The Challenges Of Good Talent Management Commerce Essay

The endowment direction model is an of import stage of an administration ‘s people direction strategy.A Unless it is good aligned and managed, an administration may non be able to pull off and retain its endowment.

Talent direction is defined as the attack which an administration took to pull, develop and retain people with the right accomplishments and abilities to run into the present and future organizational demands ( Sundararajan. S, 2009 ) .

In the state of affairs of Standard Chartered Bank, Standard Chartered Bank had revamped its Talent Management Programme in order to accomplish its leading capacity and to get the better of manpower deficit.

To get the better of manpower deficit, Standard Chartered Bank retained its staff by developing on its staff ‘s endowment.

Like Standard Chartered Bank, the bank had adopted its Talent Development Programme which is supported by its 4 rules:

Attracting and retaining staff

Staff battle


Talent direction and development

Attracting and retaining staff

In the merciless environment, pulling and retaining the best gifted staff is critical to the bank ‘s success. Due to the ongoing war for endowment, Standard Chartered Bank had to leverage its staff ‘s local cognition as an alternate solution to retain its staff and to salvage enlisting cost. With 100s of different nationalities, Standard Chartered Bank had to present planetary best patterns and tools such as the public presentation assessment so as to better on its organizational public presentation ( Standard Chartered Bank, 2009a ) .

As mentioned in the instance, one of the attacks that Standard Chartered Bank used to retain its staff is the planetary initiation programme, Right Start. The ‘Right Start ‘ programme covers every new employee who joins the administration. The intent of presenting such programme is to turn to the issue of losing new employees within 12 months of fall ining the administration. For illustration, Standard Chartered Bank conducted the ‘Right Start ‘ programme to allow new employees get a feel about working in the bank.

Another attack that Standard Chartered Bank used is employee referral programme, whereby the bank allows internal employees to convey in new recruits to work for the bank.

Alternatively, the other attack that can assist the bank to widen its pool of endowment is to beginning for fresh alumnuss to work for the bank. This is because it is cheaper to engage a fresh alumnus and develop him or her to the best of their abilities instead than to enroll external specializers which can be dearly-won.

Staff Engagement

With respects to constructing employee battle, constructing employee battle remains one of the bank ‘s chief precedences, in peculiar, during disputing and unsure times in the banking industry ( Standard Chartered Bank, 2009b ) .

Based on the Standard Chartered Bank ‘s point of position, staff battle will merely work when there are good people directors. This is because Standard Chartered Bank believed that staff battle is closely related to holding good people directors.

In Standard Chartered Bank, the direction focal point on their trade name promise, ‘Leading by illustration to be the right spouse ‘ and their 5 nucleus values viz. , creativeness, responsive, international, brave and trusty in order to increase staff battle and to aline with their concern aim which is to be the best international bank ( Standard Chartered Bank 2009c ) .

At this occasion, the instance high spots that Standard Chartered Bank had attempted on a figure of methods. For illustration, one of the methods employed was by placing senior staff whose leading accomplishments need betterment. Harmonizing to the direction of Standard Chartered Bank, a little per centum addition of 5 % in staff public presentation will act upon the bank ‘s operation significantly.

The benefits of prosecuting staff have helped Standard Chartered Bank in cut downing its staff turnover, improved staff morale, improved in staff keeping, improved coordination, better leading, improved communicating and motive. In add-on, extremely occupied staff are more productive in their functions, with a clear nexus to increased concern public presentation ( Standard Chartered Bank 2008 ) .


The Standard Chartered Bank ‘s attack towards honoring its staff is closely related to public presentation. With mention to the instance survey, the bank uses a six-monthly public presentation assessment such as the 180 grade and the 360 degree feedback. The public presentation assessment is portion of endowment development. In Standard Chartered Bank, the public presentation assessment is used to sort staff into different classs runing from high winners to under winners as explained in Appendix 1.

Talent Management and Development

Harmonizing to the instance, the Standard Chartered Bank ‘s strength is based on the belief on one of the footing of its attack towards talent direction. At Standard Chartered Bank, the employees are empowered to make what they can make best, by placing and developing their endowment into strengths and making a contributing working environment. For illustration, the bank used the on-line self-assessment system to measure on its single staff ‘s strengths. In add-on, the online ego appraisal system is supported by the well-trained specializers who implement action programs to heighten their concern public presentation.

Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management ( SHRM ) is defined as the integrating of human resource activities with strategic ends and aims in order to better concern public presentation and develop organizational civilization that Foster invention, flexibleness and competitory advantage ( CIPD 2009 ) .

In organizational context, SHRM merely means accepting and affecting the human resource maps as a strategic spouse in the preparation and execution of the administration ‘s schemes through human resource activities such as recruiting, choosing, preparation and rewarding forces.

As shown in Table 1.0 below, is the account on how the bank ‘s talent direction activities display characteristics of SHRM.

Talent Management 4 Principles

Features of SHRM

Attracting and Retaining Staff

Recruitment and Choice

Staff Engagement

Succession Career Planning



Talent Management and Development

Training and Development

Table 1.0: 4 Principles of Talent Management and the Features of SHRM

Beginning: ( Standard Chartered Bank. Annual Report and Accounts 2007. Business Review: Peoples. 2008 )

By looking at the tabular array, in my point of view, to back up the Standard Chartered Bank ‘s concern schemes, its human resource forces need to incorporate its staff ‘s endowment with its concern aims in order to better on its concern public presentation.


Talent direction is the attack which an administration took to pull, develop and retain people with the right accomplishments and abilities to run into the present and future organizational demands.

Talent direction plays an of import function in guaranting the administration concern mission is aligned with its organizational aims. Talent direction can be used as a mechanism in SHRM activities to assist Standard Chartered Bank to accomplish its ends and aims. Due to globalization, technological promotion, and the changing demands in accomplishments, administrations like the Standard Chartered Bank need to hold talented employees to run the administration. This is because worlds are the assets in supplying quality services.

Question 1.2

2.0 ) Holocene Banking Crisis

2.1 ) Standard Chartered Bank

The term ‘crisis ‘ merely means jobs faced by the administration. Crisis can be applied to many state of affairss the administration is confronting. For illustration, based on comparing surveies, one of the largest fiscal services administrations in New York, Citigroup is confronting accomplishments redundancy crisis. Due to economic downswing, Citigroup needs to retrench the affected staff ( 9000 employees ) in order to salvage the administration from such inauspicious state of affairs as attached in appendix 2 ( Kiflimusa, 2008 ) .

Besides, apart from the accomplishments redundancy crisis that Citigroup is confronting, Citigroup is besides faced with some other jobs such as an addition in involvement rates and mortgage crisis ( Kiflimusa, 2008 ) . As a consequence, Citigroup has lost its place in the fiscal market to its challenger, Bank of America due to assorted grounds. One of the grounds is they provide soft loans to clients without bespeaking for collaterals from the clients, and secondly, Citigroup had besides invested immense sum money on hazard undertakings that were meant to neglect, thereby doing the bank being unable to serve the debts.

However, in Standard Chartered Bank ‘s state of affairs, Standard Chartered Bank is confronting a different job whereby the bank is confronting manpower deficit. As Standard Chartered Bank is contending in the ‘war for endowment ‘ , to my suggestion, for Standard Chartered Bank to avoid being in the state of affairs like the Citigroup, it is recommended that the bank use its internal staff to assist the bank to happen gifted employees and, secondly, by retaining its talented employees by advancing them to take up a higher duty occupation, and 3rd, by supplying internal preparation to leverage employees ‘ cognition on their occupation to decide accomplishments redundancy concerns.

In add-on, based on the information gathered from the comparative surveies, Standard Chartered Bank should non follow the footfalls of Citigroup such as supplying soft loans to concern without bespeaking for collaterals from the concern and puting immense of money on undertakings without analyzing the fiscal status. This merely means that Standard Chartered Bank should hold a good prognosis of the future fiscal state of affairs in the market.

2.2 ) Endowment Management

Talent direction is so relevant to the common crisis that most Bankss are facingcurrently such as accomplishments redundancy, otherwise manpower deficits. Today, endowment crisis is major job for most Bankss because the available pool of endowment that the bank has does non fit the administration ‘s demands. For illustration, in the instance of Citigroup, Citigroup retrenched its staff because their accomplishments did non fit the administration ‘s demands.

