The Challenges Of Corporate Social Responsibility Commerce Essay

Corporate Social duty, besides known as ‘corporate citizenship, corporate societal public presentation or corporate duty ‘ , is a signifier of corporate self-regulation integrated into a concern theoretical account. Corporate societal duty ( CSR ) means that a corporation should be held accountable for any of its actions that affect people, their environment and their communities. Corporate societal duty ( CSR ) is about understanding a concern impact on the wider universe and sing how person can utilize this impact in a positive manner. CSR besides implies that injury to people and society should be acknowledged and corrected if at all possible. It may necessitate a company to give some grosss or some net incomes if its societal impacts earnestly hurt some of its stakeholders or if its financess can be used to hold a positive societal impact. However, being socially responsible does non intend that a company must abandon its other missions.


A concern has many duties: Legal, economic and societal. The challenge for the direction is the commixture of these duties into a comprehensive corporate scheme while non losing sight of any of its duties. Sometimes these duties will collide and sometimes they will work together to break the house. Therefore, holding multiple and sometimes viing duties does non intend that socially responsible houses can non be every bit profitable as others less responsible ; some are and some are non. Social duty requires companies to equilibrate the benefits to be gained against the costs of accomplishing those benefits. Many people believe that both concern and society addition when houses actively strive to be socially responsible strive to be socially responsible. Others are dubious, stating that taking on societal undertakings weakens concern ‘s competitory strength.

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The Challenges Of Corporate Social Responsibility Commerce Essay
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Corporate power and Social duty:

The societal duties of concern grow straight out of two characteristics of the modern corporation:

The indispensable map it performs for a assortment of stakeholders and

The huge influence it has on the lives of the interest holders

( Business and society by Lawrence and Weber, 12th edition, page: 46-47 )

We ever count on corporations for occupation creative activity ; much of our community wellbeing ; the criterion of life we enjoy ; the revenue enhancement base for indispensable municipal, province, and national services ; and our demands for banking and fiscal services, insurance, transit, communicating, public-service corporations, amusement, and a turning proportion of wellness attention. These positive accomplishments suggest that the corporate signifier of concern is capable of executing a great sum of good for society, such as encouraging economic growing, spread outing international trade, and making new engineering.

In 1996, David C. Korten ‘s citation often appeared in diaries for concern executives, challenged the readers to presume a responsible function for concern in society:

Business has become, in the last half century, the most powerful establishment on the planet. The dominant establishment in any society needs to take duty for the whole… Every determination that is made, every action that is taken, must be viewed in visible radiation of that sort of duty.

( David C. Korten, ‘limits to the societal duty of concern, ‘ The Peoples Centred Development Forum, article 19,

Release day of the month: June 1, 1996 ) .

Most of the 100 largest economic sciences in the universe are planetary corporations. The universe ‘s largest 200 companies account for more than a one-fourth of the universe ‘s economic activity and hold twice the economic clout of the poorest four-fifths of humanity. About tierce of universe trade is merely minutess among units of the same company. ( New York, McGraw hill, 1966 ) . Many people are concerned about the tremendous influences of concern. The focussed power found in the modern concern corporation means that every action it takes could impact the quality of human life – for persons, for communities, and for the full Earth. This duty is frequently referred to as the IRON LAW OF RESPONSIBILITY. The ‘iron jurisprudence of duty ‘ says that in the long tally, those who do non utilize power in ways that society considers responsible will be given to lose it ( this construct foremost appeared in Keith Davis and Robert Blomstorm, Business and its Environment ; McGraw-hill 1966 ) . With such engineering as planetary computing machine webs, instantaneous commercial minutess, and exponentially increasing aggregation and storage of information pulling the universe into a tighter and tighter planetary small town, the full planet has become a stakeholder of all corporations. All societies are now affected by corporate operations. As a consequence, societal duty has become a world-wide outlook these yearss.

Corporate Social Responsibility of Grammenphone ( GP ) in Bangladesh:

Grammenphone started their journey in Bangladesh in June 1998. Widely known as GP, is the taking telecommunications service supplier in Bangladesh. With more than 20 million endorsers ( as of June 2009 ) , Grammenphone is the largest cellular operator in the state. It is a joint venture endeavor between Telenor and Grameen telecom corporation, a non-profit sister concern of the internationally acclaimed Microfinance organisation and community development bank Grameen bank. Telenor, the largest telecommunications company in Norway, owns 62 % portions of Grammenphone and Grameen Telecom owns the staying 38 % ( hypertext transfer protocol: // id=388 ) .

