The crucible Essay

The Crucible Inner strength is a good quality that a person should have. What is inner strength? Inner strength is the ability to stay true to oneself. In the crucible, many characters have a lot of inner strength. But one person shows their inner strength more than the others, that character is John Proctor. John shows inner strength when he confesses to adultery, and when he doesn’t confess to witchcraft. To begin, one scene from The Crucible where John Proctor shows inner strength is hen he confessed his adultery with Abigail.

Since that is an illegal act and it was cheating on his wife Elizabeth Proctor, that is a very hard thing to admit to the public. John thought it was so wrong that Abigail was accusing innocent people of witchcraft that he would confess to something like that to stop her. John cared a lot about his good name in the town making it even harder for him to admit his actions, so he used a great amount of inner strength to confess his adultery.

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In addition, another scene where John shows his inner strength is at the end of the play when he was given a chance to confess witchcraft. If he confessed, then he wouldn’t be hanged. But John would rather die than have his good name ruined by people thinking he worked with the devil in witchcraft. Most characters in the crucible confessed because they were afraid to die, because they didn’t have enough inner strength and goodness, but not John. Inner strength was a factor in Johns choice to die rather than ruin his good name.

On the other hand, some people may say that Elizabeth Proctor is the character with the most inner strength because she never lies. She had a good name in the town of the woman that never lies and when she was called into the court to be questioned about John and Abigail’s affair, she lied and showed she wasnt as strong as people thought. John never lied in the crucible. He didn’t confess to witchcraft because he didn’t do it, he didn’t lie about his affair with Abigail, and he told the ourt the truth about how the girls were pretending in the woods.

That shows that he has more inner strength than his wife Elizabeth. People with inner strength will accomplish more challenges in their life. John faced many challenges and he overcame them with inner strength. John Proctor was a man with self respect, and even though he lost some of that in the middle of the play, he earned it back in the end with inner strength when he chose to die to keep his good name. The crucible By Audreyadelel 23


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