Therefore, to retain staff and to get by with accomplishments redundancy, administrations like the Citigroup needs to revise on its endowment direction programme. Although preparation is of import, talent direction is besides of import. The bank should go on to prosecute its staff actively to place spreads for developing so that the bank does n’t lose its gifted staff to its rivals. Therefore in such state of affairs, motive and regular synergistic communicating with staff plays an of import function in the administration.


Motivation is of import to a big extent that employees are the administration ‘s most valuable plus. Without them, the administration may non be able to prolong its competitory border over their rivals because the administration did non hold the right people to execute the occupation. However, pull offing employees can be really disputing at times.

Therefore, to actuate employees, the director should do the employees feel that they are valued by the administration and make a learning environment in the administration ( Association of Business Executive, n.d ) by prosecuting their staff actively.

For illustration, as mentioned in the instance, Standard Chartered Bank believed that to actuate employees, employees should be made to experience that their parts are valued by the administration.


Following, effectual communicating is besides another of import portion in the administration, one who listens, gives advice and provides the necessary counsel to assist employees in executing their occupation.

In Standard Chartered Bank, effectual coaching and mentoring helps to construct a good resonance between the employer and the employee. For illustration, as a mentee, mentoring provides a safe environment to research personal, work and calling issues, while the wise man provides his or her employees the assurance in pull offing a hard determination. Furthermore, effectual coaching and mentoring provides directors a great chance to better on their leading accomplishments by developing others to go future leaders.

In the instance of Standard Chartered Bank, effectual coaching and mentoring has a immense impact on the administration ‘s public presentation whereby it contributes significantly to the attractive force and keeping of endowments. In add-on, effectual coaching and mentoring can besides lend to heightening the administration ‘s repute as a lovingness, people-oriented employer ( Muhammad 2008 ) .

However, it is unfortunate that the crisis has every chance to stifle the employees ‘ morale, de-motivate employees and cut down the employee ‘s productiveness ( Business Center 2010 ) . For illustration, grounds in the instance has showed that fiscal establishments like the Standard Chartered Bank are confronting an on-going war for endowment. This implies that the endowments needed by the bank, or employees who possess such accomplishments are scarce. Like many fiscal establishments, Standard Chartered Bank needs gifted staff who can believe strategically, in add-on, being able to hold a good prognosis of the future fiscal state of affairss, have a good appreciation on alteration direction, good interpersonal and first-class communicating accomplishments. To accomplish these aims, administrations should work as a squad to endure these crisis and to retain its employee through wagess and acknowledgment.

Finally, unless the supply of endowment is able to run into the demand for endowment, the on-going war for endowment is here to remain. Therefore, administrations need to give more attending on Talent Management as a driver for longer term alteration. Evidence is shown in the bank ‘s attempt to remain in front of its rivals when the economic system recovers.

Question 1.3

3.0 ) Importance in Measuring the Impact of SHRM

SHRM has a great impact on organizational aims and the ability to gain the aims. The primary key to reexamine the map of the human resource is to guarantee that the investing in employees and developing are sensible in concern context. It is based on the attack best pattern is adhered ( CBS Interactive 2010 ) .

In the new paradigm, HR duties are non carried out entirely by the human resource forces but are besides shared by the line directors within the administration. Therefore, coaction between the human resource section and the administration is needed to carry through the human resource duties.

3.1 ) Evaluation of Talent Management Programme

In Standard Chartered Bank, their talent direction programme is evaluated by utilizing scientific figures to analyze the informations and by measuring on the softer stages to human resource direction to mensurate the impact of SHRM as follows:

By utilizing scientific figures

Some of these difficult information gathered by the bank:

Staff strength

Employee battle


Performance direction

Learning and development

These difficult information gathered by the bank showed grounds which clearly indicated that their human resource activities are strategically aligned to the organizational ends with the SHRM ends.

By measuring on the softer stages to human resource direction.

From the Standard Chartered bank ‘s attack towards talent direction, the bank develop its staff harmonizing to their demands and aspirations.

At Standard Chartered bank, there are chances for staff to be recognised through their public presentation assessment and staff who perform good are rewarded. Staff are given the authorization to do the determination as the bank develop its staff through staff battle and uninterrupted acquisition.

