The Current Culture AffectsThe Professionalism In Braf Personnel Essay


‘The Oxford dictionary describes civilization as the thoughts, imposts, and societal behavior of a peculiar people or society. This means that when any group of people live and work together for any length of clip, they form and portion certain beliefs about what is right and proper. They set up behavior forms based on their beliefs, and their actions frequently become affairs of wont that they follow routinely[ 1 ]. These beliefs and forms of behavior combine to organize an administration ‘s civilization.

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The Current Culture AffectsThe Professionalism In Braf Personnel Essay
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Culture is reflected in the manner in which people in an administration execute their undertakings, set their aims and use resources to accomplish them. Culture besides affects people in their decision-making, thought, feelings and actions in response to chances and menaces.

Professionalism is one of the four nucleus values stated in the MINDEF and RBAF Core Values and Leadership Qualities Handbook ( from this point on will be known as the Handbook ) . In the Handbook ‘s context, professionalism means the efficiency, accomplishments, continuity, cognition, dedication and moralss required in transporting out responsibilities and duties. Being professional enhances a individual ‘s accomplishments in exposing efficient, effectual and important teamwork.

The purpose of this essay is to discourse how civilization affects professionalism in the RBAF forces. This essay will explicate effects of several of the cardinal patterns stated in the Handbook, be it good or bad, of civilization on professionalism patterns in RBAF forces in general. For easiness of understanding this essay will categorize the patterns into 4 headers:

work and moralss,

mentality and beliefs,

physical facets

engineering understanding.

This essay will besides supply with method/s on how an administration like the RBAF can advance and efficaciously circulate its intended civilization to its forces, and besides how civilization alteration can impact the RBAF.

A. Work and moralss

A individual, harmonizing to the Handbook, should ever transport out his responsibilities professionally for a squad that is efficient, effectual and relentless. He should ever construct teamwork and utilise entrusted resources expeditiously.

As the popular stating goes- ‘There is no I in TEAM ‘ . Everyone in the military plants toward his specific operational functions and in bend, supports the Ministry of Defence ‘s vision and mission. There is an bing tendency in the armed forces that a certain figure of forces adopt the ‘working 9 to 5 ‘ government. This means that they turn up for work merely to have their salary every month and pass every working twenty-four hours bring forthing the minimal end product of work. Small or no dedication every bit good as no committedness can be observed from these persons who would prefer to ‘sit still ‘ instead than travel the excess stat mi in executing their responsibilities. These persons would hold no ‘sense of belonging ‘ to an administration.

In this instance, in any Service in the RBAF, there has to be a plan or enterprise where forces are knowledgably exposed to the RBAF nucleus values and leading qualities and how they merge in sync with the Service ‘s operational vision and mission. Therefore in TUDB for illustration, an airman regardless of any rank would cognize how TUDB tantrums in the national defense mechanism scheme and how cognition from air power instruction can assist him lend efficaciously to TUDB ‘s cause, therefore would better from the civilization that some, if non a great figure, of RBAF forces presently have.

B. Mindset and beliefs

This class revolves around the thought that a individual should work diligently, be painstaking, careful and dedicated in everything that he does. He should ever endeavor to accomplish in heightening the head and cognition.

Motivation, dedication and committedness go manus in manus. A individual may hold little sums of each or may be full of all three. Our administration strives to instil the fullest sense of motive, dedication and committedness in every force in order to accomplish maximal productiveness and efficiency.

There are a figure of forces who may believe that since they can non vie with the ‘fast path ‘ persons, they would instead stand back and set their work efficiency to hold. They would get down to hold a sense of no intent in working difficult and get down to go de-motivated. Persons like these need to cognize that every ounce of difficult work can take to wagess and acknowledgments in many signifiers. De-motivated persons are largely 1s with low self-prides and hapless values. There should be a figure of programmes instilled in assisting to turn personal values in RBAF forces. Departments like the Counselling Centre and the Military Religious Department would be able to lend greatly in this facet.

