The Castle , Global Village Essay

Welcome back to Current affair I’m joined by Michael Carton who plays Darryl Kerrigan in the much loved film “The Castle” the castle is a iconic Australian movie portraying a battling Australian family living in a low socioeconomic, near and expanding airport. The owner of the airport, air link wants to buy the kerryigan family home amongst others is in the way of the development. Darryl his family and friends mount a high profile high court battle in a successful attempt to protect their homes, this David Goliath battle highlights the Australian attitudes in relation to family and the family home.

The concept of the family home as more then a building is reinforced by Wayne Kerrigan is longing to be back in the family home, the love within the family, the home and the kerrygings fight for justice. INTERVIEWER: So Michael tell me what are your views on the global village and do you see it as a positive or a negative thing? MICHAEL: The film explores many issues, however one of the central ideas is regarding the global village and the impact positive and negative on the individual. As you know we live in an amazingly technological age, one where the traditional boarders are dissolving.

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The Castle , Global Village Essay
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Never before have we been able to travel and communicate so freely and easily. Once we were born and died in our own “village” or community and May never have had access to the wider world. Now we have communication like the internet, computers, fax mobile phones, world news and pod casts international travel is quick and easily accessible to the average person and this has changed our world, so we now live in the global village, where the majority of the world is based on the large companies leaving the little ones to rot.

INTERVIEWER: I totally agree Michael, our world today sure has changed, can you explain to us the pros and cons of this and how they do relate to the film? MICHAEL: The pros of this new world is that we have access to information, goods, travel ext but the down side is that the individual is sometimes lost in this global village, that their rights are pushed aside to accommodate the expansion of industry ect. So in the film the Kerrigan family and business and all the things that represent the global village.

INTERVIEWER: Michael I personally think that what you have just said that the viewers tonight will totally agree with you, throughout the film there is different language techniques used with the “auzzie” accent and slang can you explain how the film has used language and film techniques to explore this notation? MICHAEL: yes well the film starts with an establishing scene to introduce the family. The film is told from the perspective of one of the sons and uses voice over to tell the story.

This has the effect of making the viewer empathize with the family as they are brought into their world, in the opening shot of the film we see a close up of Dale Kerrigan who is centre screen he is the naive narrator, the light that shines on his face is symbolic of his honest, proud and friendly nature, he is costumed in a flannelette shirt his hair is in the old fashion mullet style he uses simplistic and colloquial language, Dale says “My name is Dale Kerrigan and this is my story”. INTERVIEWER: ok well Michael how do you think that the director Rob Stitch has used allusions to convey the effect to the audience?

MICHAEL: Well in the film the Kerrigan’s are seen as David and the airline company is seen as Goliath in this we have the effect of the David and Goliath battle where the airline is trying to take out the little guy meaning the Kerrigan family and the Kerrigan family wins and succeeds the court case. The airline has tried to co-operate the Kerrigan into the Global Village. INTERVIEWER: So Michael do you think the film “the castle” has been successful in portraying the audience into seeing how the majority of the larger companies try and come in and take over the little people in this case such as the Kerrigan’s?

MICHAEL: Yes I do believe the film has been successful, as the image is clearly shown in the film that the Kerrigan’s take out the big guys, this shows us it is possible, showing that the Kerrigan’s are not to wealthy but were still able to win this case but not for the money for the love of home. INTERVIEWER: Well Michael this film has sure been a hit and will go down in history, thank you very much for your time and we hope to be seeing you again soon on our show. MICHAEL: Thanks it has been a pleasure being on the show, and remember if anything is over priced “tell em’ his dreami


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