The Company Profile of Wal Mart Essay

Walmart Company ( besides known as Walmart Stores Inc. ) handles retail shops in different formats across the Earth. In the United States, Walmart operate the undermentioned retail shop signifiers such as price reduction shops, supercenters, vicinity markets, Sam ‘s nines and marketside. Outside the state, Walmart operates in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, India, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Japan, Nicaragua, UK and Puerto Rico. The chief central office of Walmart is located in Bentonville Arkansas, using 2.1 million people ( Datamonitor 2009 ).

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The Company Profile of Wal Mart Essay
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The company serves 200 million times clients and members per hebdomad at more than 8,400 retail units of 55 assorted streamers in different states. Walmart reached gross revenues of more than $ 405 billion. Walmart claimed themselves as an prototype of sustainability, corporate philanthropic gift and employment chance. Walmart was established in 1962 when they foremost unfastened Walmart price reduction shop in Rogers Ark. Wal-Mart became integrated organisation on October 31, 1969. The organisation ‘s portion started merchandising on OTC markets in 1970. When WalMart is foremost opened, the chief intent of people to assist people to salvage money. Today, this mission is more valuable than of all time to their clients and members across the universe ( About Us 2010 ).

Business Ethical motives:

The chief vision of the company is “ Salvaging people money to assist them populate better, ” but their vision statement related to Global moralss is to “ advance ownership of Walmart ‘s ethical civilization to all stakeholders ‘ globally ” ( Walmart, Statement of Ethics 2010 ).Walmart has three basic beliefs & A ; values that make Walmart as a dependable company. The first 1 is giving regard for the Individual. Walmart stated that they consist of hardworking and simple people who cooperate to accomplish extraordinary ends. While the company ‘s background and personal values could be different, they ne’er take each other ‘s granted. The company encourages those people to province their thoughts and ideas and they treat each other with self-respect ( About Us 2010 ).

The 2nd one is their service to their clients. Walmart believes that their clients should be treated as a valuable portion of their concern. Walmart ever ensures that they provide choice ware at lowest costs and they perform it with first-class client service possible. The company ever aims to seek for every chance where the company can transcend clients ‘ outlooks. The 3rd one is booming for excellence. Even though the company has ever been proud with their accomplishments, they were ne’er satisfied. They continuously hunt for extra thoughts and other life. They create and implement policies based on Sam Walton ‘s rules that he will ne’er be satisfied until monetary values every bit low as they could be or until the clients achieved what they deserved and expected ( About Us 2010 ).

Furthermore, they besides implement unfastened communicating to understand the involvements of their spouses ( employees ) and clients. Through their unfastened door policy, their spouses are allowed to portion suggestions, voice and thoughts. Directors are encouraged to see all treatments every bit and without prejudice. Equally much as possible directors should prolong confidentiality ( About Us 2010 ).

Analysis of Business Management Policies and Activities

The chief vision of Walmart ‘s Global Ethics is to promote ownership of Walmart ‘s ethical values to all stakeholders worldwide. However, the employee should non wholly trust on their vision statement due to its vagueness. How could employees have Walmart ‘s ethical civilization? Solving this quandary requires mentioning to Walmart ‘s Statement of Ethics, which serves as the concern moralss model for the Global Walmart. Walmart ‘s statement of moralss consists of five parts including the debut, guidelines sing how to raise concerns and talk up, ways to take unity within the workplace, strategies how to take unity within the market place and how to take unity within the community ( Walmart, Statement of Ethics 2010 ).

The Walmart Statement of Ethics has clear communications scheme for the activities and policies that promote concern moralss. One good illustration is stated in “ Raising Concerns and Speaking Up. ” They stated clearly, that when an ethical concern is raised, they would guarantee that the individuality whistle blowers are unbroken private. However, they besides warned their whistle blowers non to discourse their concerns to other people. Management will ever give update their whistle blowers refering the probe, whether it is active or closed ( Walmart, Statement of Ethics 2010 ).