On the other terminal of the spectrum, there are besides persons that apparently look to make a batch of work and/or set abouting irrelevant undertakings merely to acquire the attending of top direction. They do these things merely to do a name for themselves and ascents rapidly up the ladder of calling promotion. This can be viewed as making the right things for the incorrect grounds. Some could reason that this should non be taken in a negative visible radiation. In layperson ‘s footings, we see it as ‘ass snoging ‘ , but if it does non impact running of the administration or for the improvement of it, so it should be seen in a positive visible radiation. From a successful direction ‘s point of position, particularly those on a managerial degree, those who ‘appear to make a batch of work ‘ ( presumptively acquiring his inferiors to make work for him ) are deemed to hold smart direction. This civilization would be merely termed as ‘lazy civilization ‘ even though it may assume to be an effectual 1.

The United States Air Force Core Values booklet provinces that “ Service before ego Tells us that professional responsibilities take precedency over personal desires. ” All forces have to understand and instil in themselves that making the right things for the right grounds is what will gain them wagess and acknowledgment. Management at all degrees in the armed forces have to understand and appreciate these difficult work accomplished by their subsidiaries and give recognition where it is due.

A solution to the motive, committedness and dedication issue was highlighted by His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Negara Brunei Darussalam in his titah during the RBAF ‘s forty-eighth anniversary jubilation. His Majesty ‘truly hoped that full attending to be given to attempts in heightening the degree of professionalism and added value in forces ‘ . For this, he added, ‘it would be now the clip to reexamine the calling development construction and footings of battle ‘ . This reappraisal has been started and will be on the brink of completion for the improvement of all forces and their callings. With this inaugural entirely, it may assist with bettering the current civilization impacting the mentality and beliefs in RBAF forces.

Among the factors which contribute to a healthy organizational clime, high morale and motive, is the extent to which members of staff have a sense of committedness to the administration[ 2 ].

C. Physical facets

The Handbook states that a individual should ever endeavor to continue or keep basic soldiering accomplishments throughout his service. He should besides endeavor to continue physical strength.

Developing physical and heightening physical fittingness originated from the twenty-four hours a individual enlists in the military. Alongside larning the basic military accomplishments such as subject, drill and arms handling, throughout the 6-month preparation ( 3 months for females ) physical fittingness plays an of import function whereby a individual ‘s natural wellness and fittingness is developed and maintained. This physical portion of fittingness should of course be adopted and carried over to when forces enter their careers in the Services.

A distressing tendency presently observed is the overall wellness and physical turnout of certain persons, who do non look to care about what nutrient they consume and make all kinds of alibis of non holding clip to exert. There is besides a tendency in certain persons that they merely run for the interest of making their Basic Fitness trial ( BFT ) twice in a twelvemonth every bit good as having their one-year fillips.

This issue is being handled by the RBAF Performance Optimisation Centre, or POC, where Body Mass Index ( BMI ) ordinances will be put into consequence get downing January 2011. Under these ordinances, forces who are officially classed as corpulence or corpulent will be put on probation for a fit period of clip. They will undergo a conditioning programme formulated by POC. The POC besides will be carry oning wellness and nutrition route shows and briefings to bring forth consciousness in endeavoring towards a healthy life style. These enterprises would assist better the current ‘unhealthy ‘ civilization easy, but certainly.

D. Technology understanding

One pattern that is mentioned in the Handbook is that a individual should use advanced techniques in transporting out duties. The Handbook besides mentions that a individual should ever endeavor himself with cognition and accomplishments in enabling use of Information Technology or IT in the workplace.

Harmonizing to the Defence White Paper Update 2007, “ capableness development of the RBAF in the short to average term will concentrate on:

bid, control, communications, calculating and intelligence ( C4I ) ;

specific capableness sweetenings maximizing operational end product for precedence strategic


 a coherent scheme for national support and

progressive debut of a comprehensive preparation construction ” .

The Defence White Paper Update 2007 besides states “ capableness sweetening is non merely the acquisition of extra platforms, but besides encompasses all facets of capableness including organizational alteration, forces and preparation, and supply and support agreements ” . However, the RBAF should be able to cognize what type of capableness that it will get to accommodate the demands as stated in the Defence White Paper and non merely purchase for the interest of looking good and bury the indispensable affairs such as investing degree and the returns of the acquired capableness. There are cases where capableness has been acquired in hastiness and issues arose subsequently such as after gross revenues care, credibleness of the marketer every bit good as the military-worthiness of the capableness or equipment. A strong point was mentioned in the Defence White Paper Update 2007 in that capableness development should ‘encompass all facets of capableness including organizational alteration, forces and preparation, and supply and support agreements ‘ .

