The Current Expansion Strategy Essay

Honda was started by Soichiro Honda in the 40s after having his first contract with Toyota in fabricating Piston ring. Since in school, Soichiro Honda started developing Piston ring in order to acquire a contract with Toyota. His finding had bring Honda into today ‘s success, Fail for so many times, Soichiro Honda ne’er give up and go on his dream and successfully acquire the contract with Toyota. Honda Motor Company produces non merely autos as known by and large but besides produces path, minibike, watercraft and those gasoline engines. Alternatively, Honda is the universe largest engine maker ( Ronnie, 2009 )

Started in Japan, Honda expand into many other state utilizing different sort of entry manner includes Foreign Direct investing, exporting, confederations and joint ventures. At first, around 1970 ‘s Honda enter into USA market by exporting the N600 which say to be the fastest at that clip. In 1976, Honda continues spread outing in USA by constructing auto works is Accord works in Marysville. Today, Honda has sum of three works in Ohio where the other two is located at Alabama and South Carolina. ( Ronnie, 2009 )

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The Current Expansion Strategy Essay
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Honda is a successful car which is maker ‘s lawnmowers, power equipment, bikes, and generators. Therefore, Honda has opened its doors to the franchising market. After Honda was franchising it market, Honda was uninterrupted successful in car industry. With an set uping trade name name of Honda, the franchisees can acquire the acknowledgment from the clients. They can easy to the franchisees to get down making their concern.

The Honda franchisees are required to pay Honda franchise at least $ 250,000. As a return, Honda franchisees are able to name everything you need and want from the franchise trade before you sign the understanding. In add-on, Honda franchise besides has taken good attention to the franchisees. They have provides 2 hebdomad preparation class for new franchise proprietors. This can able the new franchisees to larn how to run the concerns. Besides that, Honda Franchise besides has give the on-going support for the franchise through cyberspace and on-line support, regular visits, newssheets and meetings and so on. The Honda Franchisees can use their owns construct to the concern, but they need to discourse with the Honda franchise foremost earlier use it.

In 2010, Harley-Davidson and American Honda Motor Company were announced to be amalgamation as one which is known as Honda-Davidson Motor Company. The amalgamation happened when the American Honda Motor Company was completed purchase of 51 % of Harley-Davidson stock. With the amalgamation, Honda-Davidson Motor Company was promised to supply the most comprehensive line of Motorcycles to the clients. The combination of both companies will go on to supplying the universe with the highest quality bikes. Besides that, the new company besides researching the chances to supply extra theoretical accounts that combines the best of both former companies. Honda -Nowadays, Davidson Motor Company is the lone major U.S.- based bike maker, produces heavyweight bikes and a complete line of bikes parts, accoutrements and general ware in united province.

2.0 Current Expansion Scheme

Expansion scheme may here be referred to market entry scheme which is normally used by companies to venture and spread out their concerns to other state. Before perforating to other states ‘ market, companies must do certain that they have sufficient fiscal resources and the nature of the merchandises or services must suit into civilization group of that peculiar state. Having ranked for 3rd largest Nipponese cars, Honda is able to spread out it concerns across Asiatic states such as Thailand, Taiwan, China, India and Indonesia. ( How To Enter China, 2000 ) Knowing the importance of international trade, different entry manner schemes have been adopted by Honda in respond to different states.

In Malaysia, Honda has a joint venture company named Boon Siew Honda Sdn Bhd which formed 50/50 between Honda Motor Co. Ltd and Oriental Holdings Bhd. ( Boon Siew Honda profile,2012 ) The joint venture understanding was formed in 2008 which means that Honda has expanded its concerns in Malaysia through joint venture. Aside of Boon Siew Honda Sdn Bhd which entirely trades on bikes, Honda has expanded its automotive concern through joint venture scheme. Presently, Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a joint venture company formed by DRB-HICOM Bhd, Honda Motor Co. Ltd and Oriental Holdings Bhd. ( Honda Malaysia profile,2012 ) The chief ground Honda to utilize joint venture scheme to spread out its concerns in Malaysia is to diversify the concern hazards. Having said that, utilizing joint venture scheme as an enlargement scheme can cut down the hazard of by organizing alliance with other companies in host state.