Walmart besides provided specific ways and resources how to pass on concern behavior concern. If the nature of the job non serious, it would be advisable to face the employee who committed a minor misconduct. However, if the job is something more serious, the employee may utilize the undermentioned resources: unfastened door communications procedure and naming the local and planetary moralss office ( Walmart, Statement of Ethics 2010 ).

Walmart ‘s statement of Ethical motives provided clear guidelines refering how they deal ethical related issues within the workplace. This includes intoxicant and drug maltreatment, torment, inappropriate behavior, non-retaliation, non-discrimination, pay and hr and struggle of involvements ( Walmart, Statement of Ethics 2010 ). One good illustration is in footings of struggles of involvements. First, they define the significance of struggle of involvement as anything that influence personal benefit that could conflict the involvement for the company and ways how struggle of involvement could be communicated to the concerned people. For case, if a late joined employee owned stocks of a rival, they should inform the Global Ethics office sing the affair ( Walmart, Statement of Ethics 2010 ).

Another good illustration is issues sing authorities and political activities. Walmart provided communications schemes for this sort of issue. For case, if one of their new providers appeared on a list of a public bureau and if they think they should non make concern with them, Walmart stated the they could reach the legal section to find what should they make or how to work out the concern ( Walmart, Statement of Ethics 2010 ). However, if the issue involves buying a merchandise from government-owned endeavor, they should reach the Legal section or the Global Ethics Office for instructions and recommendations. Ethical issues related to accounting should be forwarded to the internal audit or legal section ( Walmart, Statement of Ethics 2010 ).

Furthermore, while they aim for bettering their activities, Walmart did non provided any statement sing rating and uninterrupted development programs for its concern moralss model. Alternatively, their Statement merely states that some guidelines might be modified without notice ( Walmart, Statement of Ethics 2010 ).

Stakeholder Interests

Stakeholder theory argues that it will be strategic to the company to turn to all stakeholder involvements, in chase of its fiscal ends. One manner of turn toing stakeholder ‘s involvements is to promote environmental sustainability since this aims to minimise a C emanation, which is the cause of planetary heating and discourage uneconomical ingestions of resources such trees, and H2O so that the undermentioned coevals would be able to bask those resources ( Sustainability 2010 ). Walmart has specific ends in order to minimise nursery gases. Their ends to accomplish this include planing and runing executable shop paradigms that are 25 to 30 % per centum more energy efficient and will merely bring forth 30 % per centum fewer nursery gases ; minimise GHG and extinguish around 20 million dozenss of nurseries gases from Walmart ‘s shops globally ( Sustainability 2010 ).

They attempt to accomplish these ends through puting in renewable energy, bettering energy efficiency of their bringing vehicles and edifices and minimising waste from their operations. They besides help their providers to minimise C emanations from their fabrication installations, logistics and even in the usage of their services or merchandises. Furthermore, Walmart besides help their clients in minimising C footmarks of their places and even supports governmental attempts in turn toing clime alteration ( Sustainability 2010 ).

While Walmart provide wellness and health services for their employees, they have their ain wellness and safety workplace issues ( Health and Wellness Services 2010 ). In other words, it would be more prudent for Walmart to concentrate besides on bettering the wellness and safety of their workers, apart from giving health services. For case, they should implement regulations and ordinances refering specific unsafe chemicals that their workers should be avoided. In fact, last March 2008, the OSHA had imposed mulcts against Walmart when they allowed their workers to utilize chemical propanone for put ining ventilators at lab station ( Walmart Watch 2008 ).

Role of Government as Stakeholder

The authorities acts as stakeholder for Walmart since the former implements regulations and ordinances that the company should adhere. Walmart besides aims to work closely with the authoritiess where they operate through alining its nonsubjective by giving occupations. If Walmart did non carry through any outlooks of the authorities, the latter have the right to carry on farther probes and file charges against the company. One good illustration is when U.S. Attorney ‘s Office of California ‘s Northern District started their probe refering company ‘s risky waste and chemical handling. Any judicial proceeding made by the authorities against Walmart would clearly damage the repute of the company, particularly if these allegations will be proven true ( Walmart Annual Report 2010 ).


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