We are presently populating in the modern age in engineering where it is apparent that a turning figure of forces ain laptops and the agencies to link to the cyberspace. This is good civilization in that it promotes the usage of engineering and develops a individual ‘s typewriting accomplishments and runing assorted package applications presently besides used in the workplace. It besides inculcates a sense of self-help, where a individual can merely travel to web sites like Google and happen out information for himself. This can besides be bad civilization where forces can be distracted from their primary responsibilities by passing excessively much clip shoping the cyberspace and making things that are non work related. This would besides take to an unhealthy civilization of cunctation.

Other than reding all forces on the proper ways to use IT in the workplace, relevant IT governments must invent a program to do the healthy use of IT in the RBAF more user friendly. This will advance a healthy working civilization where everyone can pass on more expeditiously and bring forth better working productiveness within the recognized boundaries in the administration. The bing intranet demands to be improved and good controlled for more effectual communicating methods. This would assist instil a sense of good communicating ties and coherence. This would besides advance and better from the current civilization into a more productive one.

Culture Change

“ When the way of the air current alterations, some ( people ) build walls, some ( people ) make windmills. ”

– Chinese Proverb.

Simply explained, the old Chinese adage above provinces that when a alteration is brought about or introduced in an administration, the normal reaction from its forces is the either resist the alteration to the full ( construct walls ) or do full usage of it to assist them and their administration better themselves. The adage mentioned above shows a close perfect image on every force ‘s modus operandi in the RBAF.

Solutions to issues raised in this essay have merely one obstruction – opposition to alter. For civilization to even get down to alter, a serious issue/s or problem/s must go on. A few illustrations of these issues and jobs have been mentioned already. This will raise a ‘wake up call ‘ to the administration, peculiarly the top direction and realise that necessary stairss and actions need to be taken. It is of import to observe that it takes old ages for a certain coveted civilization to organize and therefore would take merely as more clip to alter civilization. The RBAF and its top direction have to gain this and understand that the coveted civilization has to ‘sink in ‘ in all forces before expected end product in productiveness happens.

The civilization of an administration can be changed, but it may non be easy. Strong leading and vision is ever required to defend the alteration procedure. If an administration is in existent trouble, and the menace to its endurance is clearly recognised, behaviour can be changed through fright and necessity. However, people may non experience comfy and committed to the alterations they accept or are coerced into accepting[ 3 ].

Culture alteration has to get down organize the top. And it has. The top direction has expressed the purpose of the administration to alter and better the RBAF ‘s professionalism. It is assumed that this alteration will non merely be from the top degree to the lower degree, but besides from the bottom degree to the top.

Once alteration has been implemented and embraced by everyone in the RBAF, it has to be maintained by exerting the needed behavior, attitudes and beliefs. Although the needed attitudes and beliefs may non alter in the RBAF, but that does intend that behavior will besides alter. Coming up with a set of organizational beliefs and the relevant attitudes needs the behavior to do it a world. Likewise, the Handbook was published non merely for insouciant reading, but to inform all forces of the attitudes and beliefs that are required of them. This will, in bend, do them develop the appropriate behavior to follow these attitudes and beliefs.

“ There is nil incorrect with alteration, if it is in the right way ”

-Winston Churchill


This essay has identified traits of civilization, both good and bad, that exist in RBAF forces and how they affect the individual person every bit good as the overall administration ‘s professionalism. The good traits of the current civilization can be kept and developed whilst the bad traits has to be removed and replaced by better 1s.

Culture in the RBAF is reflected by the attitudes, beliefs and behavior of its forces. If direction efficaciously disseminates the needed attitudes, beliefs and behavior of its forces, so the needed civilization will follow suit.

With the being of the Handbook, civilization will either alteration or better for the improvement of the RBAF and in bend, so will the professionalism. In an administration like the RBAF, the civilization of ‘how things are done here ‘ should non be. Alternatively the RBAF should be an administration that possesses a civilization that includes elements such as beliefs, nucleus values, moralss, and regulations of behavior. Although civilization is something we can non physically see, it evident in how we set about transporting out our primary responsibilities and in bend, displays the true degree of professionalism.


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