The course management of information security Essay

1. Foreword

This attendant concluding acquisition diary for the class Management of Information Security formed out by garnering cognition that I acquainted in six talks given throughout the period, six instance descriptions and treatments for the instances performed virtually in MOODLE environment. This class was held in the 2nd period of the fall 2009 and was given by Jonna Jarvelainen, Dr. Sc. , Turku School of Economics. Each hebdomadal study includes relevant treatments where subjects of each hebdomad ‘s talk are illustrated briefly as per my acquisition and contemplations of the instance descriptions and instance treatments on the talk outline talk. I tried to convey up my constructs about the Management of Information Security every bit clearly as possible that I gathered throughout the class term of office.

The subjects incorporated in this papers are the undermentioned:

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  • Foreword of Information Security.
  • Security Breach in an Enterprise.
  • Information Security Policy.
  • Assurance of Information Security
  • Information Security Risk Management
  • Brief treatment about Computer Forensics and IS Auditing
  • Three more of import concerns from my position about Information Security

The substance of this concluding diary has been unswervingly taken from all six hebdomadal studies with some more add-ons that I felt important to add in this concluding diary. Besides this study is an attack to show my illation about the Management of Information Security after a nice completion of the class.

2. Introduction to Information Security ( Week 1 )

On this hebdomadal larning diary I am traveling to show my personal positions on importance of guaranting information security in engineering driven organisations. In an organisation like infirmary information are really perceptive. This information can be like records of patient history, medicine given antecedently and so many critical records of patients. For utilizing high engineering in this type of organisation, first thing should be holding a strong Information Security substructure.

For set uping and protecting information from choping onslaughts some requirements should be at that place in the organisation. There should be information backup and recovery system in the organisation for commanding any unwanted state of affairs. Constructing a web information security is really of import

The instance history of “Sunnylake Hospital” is clearly a good attempt for understanding the significance of information security direction in a high tech organisation. As I see that the infirmary did n’t hold any backup system for records, as a consequence they are confronting great critical state of affairs after the hacking onslaughts because it ‘s a affair of human lives. Besides the web system of the infirmary is non that much secured. They are utilizing engineering but do n’t hold any well planned architecture for protecting the record or information.

After analyzing the instance, from my position some necessary stairss can be taken for guaranting the information security in any organisation.

  • Strong web substructure constitution.
  • Devicess like EMRs should be included in the internal web and excluded from outside web.
  • Guaranting hardware and package security.
  • Supplying information security preparation.
  • Backup system/servers for immediate catastrophe recovery.

Information drip is unbearable for any organisation. The caput of the organisation have to be rigorous in this fact. In instance of organisation like in infirmary increasing sum of information transmitted electronically, it is really much jussive mood that the security should be considered in every section of web devise and continuation.

3. Enterprise Architecture and Security Breach ( Week 2 )

In this hebdomadal larning study I am traveling to show my positions about the Enterprise Architecture that ascertains the organization-wide roadmap to accomplish an organisation ‘s manoeuvre through best possible public presentation of its nucleus concern patterns within a competent ICT environment. Then after that I ‘ll briefly present the deployment of IAM in concern web sing the EA ( Enterprise Architecture ) as the coordination tool.

Enterprise Architecture personifies a set of rules, regulations, criterions and guidelines that define consistently and wholly an organisation ‘s current ( baseline ) or desired ( mark ) environment. Enterprise architectures are indispensable for budding information systems and developing new systems that optimize the mission value which can be accomplished in logical or concern footings ( e.g. , mission, concern maps, information flows, and systems environments ) and proficient footings ( e.g. , software/hardware, communications ) , and includes a conversion program for transitioning from the baseline environment to the mark environment. In the article it can be noticed that an Enterprise Architecture model decomposed into four dimensions: Business, information, application and engineering architecture. Thus the instance signifies an idyllic state of affairs of IAM in an organisation concern web by disintegrating it in an EA model of the above mentioned four dimensions.

Identity direction clasps disposal and policy formation, while entree direction entails enforcement of those policies. Together, IAM is a hierarchal aggregation of security patterns and engineerings, each new phase edifice on the anterior 1. IAM will simplify how users addition entree to applications, supply capablenesss to Web applications, portals, Windowss desktop environments, applications, and Web services utilizing a centralised set of hallmark mechanisms and secure-access policies.