In add-on, the bank has besides adopted a Diversity & A ; Inclusion programme to make an environment to do its staff to experience proud to work for the bank and introduced flexible working hours to assist the bank salvage enlisting cost. This was evidenced by the bank being able to retain their employees and pull a broad pool of endowments ( Standard Chartered Bank, 2009d ) .

Most administrations are more peculiar on the return of investing and the return on plus to find the success of the administration. Today, the new cardinal attack to better on the return of investing of an administration is to increase the return on endowment. This new attack helps directors to find if the payback gained from an investing in its employees is maximised. High return on endowment refers productive work force, smooth operations, uninterrupted merchandise betterments, and improved interactions among staff.

Therefore, administrations must invariably better on their return on endowment so as to derive an border over their rivals. When there is an addition in the size of the endowment pool, all other factors such as production and gross revenues will increase bit by bit.

In decision, SHRM is an first-class cardinal public presentation index. SHRM is one cardinal public presentation index that is set to be evaluated and managed in a similar manner as the fiscal issues.

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Section B

Question 3

4.0 ) Human Resource Development

As administrations streamline their concern procedures, employees became cognizant of the importance that they have to work in squads. This consequences in employees holding to get new accomplishments such as determination devising, job resolution, and interpersonal accomplishments. Due to this ground, HRD becomes critical if the administration wants to prolong its competitory border over their rivals.

Heathfield ( 2010 ) defined human resource development as the acquisition and development chances that facilitates in the achievement of concern schemes and sweetening of organizational, squad and single effectivity.

Heathfield ( 2010 ) stated that “ the focal point of all stages of Human Resource Development is on leveraging the most superior work force so that the administration and single employees can accomplish their concern aims by supplying quality services to their clients. ”

In general, based on Heathfield ( 2010 ) analysis, the aim of the human resource map is chiefly to accomplish the aims of the prospective administration that follows to human resource planning, enlisting, choice, initiation, preparation and development, public presentation assessment, compensation, and corporate bargaining. By looking at the human resource development context, the human resource map is viewed to be effectual if merely it is integrated with other organizational maps.

4.1 ) Benefits of Human Resource Development

Human resource development acts as a facilitator in schemes based on merchandise invention, quality and cost leading, customized service, and accomplishments. Besides, human resource development can supply effectual SHRM attacks as the chief determiner of concern scheme ( Phillips 1999 ) . For illustration, administrations like the Singapore Airlines strongly believed that it is of import to develop on their human resources so as to hike the assurance degree in their employees in supplying better service quality to the clients ( Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School, 2007 ) .

4.2 ) Role of Human Resource Development

Human resource development supports a broad scope of concern enterprises that are required in a competent labor force ( Richard. T & A ; Richard. S 1995 ) . Examples of concern enterprises include critical concern issues, runing from new selling schemes to modernization in production engineering were based on among other factors, the ability of those employees in accommodating to the new work systems.

Today, the success of an administration greatly depends on the administration ‘s ability to use its employee ‘s expertness to determine its concern scheme. Therefore, to prolong an administration ‘s competitory border, the development of its human resources becomes critical in run intoing the administration ‘s present public presentation standards.

In Singapore Airlines, the many functions of human resource development include assisting the administration to gain their concern scheme, reexamining and turn toing accomplishments spreads, assisting the administration to prolong a competitory border over their rivals in footings of service quality and making a acquisition ambiance.

Harmonizing to Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School ( 2007 ) , they stated that Singapore Airlines perceived human resource development non merely as a encouraging function but besides a nucleus map.

In support of Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School ( 2007 ) point of view, surveies have indicated that for administrations like the Singapore Airlines, accomplishments, attitude and cognition of the staff play a critical function in finding the fight and the attraction of the air hose industry. Therefore, human capitals should be viewed as assets and resources in assisting the administration to accomplish a competitory advantage. This is because it is merely with quality human resources, issues could be resolved and organizational aims can be achieved.

4.3 ) Importance of Human Resource Development

Due to rapid economic growing, technological promotion and societal tendencies, development of worlds became of import in pull offing jobs in the administration. In my position, worlds have the capableness to synergise to go more productive. This is so a positive construct in the human resource direction. Administrations are cognizant that in today ‘s competitory environment, an investing in leveraging homo ‘s endowment is necessary in order to convey in important benefits in the long tally.

