The Consequence of Myanmar women trafficking to Thailand Essay


The migration of Burmese to Thailand is one of the largest motions of migrators in all of Southeast Asia doing them highly vulnerable to human trafficking. Many of them migrate to get away economic adversities and limited chances in Myanmar, while others are flying from human rights misdemeanors, forced labour or minority repression. Although Burmese are trafficked to other Asiatic Countries, such as China, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Korea and Macau, The primary finish is Thailand. Approximately 600,000 Burmese migrators are registered to work in Thailand, but many more are at that place illicitly. Once migrators are insides the boundary line, they have trouble migrating within Thailand to happen work. Many of them pay agents to help them in traveling from boundary line countries to major metropoliss where there are more occupation chances. Due to their illegal position many Burmese work forces, adult females and kids are trafficked to Thailand to work in agribusiness, fishing, building, mills, and domestic and the sex industry.

Gestating wellness and trafficking

The wellness hazards, effects and barriers to services for trafficked adult females are similar to those experienced by other marginalized groups like migratory adult females, adult females sing sexual maltreatment domestic force or anguish adult females sex workers and exploited adult females and labourers. Trafficing frequently has a profound impact on the wellness and wellbeing of adult females. The signifiers of maltreatment and hazards that adult females experience include physical, sexual and mental maltreatment, the forced or coerced usage of drugs and intoxicant, societal limitations and use, economic development and debt bondage, legal insecurity, opprobrious working and life conditions, and a scope of hazards associated with being a migrator and a scope of hazards associated with being a migrator and marginalized. These maltreatment and hazards impact adult females physical, generative, and mental wellness may take to the abuse of drugs or intoxicant, diminish adult females ‘s societal and economic wellbeing, and limit their entree to wellness and other support services. The scope of wellness demands of trafficking adult females, and the different chances to supply services are best understood by sing each phase of the trafficking procedure, including

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The Consequence of Myanmar women trafficking to Thailand Essay
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  • 1.pre-departure
  • and pass through
  • 3.destination
  • 4.detention, exile, and condemnable grounds
  • 5.integration and re-integration


The period before a adult females enters the trafficking state of affairs and during this period adult females ‘s wellness position and wellness prior to go forthing place and affects their wellness in the class of a trafficking incident. That state of affairs was force adult females at hazard to the trafficking and development. Womans who were trafficked frequently had unequal information and many misconceptions about cardinal facets of their ain wellness. Most of the adult females there are less of cognition in wellness information and they do n’t cognize how to awareness of themselves. Since their life in the state there were less of chances for wellness information and do them non pay attending to their ain wellness.

Travel and theodolite phase

As a human being we need a batch of things. This is normal that people need a basic demand. The more people live in the undeveloped state the more they need basic demand. Peoples from Myanmar left form their hometown and come to happen the occupation and Thailand even they know that their life is insecurity. The ways along Myanmar to Thailand was non smooth for the adult females. The adult females need to pass much more money for their journey to come to Thailand. The instance that do n’t hold the money and they have a loan of the other and become debt. In This portion the agent plays in of import function to convey them to Thailand. During the manner, the adult females were arrest, colza, beaten, hurt, transit atom, malaria, high kink boundary line crossing, force and decease. Some of them have to walk for a couple yearss and no nutrient or no H2O along the ways and if they were arrested they have to return place with debt. On the ways if they adult females got ill or accident the adult females will non acquire a opportunity for wellness service. Whatever, Most of the adult females were follow the agent even they do n’t cognize where is the topographic point that they have to travel or what sort of occupation they have to work. Some of them were accompanied by friends or purchase form their hometown and come to egos with employer. Anyhow the adult females were accepting it to acquire a occupation for their life. For the ground was strength to go the word of human trafficking.


There is non easy to populate in the new environment for the migratory people. Any sort of occupation that can do them last they have to accept without denying even hardworking or insecure for their life. Bing the Myanmar migrator in Thailand with undocumented no right and no pick for them. More than one 100 adult females and miss are become the domestic worker in Thailand. They all are populating with illegal position and get bying with the Physical maltreatment, sex worker, colza by employer, force, missing salary payment. The utmost force and Psychological emphasis adult females experienced during the finish phase pervaded their work and personal lives, and had a major impact on their wellness. As a Physical wellness affect in adult females since left place. The bulk of reported hurts and unwellness were the consequence of maltreatment. Womans were reported that broken bone, hurting, loss of consciousness, concern, high febrility, GI job, complication of abortions, Skin Problem, weight loss and unwritten wellness jobs.

Sexual and generative wellness

Most of the adult females reported holding been sexually abused and coerced in self-generated sexual Acts of the Apostless, including colza, forced anal and unwritten sex, forced unprotected sex, and group colza and the adult females force to hazard of STI, HIV/AIDS.

Mental wellness

The adult females was manipulate and bullying and menaces by sellers. The emotional of adult females was infliction of insecure and unpredictable events, the adult females much to obey the demands of the sellers because of their long term hereafter. The mental symptoms were looking and they feel as depress under control of the sellers.

Substance maltreatment and abuse

Some adult females chose to utilize drugs, intoxicant to promote them to take on more clients, work longer hours under control of the seller. Somehow they use it for get bying their bad state of affairs.

Social wellbeing

While in the trafficked state of affairs adult females were isolated as a consequence of, restricted motion, clip and activities, longer working hr, less of societal support, and societal barriers, during those state of affairs the adult females could non reach with their household member or other outside.