Requests to applications or services will be intercepted and determined by the IAM system whether the user has been decently authenticated. Once authenticated, the user ‘s certificates are verified utilizing a cardinal user profile depository and policy shop that determines whether the user will be permitted to entree the resource. If the user has non antecedently been authenticated, they are prompted with a login challenge to provide a username and watchword or other type of certificate.

Identity and Access Management is of import for an Enterprise Architecture in several ways:

  • Simplifies and Secures – IAM ensures right people entree the right services.
  • Enables Shared Management – With the combination of individuality information, the determination shapers across concern can consequence alter much more rapidly through interface with the IAM system.
  • Federates Globally – Once the individuality informations is enhanced with the authorization informations, it is made available in a figure of timely ways to the systems and services.

Finally to guarantee a secure environment for an Enterprise environment, it is imperative that all types of persons and entities ( including services ) are decently identified, authenticated and managed. The instance represented the scheme towards a province of managed secured environment.

4. Information Security Policy ( Week 3 )

In the 3rd hebdomad of the class direction of information security at that place was a fastidious talk given by Puhakainen on Information Security policy development and execution. I was able to cognize about the assorted stages of Information Security Policy Development. Besides after developing the policy proper security preparation is necessary for implementing that policy within that organisation. Here I am traveling to compose some of import issues that I learned during the talk and from the instance treatments for that hebdomad.

Several factors may reflect on the IS policy development for a big organisation. As mentioned in the talk I saw some issues in this concern. Information Security policy should be analyzed theoretically at the really beginning of policy development. Policies are to be reflected by the alone features of the organisation. Sensitiveness of the information assets can be evaluated and possible information leak by the day-to-day activities of the company can be marked out decently. Policy development process will be in sufficient probe of the top direction and targeted to several degrees in the company including directors, higher-ups and employees. The policy will denote the information assets to be secured. Information Security policy will be an built-in portion of the concern policy. No option for think it as a separate issue. Every employee will be apt for maintaining the information secured in his portion. I realized that information security policy is for procuring both the proficient issues ( e.g. Computer systems, Network ) and concern issues ( e.g. Sensitive Information assets ) .

From my acquired cognition I want to state that after Information security policy development, a great challenge is the policy execution within the organisation. Employees are the cardinal participant for the company. The people managing the sensitive information whether it is proficient or concern related demand to give great significance while implementing the policy. Information Security consciousness among the employees is necessary. Hence some cardinal stairss can be taken:

  • Information Security preparation has to be provided.
  • Training Sessionss should be organized for different concern units like proficient specializer, top direction, gross revenues staffs, accounting personals.
  • Different preparation Sessionss for advanced users.

Training should be designed in such a manner that it will do the people understand the importance of the IS security and hazard can be at that place if unbarred.

Case treatments in the 3rd hebdomad were about the Security policies in the finish universities. This treatment gave me a batch of thoughts about the security policies that should be practiced within an educational establishment. Students in the educational establishment should be cognizant adequate about the information security policies. Because pupil handle many important information from the establishment which are non supposed to be leaked outside. A simple illustration can be there can some sophisticated stuff that is merely for utilizing in instruction intent merely within a certain institute. If any pupil leaks those the some bad reputes may happen. Besides the employees of the establishment are of import in this scenario of educational establishment.

In instance of pupils there can be some compulsory security consciousness and preparation session can be organized with their class. In these Sessionss they can be trained about how to manage the electronic mails and other proficient elements that may utilize for their classs and surveies.

Finally Information Security policy is obvious for the successful continuance of concern whether it is a Business company or Educational establishment. Though execution is a great challenge for Information security policy but confronting this challenge decently will convey success and growing to the company continuously.

5. Information Security Assurance ( Week 4 )

The top concern of any concern today is the security of information which greatly lies on trust. If the participants feel secure in any dealing they make, merely so swear can be developed. In this hebdomadal larning diary I am eager to show and show my positions about some critical issues of concern environment.