Harmonizing to the interviewee, Kalla ( 2008 ) , he commented that “ The advancement of a state depends on its people who run the authorities. That is why human resource development is really of import. ” Similarly, the advancement of how an administration performs greatly depends on how its people perform on their occupation. For case, administrations like the air hose industry such as the Singapore Airlines, the good repute of the administration greatly depends on how its staff perform to supply quality services so as to derive an border over its rivals.

However, research had besides highlighted that that the acceptance of human resource development clime was far more of import than the human resource development pattern entirely ( Goliath Business News 2007 ) . This implies that making a human resource development larning environment is more of import than following human resource development patterns. Crego and Kazemek ( 1983 ) agreed with Kalla ( 2008 ) that both employee ‘s and employer ‘s occupation satisfaction surround the construct that human resource and an administration ‘s human resource direction and development patterns are the cardinal factors that contribute to better productiveness, higher growing and net income.

Therefore, based on the remarks given by Kalla ( 2008 ) , Crego and Kazemek ( 1983 ) , in my sentiment, employers and employees are so cognizant of the significance of human resources development. The direction is cognizant that when employers and employees become more committed towards human resources development, the motive for human resources development and motive for working among employees can be heightened. Since there is an addition in the figure of unemployed fresh alumnuss, development of human resource becomes more of import in order to cut down manpower deficit and jobs of accomplishments redundancy.

4.4 ) Percept of HRD as a cardinal characteristic of SHRM

In my sentiment, human resource development is surely an indispensable characteristic of strategic human resource direction. This is because the chief factors of human resource development are larning, development and instruction that aid in accomplishing concern schemes and betterment of organizational, squad and single public presentation.

Learning is a good designed procedure of staff development. The acquisition programmes are organised by the employer, in footings of the accomplishments and cognition that the employer deemed necessary for the employees should hold to execute the occupation. As for development, development refers to activities that are related to developing of accomplishments and abilities. While instruction looks at the wider positions of employee development in the on the job environment.

One of the chief grounds why administrations need to develop their staff is to turn to the accomplishments spreads of its staff. For illustration, Singapore Airlines engaged its staff to place accomplishments spreads. Second, human resource development is perceived as the accelerator to assist Singapore Airlines to pull off alteration. For illustration, at Singapore Airlines, each single employee is made to experience valued for their parts to the administration and respected as a individual for what the employee brings to the administration. Singapore Airlines had invested to a great extent in developing their employees so as to assist the administration to derive a competitory advantage over other air hose bearers and to run into the of all time altering demands of the clients ( Kaufman, n.d ) . For illustration, with uninterrupted preparation, Singapore Airlines is able to retain its pool of endowment and its repute as the best universe category air hose. Finally, Singapore Airlines develop their employees for the intent of calling promotion to heighten keeping and attractive force ( Kaufman, n.d ) .

In Singapore Airlines, besides geting and leveraging accomplishments and cognition of employees in order to spear in front in service quality, Singapore Airlines felt that by developing on its employee ‘s expertness, its helps the administration to place the types of preparation needed in order to hike its employee ‘s productiveness and response to alterations because the success of the administration greatly depends on the handiness of a competitory labor force.

As shown in Figure 1.0 below is the diagram on the Shepherd ‘s ( 1991 ) strategic attack to human resource development.


Principle 6: senior directors promote learning civilization

Principle 7: VET/HRD align with civilization


Principle 1: concern impact of VET/HRD demonstrated


Principle 2: active engagement in diagnosing, planning and monitoring


Principle 4: Programs and processes lucifer larning aims


Principle 3: VET/HRD have continuity with and reciprocally reinforced by other HRM policies


Principle 5: shared diagnosing of preparation demands and relevancy of programme ( s ) chosen

Figure 1.0 Shepherd ‘s Strategic Approach to HRD

Beginning: University of Sunderlands 2004, p.294

From this diagram, there is a clear indicant that human resource development patterns are related between the SHRM policies and the accomplishment of organizational aims.

Like the Singapore Airlines, even during economic downswing, Singapore Airlines still put on their preparation programmes ( Kaufman, n.d ) . Singapore Airlines did non cut down its investing on traning because the administration feels that if they were to cut back on their preparation programmes, employee ‘s accomplishments may go redundant. In fact, in such state of affairs, by developing its employees, Singapore Airlines can derive an border over its rivals.