Economic related good – being

Womans have debt-bondage, other serious fiscal job and household job that pressed them to take hazards and function them to work more and more.

Health Service and uptake and bringing

However the terrible wellness effects of trafficking, adult females ‘s entree to wellness information and medical attention was exceptionally limited. Why the adult females deficiency of entree of wellness service because of the sellers ‘ limited on the adult females ‘s motion and run off from under their control. On the other manus, the adult females were afraid of the local constabulary and other governments. There are many barriers to supplying wellness service to trafficked adult females in finish states because of the linguistic communication barriers, less of clip, and work load. Most of the supported was by nomadic clinic medical wellness service applied on the adult females trafficking.

Detention, exile, and condemnable grounds

The phase is the period when a adult female is in the detention of constabulary or in-migration governments for alleged misdemeanor of condemnable or in-migration jurisprudence, or cooperation, voluntarily or under menace of prosecution or exile in legal proceedings against a seller, procurer or madame, exploitatory employer or other maltreater. During the detainment, exile, and condemnable grounds phase adult females were seldom offered chances to turn to their wellness demands, and their wellness was frequently negatively affected by the multiple emphasiss related to this clip period. Findingss related to the detainment, exile and interviews with jurisprudence enforcement functionaries trafficked adult females who came into contact with jurisprudence enforcement governments, and several service suppliers. During that clip the adult females would non swear any authorities.The service suppliers and constabularies suggest that a contemplation period has important benefits to adult females ‘s physical and mental wellness and wellbeing and constabulary interviewed in finish scenes stated that this clip period can further adult females ‘s capacity to take part in condemnable proceedings.

Integration and re-integration

The integrating and reintegration phase can hold both positive and negative wellness effects that are frequently straight related to the sum and quality of support a adult female receives. The integrating and reintegration procedure is a clip of physical recovery and psychological and societal reorientation, merely the smallest minority of trafficked adult females receives equal physical wellness attention and psychological support after a trafficking experience. The experience of supplying services to trafficked adult females high spots that adult females respond otherwise to single experiences of maltreatment and development. Health attention suppliers tried to gain adult females ‘s trust by offering touchable aid nearing adult females and sensitive topics easy and in non-judgmental ways, and keeping continuity of care.Service suppliers working with trafficked adult females frequently coordinate with suppliers from different sectors such as, medical, legal assistance, societal service, instruction, occupational preparation and in some instances jurisprudence enforcement.

Servicess for Victims

The Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement is the focal ministry for supplying services to victims. It deals chiefly with repatriation of trafficked individuals and reintegration/ rehabilitation plans including instruction supports and vocational preparation with alternate income chances for girls/women and male childs, and pull offing institutions/shelters and vocational preparation centres.The MNCWA, MMCWA and international NGOs such as SC-UK and World Vision have been supplying services in guidance, accomplishments preparation, fiscal aid, wellness support, non-formal instruction harmonizing to the demands and the best involvement of the victims. The types and degrees of support provided for each person is different depending on a assortment of fortunes ; depending on one ‘s ain involvement, preparation and occupation available chances. Necessary follow up visits are provided depending on the handiness and location of their places. Community engagement plays an of import function particularly for the instances located in the out range topographic points. In such instances interested village societal workers are trained to supply follow up support.

Return and Reintegration services

The Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, the Ministry of Immigration and Population and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are the chief ministries for easing having Myanmar victims of trafficking in individuals from abroad in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organization.One of the return services ab initio facilitated by UN-IAP, involves MNCWA, IOM, Save the Children U.K, World Vision International and local NGOs. Since March 2001, over one 100 misss and adult females have been returned to the fatherland. With the cooperation between the Governments of Myanmar and Thailand, six immature Myanmar misss who were trafficked into Thailand for child labors were repatriated to Myanmar in January 2004.Return and reintegration services include household tracing and appraisal, alternate shelter/safe infinite identified for victims with a negative appraisal of the household, alternate support and community based activities to ease their long term reintegration into the community, reding services, wellness attention proviso and referral services, educational aid and other public assistance supports.The Department of Social Welfare ( DSW ) established preparation schools for male childs, misss and Vocational Training Schools for Women ( VTW ) for Children in Need of Special Protection ( CNSP ) children-Sexual abused and exploited kids are being taken attention in VTW by supplying educational preparation, vocational preparation and Social preparation. Social guidance, generative wellness, cognition of HIV/AIDS are given to them. The DSW provides medical intervention with the cooperation of Department of Health ( DOH ) . The probation officers make place visit for societal probe so as to reintegrate into the society. Based on the societal probe study, sexual abused and exploited kids who have parents and defenders and healthy societal environment are sent back to their household and society. The Department provides follow up activities such as fiscal aid, arrangement and income coevals.

Decision and Recommendations

The issue of trafficking in individuals particularly adult females and kids is non new, and in every state concerned, governmental organisations, the NGOs and UN organisations have ever strive their best to forestall it. However, it appears to be increasing and geting sculpt new waies in the recent context of globalisation because of the economic crisis in their ain country.That is a good point that Myanmar authorities besides involved in the trafficking issue for bar, protection, prosecution and rehabilitation of the victims. Some of the state of affairs is hard to acquire covering with the issue because of the sensitiveness and illegality of trafficking concern and strong background of seller. The trafficking issue can non be plenty for work with little group and this is should be work on national and international degree coordination to see as a planetary issue. The of import function for participant is regional authorities should take action on seller under policies purely and much to supply the adequate and good service of wellness attention system for the adult females who been in trafficking.


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