Assurance is the most critical portion of the concern or to any organisation. It can be illustrated like ; to do the people belief about certain procedures which is produced to pull their imperturbability of head. The organisation demand to seek integrating the confidence in assorted sectors e.g. hazard direction, continuity direction, privateness direction, security direction. I want to compose about each of the instance individually. Guaranting the hazard is to play efficaciously against some unwanted state of affairss or events within the organization/environment. Now for continuity direction I want to state like it is the planning to manage the state of affairs and maintain the business/organization on proper path after any hardship. Guaranting the privateness means that people will believe that their information is being handled carefully and will non be spread out. Last the most critical concern is the security confidence which means greatly the protection against any possible menace, pasting or force. This security confidence has to be practiced for both side of concern, i.e. one side is spouses and providers and another one is clients and consumers. And this can be stated as incorporate confidence which starts from merchandise development and bringing to gross revenues and selling of merchandises incorporating the company administration, development and support.

Now I want to compose briefly about Business Impact Analysis from my position. BIA is really lasting work and takes extended clip to be done. But once it is done so it becomes easier to utilize resources from the organisation and to take critical stairss for security concerns. Actually BIA exposes organisation ‘s activity and its operational impacts ramifying from any figure of incidents or events in class of clip and money. After the BIA is done that so many major issues can be seeable. Critical activities among the operations come out, it can be realized that which activities are obligatory for the concern to go on. Each system is classified as concern critical, of import or non-critical. The systems holding cross dependences are absolutely branded. BIA besides denotes the non-critical systems that act as upstream or downstream constituents to critical systems.

Once the critical concern systems are identified so these systems/applications become the major country under treatment to play decently in the concern. Management focal point on those issues is of import, besides which one to give precedence and how the hazard direction of the critical systems will be done, are important. For pull offing the hazard issues some important stairss can be taken every bit expeditiously as possible like relocating the hazard to another party, seeking to avoid the hazard, and cut down the negative consequence of the hazard, besides make program to accept some or all of the corollaries of a peculiar hazard.

Finally it can be stated that BIA is a major analytical operation that should be done in every organisation for happening the defects in the Information security policy. This analysis will assist greatly to supply better IT confidence within the organisation.

6. Information Security Risk Management ( Week 5 )

In this digital universe every organisation uses Information Technology ( IT ) systems for treating their information for back uping mostly their operational end. Risk direction plays a critical function in instance of protecting an organisation ‘s information resources that are handled in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours proceedings. Hence hazard direction is an organisational issue and can be considered as an indispensable direction map of the organisation. An efficient hazard direction procedure can be an of import portion of the IT security plan.

Information Security helps the concern to go on swimmingly and cleanly. Some may believe that it restricts the handling of information but basic end is to guaranting the protection of information from being leaked. Every organisation has a vision. For making the end successfully and expeditiously a strong concern program is needed. Information security is a critical portion of this concern program. If there is no policy for maintaining information secured those can be handled by 3rd party who may take the concern procedure to fall dramatically.

Risk direction fundamentally a aggregation of procedures that is fixed by the organisation ‘s managerial organic structure. Good direction pattern is obvious for using the security policies. Risk direction encompasses three procedures:

  • Risk Assessment includes designation and rating of hazards and hazard impacts. After placing the hazards some recommendations can be made for cut downing the hazards.
  • Hazard Lessening fundamentally means playing with the hazards. It refers to prioritising the hazards and after that harmonizing to the recommendations from hazard appraisal procedure implementing and keeping the appropriate steps for cut downing the hazards.
  • Evaluation and Assessment procedure refers the continual rating procedure and stairss for set uping a successful hazard direction plan.

Now I want to compose something more about the direction of hazards in the organisation. Some issues are critical every clip. Analyzing the concern is of import. Finding out the critical information, processes and IT systems is major concern and a portion of appraisal. Not all information is valuable. It is necessary to divide the confidential and valuable information. Determining the individual who will manage the hazard issues is of import.

Company staffs should be trained about the security issues decently. Proper consciousness and guidelines can be provided to the staffs. Duties can be good documented for every staff within the organisation. Some understandings can be made with the staffs as how they will be committed to the organisation for managing the confidential information. And besides some backup personals besides necessary for the smooth continuance of some concern procedures for run intoing up the demand in instance of his absence. The apposite hazard direction can guarantee the ceaseless growing of concern.

7. Computer Forensics and IS Auditing ( Week 6 )

In the last talk of the class “Management of Information Security” we come across the countries commanding the constitution of proper Information Security within a certain organisation. Hence the Computer Forensic and IS Auditing were discussed. I think these are the two momentous footings in the sphere of security for Information Systems. Here I am traveling to show my ideas about these two challenging footings with some issues in the visible radiation of instance description and treatments.