Grammenphone was the first company to present ‘GSM engineering ‘ in Bangladesh. It besides established the first 24-hour call centre to back up its endorsers. With the slogan Stay Close, stated end of Grammenphone is to supply low-cost telephone to the full population of Bangladesh ( Daily prothom-alo, 16th of May 2006, page 1 )

At Grameenphone, they live by the statement “ Development is a journey, non a finish. ” GP ‘s work is non merely about guaranting connectivity ; it is about linking with people and constructing relationships, based on trust, with their endorsers, concern spouses, employees, stockholders, every bit good as the wider community. They have ever believed that good development is good concern. While GP maintain their concern focal point, taking the state frontward remains their top precedence. Thus their relationship with Bangladesh is built on a partnership which strives to accomplish common economic and societal ends.

Corporate societal duty, as they see it, is a ‘complementary ‘ combination of ethical and responsible corporate behavior, every bit good as a committedness towards bring forthing greater good for the society by turn toing the development demands of the state.

GP ‘s nucleus scheme in this country is to be Bangladesh ‘s spouse in developing the state, peculiarly in its promise, as a United Nations Millennium Declaration signer, to run into the eight marks known as the Millennium Development Goals by 2015 ( Daily Jugantor, 26th of March, 2006, page 2 ) . They have consolidated their societal investing enterprises in four nucleus countries related to the Millennium Development Goals viz. ,

Poverty relief:

With the aid of ‘Grameen Bank ‘ , Grameen phone is assisting the hapless villagers in Bangladesh by giving them little sum of fiscal loan to get down their ain house or concern. These loans are given to entrepreneurs excessively hapless to measure up for traditional bank loans. Dr. Yunus is the laminitis of Grameen Bank.

In 2006, Yunus and the bank were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their antic attempt ( http: // ) .


Grammenphone, jointly with Sightsavers International, organized a free Eye Camp at Government Gouronodi University College, Barisal on March 13, 2008 ( Daily Prothom-alo, 14th of March, 2008 ) .

This is the 7th free Eye Camp organized jointly by Grameenphone and Sightsavers International. Through these cantonments, conducted in rural parts of Bangladesh where people have small or no entree to quality health care, Grameenphone aims to supply free eye-care services to the economically deprived people of the country. The Dhaka Progressive Lions Eye Hospital ( DPLEH ) , Takerhat, Madaripur, is the local spouse in this oculus cantonment. By taking these stairss GP is demoing that they are really committed to their societal duties. Grammenphone believed that in the long term, its committedness to developing health cares for underserved populations would strength the company ‘s fiscal public presentation by pulling new clients.


Lack of authorization and poorness is a chronic and complex job for Bangladesh. Harmonizing to the UNDP HDI study ( 2006 ) , which measures the mean advancement of a state in human development in footings of life anticipation, grownup literacy and registration at the primary, secondary and third degree, Buying Power Parity ( PPP ) , etc. , Bangladesh ranks 137th among 177 states. Furthermore, 50 % of the entire population of Bangladesh lives below the poorness line, defined as an income of less than a dollar a twenty-four hours ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . Some of the major factors lending to this state of affairs are inequality in income distribution, deficiency of entree to resources, deficiency of entree to information and unequal substructure. The rural people of Bangladesh particularly are deprived of these installations, which is a major issue to interrupt out from the bonds of poorness prevailing in the state.

Authorization is a cardinal component towards poorness decrease, and it is a cardinal driver for sustainable development. It is a procedure whereby the capacity of persons or groups are enhanced to do of import picks and determinations, and to transform those picks and determinations into coveted actions and results. This, in bend, helps them to procure a better and more comfortable life.

GP steadfastly believe that they have important part to do on this cardinal issue. In their CSR journey, they have become the proud patron of Bangladesh Special Olympics squad, which won 71 decorations in the Particular Olympic Games 2007 in Beijing, China. Six acerb subsisters have been assisted in their rehabilitation procedure with employment chances in Grameenphone. They have initiated the Information Boat undertaking with Care Bangladesh with an purpose to authorise riverine rural communities with digitized support contents and internet entree while the CSR partnership with Ashokti Punorbshon Nibash ( APON ) aims to back up intervention and rehabilitation of economically-disadvantaged drug nuts.

GP acknowledge that development and poorness decrease depend on holistic economic prosperity. Therefore, there purpose is to increase development chances, enhance development results and contribute towards betterment of the quality of life of the people through our CSR enterprises and advanced services. GP is committed to ease empowerment chances to the vulnerable people of Bangladesh, so that it enables them to better act upon the class of their lives and populate a life of their ain pick.