4.5 ) Factors act uponing Human Resource Development

aˆ? Environment – In Singapore Airlines, human resource development ‘s activities are shaped by the values placed upon preparation by the state, employers and persons. In this aspect, it is necessary to turn to the lacks in each country in footings of the accomplishments needed to surpass their rivals ( University of Sunderlands 2004 ) .

aˆ? Evaluation of larning and development – As there is a cost to incur in puting the acquisition and development programmes, unlike Singapore Airlines, many employers in the administration position acquisition and development programmes as a wages or worst, a waste of clip and money ( University of Sunderlands 2004 ) . Such employers will merely direct their employees for the necessary preparation when the administration has extra net incomes. This should non be the instance. Employers should understand that the cardinal aim to implement acquisition and development programme is to place cardinal countries to mensurate so as to estimate if the preparation programme is executable.

aˆ? Value of Human Resource Development – Employees need to be cognizant that they need to larn continuously if they want to derive an border over their opposite numbers in order to remain competitory ( University of Sunderlands 2004 ) . For illustration, Singapore Airlines placed strong accent on preparation and development ( Singapore Airlines 2010 ) on its staff in order to prolong their competitory border over other air hose bearers.

Based on the above factors that influence human resource development, in my position, human resource development has a partnership function with the top direction in implementing alterations. Human resource forces must collaborate with the top direction by concentrating on the administration ‘s strategic programs and seek options to leverage the development of employees in order to accomplish the organizational aims.

4.6 ) Decision

Both employers and employees knew the importance of developing on its human resources. Human resource development is said to be effectual when the administration is committed to develop on its human resources. However, the direction frequently overlook the impact of their rational assets, peculiarly their people, and the values of human resource development.

To my suggestion, the administration should besides see on their rational assets such as the employees. This is because when administrations develop their rational assets, it helps the administration to raise the degree of motive for human resources development and motive for working among employees. For illustration, Singapore Airlines is besides awarded for being the top employer because they have the employee ‘s welfare bosom.

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Question 5

5.0 ) Reward Systems

Reward systems are non limited to merely pay, fillips and stock options. Wagess besides include awards and other acknowledgment, publicities, reassignment, non-monetary fillips such as holidaies, or a simple “ Pat on the Back ” for a occupation good done merely like Carrefour. For illustration, since Carrefour ‘s accent is on merchandise distinction scheme, the direction had design their wagess systems in a manner that the administration encourages invention in order to supply alone merchandises or services.

Robert ( 2005 ) defined reward direction as: “ the procedure of developing and implementing schemes, policies and systems which help the organisation to accomplish its aims by obtaining and maintaining the people it needs, and by increasing their motive and committedness. ”

5.1 ) Factors to Determine the Attractiveness of a Reward

To find the attraction of a wages, Lawler ( 1985 ) added that: “ there are at least two factors that determine the attraction of a wages ; one is how much of the wages is being offered and the 2nd is how much the single values the type of wages that is being offered. She argues that the more the person values the type of wages and the more of it is being offered, the greater the motivational potency. ”

Further to Lawler ‘s statement, she besides claimed that every person has different penchants in footings of the wagess they desire and how the single value the wages they received, while Khan ( 2010 ) concluded on Lawler ‘s ( 1985 ) analysis on the factors in finding the attraction of the wagess that these observations need a diverse wages system.

Therefore, in drumhead, based on Robert ‘s definition ( 2005 ) and Lawler ‘s ( 1985 ) probe, implementing an effectual wages system is of import as it heightens employee ‘s motive and improves on employee ‘s productiveness and finally, improved on organizational public presentation.

The constituents of a wages system entail pecuniary wagess or the extrinsic wagess such as basic and public presentation wage and employee benefits and non-monetary wagess or the intrinsic wagess such as acknowledgment, publicity, congratulations, achievement duty and personal growing.

5.2 ) Intrinsic and Extrinsic Rewards

In any administration, intrinsic and extrinsic wagess play an of import function in retaining the best employees within the administration.

Intrinsic wagess refer to intangible awards such as holding a assortment in occupation content, calling promotion chances and acknowledgment in the administration. On the other manus, extrinsic wagess refer to touchable awards such as wage rise, fillips and periphery benefits ( Thomas 2002 ) .

