happy with it:

Answer all the inquiries

Remember that, some Fieldss are mandatory in on-line application signifiers. You wo n’t be able to continue without finishing them.

We ‘ll desire to discourse the replies you give when you have your interview, so maintain a transcript of the signifier.

Curruculum Vitae ( CV )

If you live in a state where a CV is portion of the choice process, retrieve to:

Bringing a transcript to your interview.

Think about the function you ‘re using for, and orient your CV consequently. Relevant accomplishments, Experience, Training and Development are all critical in make up one’s minding who gets the occupation. Make certain that yours are represented clearly.

A individual page does n’t state us much about you, but a good CV should ne’er be more than two to three pages.

The interview

Your interview is a opportunity for us to acquire a image of you and your abilities, and to see if you have the invention, thrust, and aspiration we ‘re looking for

Remember that it ‘s a bipartisan procedure – you need to acquire an penetration into how we work excessively. Feel free to inquire inquiries.

Be punctual – turning up late ne’er leaves a good feeling.

We ‘re non looking for “ right ” or “ incorrect ” replies. We ‘ll avoid utilizing closed or prima inquiries, and give you the chance to be honorable and realistic about what you think and know. If you ‘re unfastened with us, it ‘s a much more constructive procedure and will assist both you and us decide whether we ‘re right for each other

We ‘ll inquire you about state of affairss you ‘ve experienced, so you should be ready to give existent illustrations. Your functions and duties do n’t wholly hold to be work-related. Think about accomplishments you ‘ve had in other contexts as good – socially, academically, or in the community.

Make some background research on Unilever, and give yourself an apprehension of our concern and domains of involvement.

Finally, Try to loosen up! Interviews are an of import portion of the procedure and can be nerve-racking. Smiling and looking confident and comfy creates a great impressionA .

( 3.4 ) Purpose and Principles of Unilever Bangladesh

Always working with unity

Conducting our operations with unity and with regard for the many people, administrations and environments our concern touches has ever been at the bosom of our corporate duty.

Positive impact

We aim to do a positive impact in many ways: through our trade names, our commercial operations and relationships, through voluntary parts, and through the assorted other ways in which we engage with society.A

Continuous committedness

We ‘re besides committed to continuously bettering the manner we manage our environmental impacts and are working towards our longer-term end of developing a sustainable concern.

Puting out our aspirations

Our corporate purpose sets out our aspirations in running our concern. It ‘s underpinned by our codification of concern Principles which describes the operational criterions that everyone at Unilever follows, wherever they are in the universe. The codification besides supports our attack to administration and corporate duty.

Working with others

We want to work with providers who have values similar to ours and work to the same criterions as we do.

( 3.5 ) Employees View

“ I was foremost attracted to Unilever by its repute for sound and advanced scientific discipline, and its repute as an first-class employer. I have to state I have surely non been disappointed! ” — Dr.Carol Courage ( Safety & A ; Environmental Assurances ) July,2000.

“ I am enormously lucky to be working for a company like Unilever. There is a high quality, enthusiastic squad here at Colworth and the installations at our disposal are first category. I joined the concern after finishing my Ph.d. at York University in 1980 and have ne’er looked back. ” — Ian Norton ( Scientist ) Colworth, UK, June 2006.

( 3.6 ) Personnel Selection Process Between Bangladesh and Australia

Typical Personnel Selection Typical Personnel Selection ( In Bangladesh ) ( In Australia )

Application Form Application Form

Curriculum Vitae ( CV ) Aptitude Trials

Interview Assessment Centre

Hiring Decision Final Interview

Hiring Decision


Findingss And Analysis

Most calling countries are unfastened to alumnuss of any subject, although there are some exclusions. Its better to choose the perfect station and so use consequently.

Brand Management is an exciting profession at UBL, where one is responsible for the growing and profitableness of the trade name. The strength and unity to take tough determinations when necessary.

UBL research and develpoment Centres located around the universe aid to react fast to altering demands, gustatory sensations and tendencies among consumers everyplace.

The choice procedure differs and varies from state to state ( See choice procedure between Bangladesh and Australia ) .

UBL employees are locals and it have equal figure of Bangladeshis working abroad in other Unilever companies as Exiles.

UBL ne’er uses any signifier of forced, compulsory or child labour.



We have analyzed and found out some of the recommending concerns which will do Unilever Bangladesh to be much more better and good Multi-national Organization. The recommendations are listed below:

The web site should incorporate more information sing Recruitment and Selection procedure in Bangladesh.It merely contains general informations.

The enlisting and choice procedure should be same sing country-wise.

There is excessively small focal point in the research and excessively small attending for the demands of industry.

4 ) A important lessening in the figure of pupils of scientific discipline topics, which means that the effectual filling of vacancies is at hazard, besides within Unilever.

5 ) In future, successful solutions need to fulfill several standards:

They should be economically feasible,

They should be attractive to consumers, and enable them to cut down resource ingestion and waste coevals at point of usage.



The survey of whole state of affairs sing Recruitment and Selection procedure of Unilever Bangladesh is in a ambitious place right now.Over the past 100 old ages Unilever have made a great part to cleanliness, personal hygiene and public wellness. In the following 100 old ages, it will confront challenges no less great, and wagess that will be merely as exciting.Unilever will go on to vie through its trade names.

Unilever have assurance in the ability of its industry to lift to the sustainable development challenge, which is a major job.

Unilever believes that, it can do a good difference with a positive force of alteration, and is should be start now.


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