Let ‘s get down with the Computer Forensics nicely presented by Ritesh Serene. Here I ‘m traveling to compose from my position point. Computer Forensic is a really new thought and still happening the manner of its ego constitution. The resurgence and survey of implicit in indicant are the chief trades of Forensic. In Computer Forensic the elements of jurisprudence and computing machine scientific discipline are combined as a subject. This subject is used to garner and look into informations from information engineering system ( consists of computing machine systems, webs, storage devices ) in a agency that is admissible as grounds in a tribunal of jurisprudence.

Datas collected by Computer Forensics can be divided in some important types.

Changeless information: This sort of information is stored on such medium ( e.g. difficult disc ) that preserve informations when the computing machine is turned off.

Unstable informations: These types of informations are fleeting. These informations are stored in impermanent storages like memory, registers, cache and random entree memory ( RAM ) . So when the computing machine is turned off so the informations will be lost. So there should be some dependable ways to derive those informations.

Computer Forensic is of import for any organisation because it may salvage money in a sense by protecting and procuring the information. It will analyse the collected informations by keeping the erectness of the cogent evidence for utilizing efficaciously in a instance.

My following focal point is on IS Auditing. It ‘s really look intoing the commanding regulations of the information security within the organisation. This will guarantee the proper IS security patterns among the staffs of the organisation. Auditing can be done by measuring the information systems, security patterns and operations followed by the security regulations. This procedure will guarantee the safety of information assets that are protected by the security regulations and will maintain the company operations smooth absolutely to accomplish the organisation end. As stated in the talk that IS Auditing can be performed in concurrence with fiscal statement auditing. Besides I think it is closely related with the fiscal state of affairs of the organisation, because IS Auditing find the defects in the security policies which are for looking after the company sensitive information.

There are many major ends for Information System Auditing. It investigates the Torahs that are being practiced for protecting the fiscal information of the company and the personal information. Auditing besides targeted for mensurating the competency of internal procedures. Information System development, installing, and care costs should besides be decently audited. Hence it will compare between the values that are spent for security system and the values of the protected assets.

The beautiful instance description “iPrimier” was truly the existent contemplation for better understanding the necessity of Information Security Auditing and Computer forensics in a company. From the instance conversation it was outstanding that they were non that much concern about the security breach and merely gave the precedence to company net income supervising the likely security breach. As we see that in iPremier new head named Turley was recruited for taking the company one more measure in front. Besides he was non that much aware about the information security. As a consequence a hacking onslaught was happened. I can state, besides after that they were in deficiency of planning in doing proper security policies. As a consequence for non look intoing the system decently after the first onslaught at that place remained a malicious file in there system. Which made there system as aggressor that hacked one of their rival company. It can be said easy that deficiency of proper security planning and IS Auditing these state of affairss happened in “iPremier”

I think IS Auditing can be mentioned as the combination of some stairss like:

  • Analyzing the organisation ‘s internal procedures.
  • Testing of the security regulations that are applied for commanding the concern processes.
  • Finally measuring the Information Security controls.

In the instance “iPremier” I think Computer Forensics were besides necessary. Because through Computer Forensics any defect within there system could be found out.

Here I want to state like Computer Forensic and IS Auditing are about targeted for same types of end. Both of the two procedures are probe and rating. Computer Forensics is to roll up the information from the storages and analyse them for discovery out the responsible. And IS Auditing is besides analyze the company processes against the security policies for guaranting the efficiency of the IS regulations. The basic difference can be written like, Computer Forensic is the procedure after any breach happened and IS Auditing is to guarantee the security breach is impossible but likely.

8. Three Important Concerns about Information Security

Through the class talks and instance treatments I come across vary many major issues and procedures of the Management of Information System Security. Here I like to compose about some issues that I felt necessary in the sphere of information security throughout the learning period.

1. Human related hazards in the Management of IS security:

A The people within the organisation are the liveliest factor for the information security direction. Staffs who handle the sensitive company direction information can be considered as the most unsafe possible menace or can be treated as the most reliable for security control. I think if we want to go witting about the most dependable security control, some more attempts need to be made except the engineering. Organization ‘s direction can be greatly damaged by these types of Human related hazards. So for work outing this job expeditiously some Information Security policies can be issued that are focused on human nature. These policies for company direction will be targeted for human merely and can be adjusted clip to clip with the state of affairss of company direction alterations. In this instance most of the procedure will be implemented by human. So when the full consciousness about the information security will come across the people so the merchandise or engineering is employed with apt security direction. In this scenario all patterns like, security preparation, security consciousness, professional moralss that are related to homos are the indispensable parts of Information Security Management.