Education is considered as one of the cardinal focal point countries of Grameenphone ‘s societal investings. GP is aim to work with the Government and development bureaus, to accomplish the Millennium Development Goal of guaranting cosmopolitan primary instruction for all. In coaction with Grameen Shikkha, an organisation of the Grameen Bank household, GP provide scholarship to some 100 bright but underprivileged pupils at different academic degrees through a scholarship fund yearly. GP besides provide educational support to a figure of particular schools – Tauri Foundation, HANS, CDC, and SEID Trust – with an aim to assistance in the learning procedure of the talented kids in Bangladeshi society. Grameenphone is besides a proud spouse of the Enrichment Program of ‘Bishsho Shahitto Kendro ‘ through which free books are distributed ( hypertext transfer protocol: // id=248 ) .A GP late initiated a CSR undertaking to print and administer illustrated publications on the Liberation War for school-going kids, with the aim to animate them with the heroics of Bangladeshi freedom-fighters.

The administration is witness to the eternal possibilities and the strength of the people of Bangladesh. GP believe every measure affairs in the journey of hope they are taking together as a state. With every connexion they provide and with every chance they create in the community at big, they see the outgrowth of new possibilities. The Village Phone ladies lead them towards a soundless yet powerful societal revolution. The never-say-die spirit of acerb subsisters inspires the administration, while the assurance of intellectually challenged jocks shows them how to do the word ‘impossible ‘ obsolete.

Every measure inspires them to travel frontward and takes them one measure closer to their finish.

The importance of CSR and its parts to corporate scheme:

Why is CSR so of import? Most significantly, findings from scientific research are going progressively clear with respect to how CSR is indispensable for the long-run sustainability of a house. Firms that blindly and narrowly prosecute the net income motivation, without concern for the wide spectrum of Stakeholders that are relevant to the long tally, are progressively shown to miss sustainability. But it ‘s non merely of import to recognize the importance of these groups. Firms must besides be able to “ link the points ” and understand how assorted Stakeholders, and the satisfaction of their demands, represent interrelated challenges. For illustration, the strategic direction of human resources is related to client satisfaction, and it is indispensable for houses to try to understand and cover with this connexion.

Few CSR parts are:

Balance corporate power with duty:

Today ‘s concern endeavor possesses much power and influence. Most people believe that duty must attach to power, whoever holds it. As I mentioned it before in this assignment, is called the ‘iron jurisprudence of duty ‘ . Businesss committed to societal duty are cognizant that if they misuse the power they have, they might lose it.

Promotes long-run net incomes for concern:

At times, societal enterprises by concern produce long-term concern net incomes. A New Jersey justice ruled in ‘Barlow et Al. v. A.P. Smith Manufacturing ‘ that a corporate contribution to Princeton University was an investing by the house, therefore an allowable concern disbursal ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . The principle was that a corporate gift to a school, though dearly-won in the present, might in clip provide a flow of gifted alumnuss to work for the company. The tribunal ruled that top executives must take ‘a long-range position of the affair ‘ and exercising ‘enlightened leading and way ‘ when it comes to utilizing company financess for socially responsible plans.

{ Barlow et al. v. A.P. Smith Manufacturing ( 1951, New Jersey supreme tribunal ) , discussed in Clarence c. Walton, corporate societal duty ( Belmont, CA: wadsworth, 1967 ) , page 48-52 } .

At the beginning of my assignment as I mentioned the Grammenphone believed that in the long term, its committedness to developing health cares for underserved populations would strength the company ‘s fiscal public presentation by pulling new clients, every bit good as support from authoritiess and public wellness administration.

Improves Business Value and Reputation:

Merely by looking at Grammenphone we could see that, with their corporate societal duties their concern value and repute is higher than any administration in Bangladesh. As I mentioned before they have more than 20 million endorsers as of June 2009.

The societal repute of the house is frequently viewed as an of import component in set uping trust between the house and its stakeholders. A house ‘s repute is a valuable intangible plus, as it prompts repetition purchases by loyal consumers and aid to pull and retain better employees to spur productiveness and enhance profitableness.


CSR means that a corporation should be held accountable for any of its actions that affect people, their communities, and their environment. Business must recognize their huge power and wield it to better society. Though, CSR is a extremely problematic impression, some argue that its benefits include detering authorities ordinance, advancing long term profitableness for the house, and heightening the company ‘s repute.


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