5.3 ) Pre-requisites for developing an effectual wages system

Specific. The aim of accomplishing the wages should be clear and precise.

Measurable. The award should make return on investing to both the employees and the administration.

Aspirational. The employee ‘s or group ‘s ends should be disputing and realistic.

Realistic. The programme should work based on its guidelines and nonsubjective.

Seasonably. The award should be provided in a manner to do the employees feel they are appreciated by the administration for their public presentation.

( Wilson B.T 1994 )

In add-on to the above, when administrations develop the wagess system, the wagess system should be tied to organizational aims and employee ‘s public presentation as shown in Figure 2.0 below.

Wagess Organisation Objectives Employee ‘s Performance

Figure 2.0 Organisational Aims aligned with Rewards and Employee ‘s Performance.

For illustration, administrations like the Carrefour practised this attack where they linked their wagess systems with employee ‘s public presentation and organizational aims. In Carrefour, the direction designed their wagess system in a manner that their wagess system are clear, realistic, ambitious, mensurable, non overly optimistic and timely. For illustration, Carrefour ‘s mission is to fulfill each and every client. Therefore, to accomplish this, the direction of Carrefour had to guarantee that their wagess systems are attractive plenty to actuate the employees to fulfill the demands of the clients.

To my suggestion, to develop an effectual wages system, it is of import that the wages programme must place the company or group ends to be achieved and the behaviors or public presentation that will lend to this. For illustration, if teamwork is the concern aim, a fillip system honoring persons who works independently by themselves may non be the appropriate methodological analysis. Similarly, if quality is the administration ‘s aim, the wages system implemented should non concentrate on honoring the employees for the measure of work done.

Wagess should be evaluated decently to guarantee that the plan is effectual in footings of concern aims. Administrations need to guarantee that public presentation has really shown betterment before administrating the wages. This implies that wagess should be aligned to administration ‘s concern aims.

In add-on, administrations should besides see honoring both single and group accomplishments. This is of import as it promotes both the person and group cooperation and public presentation.

Finally, in order for a wagess programme to be successful, the aims must be clearly specified for every employees. Wagess programme must be clearly communicated with the employees by carry oning regular meetings or administering memos to advance the plan.

5.4 ) Types of Wagess

The type of wagess offered by an administration varies. There are assorted types of wagess for both single and team public presentation.

5.4.1 ) Individual-Based Reward System

Variable Wage

Variable wage or pay-for-performance, can be integrated to the public presentation of the administration. Variable wage can be made up of fillip plans, stock options, and erstwhile awards. Some administrations prefer to counterbalance their employees less than rivals but instead effort to actuate and honor employees by utilizing the variable wage programme. For illustration, Hewlett Packard implemented variable wage system where the direction pay their employees less than its rivals but emphasise on actuating employees.

Hurd commented that “ if the single employee performs good, so the single employee could potentially do up the difference with their fillip. I ca n’t assure you anything, but I tell youaˆ¦there is a chanceaˆ¦if we get this right. ” ( Hurd 2009 )


Bonus programmes refers to wagess that normally reward single accomplishment. Bonus programmes are really frequently used in gross revenues administrations to promote sales representatives to bring forth extra concern or higher net incomes. However, some administrations used fillip programmes to recognize group accomplishments. A good illustration of such administration that uses this programme is Singapore Carrefour whereby, the Singapore Carrefour recognised group accomplishments due to the strong accent on working as a squad ( Carrefour Group, 2003 )

To most administrations, fillips are by and large short-run incentives. Therefore, to avoid the perceptual experience of fillip programmes being seen as an entitlement, fillip programmes must be structured carefully to guarantee they are honoring accomplishments that exceeds an single or group ‘s basic maps.

Net income Sharing

Profit-sharing refers to the scheme of bring forthing a pool of monies to be paid to employees by taking a fixed per centum of an administration ‘s net incomes ( Encylopedia of Small Business 2010 ) . One of the advantages towards net income sharing is that it can assist the administration to cut down its fixed costs.

The principle behind profit-sharing is to honor employees for their parts to an administration ‘s achieved net income aim. For illustration, to retain employees, administrations like the Singapore Carrefour besides uses net income sharing strategy to honor its employees who stay with the administration. Like fillips, net income sharing can finally be perceived as an entitlement programme if the programme is non structured carefully.