2. Information Security lies in Information Risk Management:

It is good understood already that Information security is a critical factor for any company or organisation because the engineering are being used widely. The hazard aroused in this scenario can be stated loosely like, there may be hazard for improper revelation of information ( i.e. , via media with the secretiveness ) , inappropriate alteration in some manner ( i.e. , via media with the unity ) , or damaged or lost ( via media with the handiness ) . This type of via media of valuable information plus may do great catastrophe to the information proprietor whether he is informed or non about the state of affairs. This may cut down the value of the information plus itself or may disrupt the continuance of services which may ensue in bad repute for the proprietor and autumn dramatically in the competitory market.

Basically Information hazard is sort of leeway of an event which may cut down the value or take apart from the targeted end of the concern. Every hazard has a cost, and that cost can be ( more or less exactly ) quantified. In instance of concern hazards instead than information hazards usually any organisation ever on a regular basis manages hazard as portion of their day-to-day operations. Those hazards can be managed by following a assortment of agencies, like liability transportation, damages, extenuation, and keeping.

Finally Procuring the Information is fundamentally the Information hazard direction. Information via media is a unsafe menace for the organisation. Hence every bit like as other concern hazards Information hazards will hold to be investigated decently and put on the line decline stairss should be taken decently in the direction program. Such as proper information preparation for the people managing the sensitive information should be in Information hazard direction program. The apt individual for managing the critical information should be determined. Proper direction program for likely information catastrophe state of affairs should be documented. Comprehensive Information Risk direction program may guarantee the successful Information security within the organisation and will maintain uninterrupted concern growing.

3. Essential facets for taking into history for Information Security program:

A When a IS security program is traveling to be introduced so some stairss need to take into history to accurately set up the program. I would state, for these stairss any certain company may see terrible jobs in put to deathing a successful wide-ranging security program within the company.

  • Sing the information security as an built-in portion of the company concern program.
  • Defend of information should evidently considered as a concern issue, non merely a proficient issue.
  • Information security program should be based on the examined hazard from the assorted sensitive positions of information assets.
  • Recognizing that the Information security as multidimensional issue and therefore every concern dimensions like policy, best patterns, legal, ethical, proficient should be considered or investigated exhaustively for holding a effectual IS security program within the organisation.
  • The authorization involved in developing the security program has to recognize the nucleus significance of security consciousness among the people, employees.

I think these above mentioned issues are really much of import to set up a comprehensive security direction program in any organisation. Missing or non taking in consideration any one may do the entire program slackly bound which further may be a menace to the company.

9. Decision

The importance of Management of Information Security is a major issue for any company or concern. This class of “Management of Information Security” and therefore this learning diary is an attempt for illustrate the importance of protecting information and doing it secured for any industry direction. The security civilization for any organisations information security should be structured, and embedded throughout the organisations procedures and employees. The class and all the instance treatments were targeted for happening out the best security attacks with concern scheme, incorporating security into every concern procedure, and set uping among the organisation ‘s employees a sense of security consciousness. Every alone organisation should hold a alone security civilization. When security ca n’t do precedency at the executive degree, I believe it is less likely to be successful. If an organisation ‘s direction does non put the right tone, security attitude will be resisted. Further, when covering out a security mistake, duty will be excessively habitually devolved to the “security team.”

In add-on, I have realized that an information security solution should be an indispensable component in any organisation. One of the major hinderances in accomplishing the integrating of information into an organisation is the actions and behaviour of employees. To guarantee the integrating of information security into the corporate civilization of an organisation, the protection of information should be portion of the day-to-day activities and second-nature behaviour of the employees.

Furthermore, I besides noticed that as of today ‘s progressively more traveling life style, which allows employees to link to information systems from virtually anyplace, employees are required to transport a portion of the information system outside to the company ‘s safe and sound substructure.

The Management of Information Security class decidedly covered subjects of involvement and importance. I would state it provides me with a usher to follow in future surveies or practical attacks to information security, and a anchor to back up my current information security activities and patterns. This concluding acquisition diary may well stand for a strong aggregation of cardinal facts any individual interested in Management of information security should hold.


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