”The Crucible” by Arthur Miller Sample Essay

Quote # 1
The parochial snobbism of these people was partially responsible for their failure to change over the Indians. Probably they besides preferred to take land from heathens instead than from fellow Christians. At any rate. really few Indians were converted. and the Salem common people believed that the virgin wood was the Devil’s last preserve. his place base and the bastion of his concluding base. To the best of their cognition the American wood was the last topographic point on Earth that was non paying court to God. ( I. paragraph 10 )

The Puritans in Salem saw the universe divided into clear kingdom of power: good vs. immorality. In this instance. the storyteller suggests that the wood was seen as the kingdom where immorality prevailed ; the town is the kingdom where good. or God. prevailed.

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”The Crucible” by Arthur Miller Sample Essay
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Quote # 2
MRS. PUTNAM: Reverend Parris. I have laid seven babes unbaptized in the Earth. Believe me. sir. you ne’er saw more hearty babes born. And yet. each would wither in my weaponries the really dark of their birth. I have spoke nothin’ . but my bosom has clamored hints. And now. this twelvemonth. my Ruth. my lone – I see her turning unusual. A secret kid she has become this twelvemonth. and shrivels like a sucking oral cavity were pullin’ on her life excessively. And so I thought to direct her to your Tituba- PARRIS: To Tituba! What may Tituba- ?

MRS. PUTNAM: Tituba knows how to talk to the dead. Mr. Parris. PARRIS: Dainty Ann. it is a formidable wickedness to raise up the dead! MRS. PUTNAM: I take it on my psyche. but who else may certainly state us what individual murdered my babes? PARRIS. horrified: Woman!

MRS. PUTNAM: They were murdered. Mr. Parris! And tag this cogent evidence! Last dark my Ruth were of all time so near to their small liquors ; I know it. sir. For how else is she struck dumb now except some power of darkness would halt her oral cavity? It is a fantastic mark. Mr. Parris! PUTNAM: Don’t you understand it. sir? There is a murdering enchantress among us. edge to maintain himself in the dark. ( I. 103-110 )


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