The Comparison of Financial Reports in Banking Industry Sample Essay

Fiscal Statements are a important portion of concern finance which shows the historical of the company and expected hereafter prognosis of the company. Normally. there are three fiscal statements should be used balance sheet. statement of income statement. and statement of hard currency flow. First. the balance sheet aid to understand company one-year histories. In the United States. Companies normally have two common formats for their balance sheets: the “two-sided” format which assets on the left side and liabilities and owner’s equity on the right side. The other format is the assets portion on top and the liabilities portion and owner’s equity portion on underside. which is usually called “report” format. The difference is how you disposal account information. The 3rd manner is named as “Financial Position” format that is by and large used in Europe. ( Lita n. d. ) In our selected bank industries. Bank of America. Deutsche Bank. Swedbank. National Australia Bank and HSBC Bank are all utilizing “report form” type which with assets at the top on a individual page. ( Appendix )

However. Christopher ( 2012 ) explained that some companies are utilizing “financial position” format which would wish to set histories in order to calculated net current assets and net assets. Furthermore. the assets and liabilities should be proposed in some specific order in balance sheet. The most easy manner to realized assets is in liquidness order. It is displayed of diminishing liquidness which means hard currency foremost. or. increasing order of liquidness which means from intangible fixed assets. In order of liabilities. it will be shown in the most instant liability being placed foremost. ( Business accounting ushers n. d. ) Generally. the increasing order is used by states in EU and the decreasing order is used by states affected by USA. ( Christopher. 2012 ) For illustration. in all selected five Bankss are used diminishing order for assets which showed on 2011 balance sheet. ( Appendix )

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The Comparison of Financial Reports in Banking Industry Sample Essay
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Merely like balance sheet. there are several ways of stand foring the statement of income. Income statements play an primary function in each societies and revenue enhancement system. Particularly. for a bank which need to obey the jurisprudence submit an income statement which presents the sum of wage. pension. revenue enhancement withheld and etc. Specifically. there are two methods to categorise disbursals: ”by nature” and “by function” . In “by nature” method besides called “nature of outgo method” which disbursals are straight record to theirnature. for case. transit. depreciation. wages and so on. While. in “by function” method besides named as “cost of gross revenues method” which expense are straight record harmonizing to their function. for illustration. disposal disbursal. cost of goods sold. and so forth. Those five bank industries are all used “function” manner to enter their histories on the statement of income and they are used perpendicular type construction as good. ( Appendix ) And. the most of import thing is perpendicular construction is convenient to read. ( Yuan n. d. )

It is important to detect that hard currency flow is the motion of money into and out of the company. There are two methods to fix a statement of hard currency flow: direct and indirect. Under the direct method. analyse hard currency and bank histories to place hard currency flows during the given period. However. under the indirect method. usually operation activities start from net income and analyze income. disbursal. and working capital. The remainder of puting activities and funding activities would be use the same manner like direct method. ( Zions concern resource centre n. d. ) In those five Bankss merely National Australia Bank used direct method prepared their 2011 statement of hard currency flow which start from “interested received” history. The remainder of four Bankss used indirect method. Swedbank put “operating profit” on the top ; HSBC Bank put “profit before tax” on the top ; and both of Bank of America and Deutsche Bank put “net income” on the top. which all indicated that they are utilizing indirect method. ( Appendix )


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