Stock Options

Another option to gain sharing is the stock options. Recently, stock options have significantly become a popular technique in honoring the in-between direction and other employees. Employee stock-option programmes entitle employees to buy a specified sum of an administration ‘s portions at a fixed monetary value for a specified period of clip of about 10 old ages ( Encylopedia of Small Business 2010 ) .

Like profit-sharing programs, stock options normally reward employees for being with the administration for a long period of clip. This means that every bit long as an employee has been with the administration for a certain period of clip, for case, about four old ages, the employee is said to hold been wholly committed to the programme. At this occasion, the employee can buy an allotted figure of portions from the administration at a fixed monetary value. One benefits of the stock option strategy is that the employee can either retain it or sell it in the unfastened market.

On the other manus, if the employee terminates his or her occupation from the administration prior to being to the full committed, the administration can retreat the stock option strategy at their discretion.

However, offering extra stock carries a hazard for both the company and the employees. Therefore, administrations should see carefully about offering extra stock as an inducement. This is because if the stock option ‘s fixed monetary value is higher than the market monetary value of the stock, the employee ‘s option will go worthless. In add-on, when an employee takes up such option, the administration is required to publish a new portion of stock that can be traded openly. The administration ‘s market capitalisation proliferates by the market monetary value of the portion, alternatively of the fixed monetary value that the employee had paid for the stock. Therefore, based on the research from the Encylopedia of Small Business ( 2010 ) , for administrations to remain in front of this possibility, net incomes must increase at a rate equal to the rate at which outstanding portions addition or the administration may stop up holding to buy back portions from the unfastened market in order to cut down the figure of outstanding portions.

5.4.2 ) Group-based Reward System

Group-based wages systems focus on the rating of squad public presentation, with single wagess obtained on the footing of this public presentation ( Encylopedia of Small Business 2010 ) . One of the reverses for this system is while this system facilitates single attempt towards the administration ‘s concern aim, employees who do non lend every bit much in the administration were besides rewarded. However, one benefit of utilizing the group-based wages system is that it recognises single attempt in add-on to team attempt. Besides, the group-based wages systems besides provide auxiliary inducement for employees.

5.5 ) Decision

Employers should put more focal point on beef uping its wagess system to promote coveted behavior. By beef uping its wagess system, it can animate employees to execute the occupation. Most significantly, when planing the wagess systems, the administration should guarantee that its wagess systems are aligned to the administration ‘s schemes.

Finally, in my sentiment, a well designed and managed wages programme can maneuver an administration ‘s development by optimistically beef uping its coveted behaviors.

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Appendix 1

High Achievers

The Critical Resource

The Core Subscribers

Under Achievers

Under Performers

Appendix 2


The Malaysia Career Blog

Citigroup Ready to Put Off More Staff

November 16th, 2008

zulkiflimusa [ at ]

Citigroup, one of the largest fiscal services companies in the universe, is poising for another unit of ammunition of staff layoff as the company is fighting to acquire back to their pess from fiscal downswing.

The company last hebdomad was reported to hold made the move in advising more than 9,000 unfortunate employees who will be laid away as their occupations are being made redundant.

The staff were said to come from a figure of different Fieldss including investing banking, gross revenues and trading, and premier securities firm.

This twelvemonth, up to this month, more than 20,000 people working in assorted divisions of Citigroup have lost their occupation. The 9,000 uneven Numberss represent a cut of 2.6 per centum of the overall size of Citigroup ‘s work force.

Apart from puting off people, rumor has it that the company is ready to renegociate its understanding with the clients and should this go on, the likeliness is high that clients will see an addition in involvement in their new footings of loaning and loans.

The New York based Citigroup is comprised of more than 10 major divisions, but the most outstanding one is arguably its retail banking runing under the Citibank name. For many old ages, Citibank was ranked as the largest and most profitable bank in the universe until it was hit with the subprime mortgage crisis late.

Earlier in 2008, Citibank was replaced by ICBC Bank from China as the new universe ‘s largest bank. Citibank slumped from first to seventh. It besides lost its topographic point as America ‘s largest bank and was disposed off by rival Bank of America.


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