Besides that, Honda has besides expanded its “ kingdom ” utilizing foreign direct investing in Taiwan. A works was built by Honda in Taiwan in 1961 prior to bring forth autos and has made Taiwan to go major manufacturers of bike for Honda. ( How To Enter China, 2000 ) This allows the company to export most of the bikes to other states such as China, Europe and Middle East. The chief ground Honda to construct its fabrication works in Taiwan is to cut down exports of bikes from Japan. Foreign direct investing has besides benefited Honda in a sense that the company can hold better control over the works in Taiwan at the same clip achieved economic systems of graduated table.

In Thailand, Honda practiced foreign direct investing which has formed Asia Honda Motor Co. Ltd in 1964. ( How To Enter China, 2000 ) The works set up in Ayutthaya, Thailand aimed to bring forth bikes and export to Asiatic states. In add-on, Thailand ‘s works has more production capacity which has contributed to major exports across Asia. Particularly in Thailand, Honda has obtained a market portion more than 60 % . This is because the Honda trade name acknowledgment in host state is high and this has led to local support for Honda.

In China, the entry scheme proposed by Honda is slightly unfamiliar to other states. Honda has used equity joint venture scheme which has formed 2 joint venture companies named GuangZhou Honda Automobile Co. Ltd and Dongfeng Honda Engine Co. Ltd severally. ( How To Enter China, 2000 ) In the interim, Honda has 50 % of interest in each of these joint venture companies which has allowed Honda to hold partial control over these two companies. In recent old ages, gross revenues of Honda autos in China were awfully declined by 5 % compared to the clip the company foremost entered China. The worsening sale was caused by the high demand of low-priced autos produced in China. Another ground was due to the bing competitions in China which consists of several “ large ” participants such as Toyota, Nissan and Mercedes.

By and large talking, Honda is following low-risk enlargement schemes in the first topographic point to measure market respond of a peculiar state. After constructing up the trade name acknowledgment, the company will make up one’s mind whether to spread out further in that peculiar state. This can be seen when Honda formed a joint venture company in Malaysia to market its bikes to Malaysian. After measuring the profitableness of the merchandises, Honda started to sell luxury autos such as Honda City and Honda Civic. This could hold helped Honda to cut down the hazard of “ losing everything ” suggesting a joint venture scheme in the first topographic point. Foreign direct investing is used by Honda in Taiwan and Vietnam to increase the production of bikes and autos to increase exports. At the same clip, increased production will assist Honda to carry through the demands of other importing states.

3.0 Future Expansion Strategy

As reference in the old portion of the assignment we can see Honda with extraordinary enlargement scheme has allowed the company group to prevail in the extremely competitory universe market particularly against domestic rival. These enlargement scheme though practical and effectual are in some manner deficiency of aggressive to vie with other car MNC ( transnational corporation ). Since Honda is originated from Japan we decided to compare Honda with its domestic rival such as Nissan and Toyota.

For decennaries Honda has been compete with Nissan and Toyota domestically and abroad, nevertheless till this twenty-four hours Honda still maintain the place of Number 3 right after Toyota the first and Nissan, second. This comparing leting us to recognize that the prosperity of Honda is still in behind this two transnational car giant. As such below we will supply some entry manners schemes for future enlargement for Honda based on some planetary market that we have analyses.

3.1 South Korea an overview

Take Korea into consideration. Honda has already exporting autos to Korea for a decennary and nevertheless the gross revenues there are ever below the net income border until Honda are no longer anticipating high returns on Korea market. In existent fact, non merely Honda are making unwell in S.Korea most Nipponese MNC had a difficult clip perforating S.Korea market due to war history between Korea and Japan to be the chief ground why Korean are less trusting on Nipponese merchandises. However based on our cognition Korea is a really possible market, and Honda should utilize joint venture in Korea to prevail where other Nipponese rival failed.

Why South Korea? There are some facts that indulge all investors in the universe to put in South Korea market. South Korea is the universe ‘s largest democracy & A ; among the strongest emerging markets in all concern field. Furthermore, it has liberalized economic system with 300 million in the in-between category bracket, with good matured fiscal and securities market and tried judicial systems. Apart from that, Seoul capital of South Korea is turning with tremendous velocity to vie with universe most successful metropolis including New York and London, financially.

With the sound potency of the market, allow us look at the action of the authorities of South Korea, foremost it is a WTO member committed to supplying chance to the planetary market. The Korean Government is invariably undertaking reforms in every sector with Infrastructure Sector having Government ‘s fullest attending, the S.Korea authorities besides permits foreign investing virtually in every sector of the economic system. Majority foreign equity, even up to 100 per cent in some sectors, is encouraged and particular investing inducements are provided.

In short South Korea is a possible Market that Honda should non overlook due to the points below,

Large pool of educated land expertness of work force in South Korea.

Disposable income is continuously increasing with the economic system turning at more than 8.5 % p.a.

Cities dining with universe category incorporate substructure.

South Korea has possible to pull more than US $ 100 billion over following five old ages.

Potential for creative activity of near 1 Million direct and indirect occupations each twelvemonth.

As for now that the certainty of South Korea was an enlargement market. A suited spouse must be recognized in Korea to let the joint venture to be successful. Our group varies in proposing a spouse but agreed that Asia motor is among the best to Joint Venture with Honda to make a Asia-Honda venture.

We select Asia motor for a legion grounds, foremost its technology capableness, Asia motor founded in 1965 is one of South Korea most extremely reputable car industry concentrating in medium and large sizes vehicle is the best spouse for both Asia Motor and Honda to perforate into a new market. Beside that, relevancy and saliency of Asia Motor trade name is besides one of the nucleus grounds in choosing Asia Motor, furthermore its company distribution web as of since 1965 have been matured and commanding big traffic in sense of party needed in a successful web. Last the company besides announces with good map internally such as low turnover rate. These points leting us to believe that Asia-Honda ventures is traveling to turn out all right. As such we recommended Joint ventures in South Korea due to its possible and Honda hereafter development.

3.2 Exporting

Exporting is non a new term for Honda. In fact Honda had been an expert in exporting worldwide where any topographic point u name it, every bit long as there is demand, cargo of Honda autos can straight direct to your trader or place in no clip. Using exporting as chief enlargement scheme for Honda is a success for many decennaries, nevertheless they have ever overlook what their rivals are making. Toyota are utilizing this enlargement scheme every bit good an if Honda is an expert in exporting autos, Toyota is a grandmaster.

When we suggest export as Honda future enlargement scheme we realizes the fact that Honda are making it now, good, but non good plenty. In this instance we suggest that Honda uses this enlargement scheme, exporting in a whole new market incursion instead than the traditional car/motor vehicle market. We suggest aircraft market incursion worldwide. If we look at Honda current research on auto, we will detect that Honda had a really success researched on intercrossed and fuel efficient engine presently concentrating on autos and motor vehicle, In fact, Honda GX NGV is termed as the cleanest auto on Earth every bit far as centralised agitation engines are concerned, use that to an aircraft and we have a whole new degree of aeroplane.

Competition in the aircraft industries are High, dominated largely by Boeing and follow up by airbus it will ne’er be easy as it suggest in the study, but opportunities are at that place to spread out worldwide in a whole new classs of market. Proposing in exporting in aircraft is non bold for Honda there has been a history for Honda in aircraft development since the 80 ‘s.

Harmonizing to the information we acquired on the cyberspace and book research, Honda had been study little sized concern jets in the since 1980s, utilizing engines from other makers. The Honda MH02A was fabricated and assembled at Mississippi State University ‘s Raspet Flight Research Laboratory in the late eightiess and early 1990s. The MH02 was a paradigm utilizing complexs with an organic matrix. Since that a paradigm of Honda Jet had been on the development.

The Honda Jet made its inaugural flight in December 2003. It debuted to the populace at theA EAA Air Venture air showA inA Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in July 2005. On July 25, 2006, Honda returned to Oshkosh to denote it would commercialize the Honda Jet. Honda established theA Honda Aircraft CompanyA to seek both type and production enfranchisement of the Honda Jet. Production is to take topographic point in the United States. The company estimated the gross revenues would be about 70 to 100 per annum.

The enfranchisement of aircraft ( FAA ) A is expected to follow about August 2011. Delivery of the first plane is planned for the 3rd one-fourth of 2012. In recent event, the Viking innovators had been utilizing Honda aircraft engine as their Viking aircraft engine and it had been a immense success and it is considerable that a Viking aircraft engine is the lone modern and moderately priced aircraft engine available today.

Honda has make a dead growing in autos and car industry worldwide. If Honda start exporting aircraft as their new enlargement scheme it might became one of the rival for Boeing and victory in a whole new market degree.

3.3 Strategic Alliance

Honda should use scheme confederation as its future enlargement scheme to come in the new market. Through scheme confederation, all the car company can work together to accomplish same end by utilizing the least resources as they portion the resources, information, capablenesss and hazards to accomplish it. One of the successful illustrations by utilizing scheme confederation is Yahoo and Sina. They teamed up together to offer auction service in China. This partnership will leverage both companies ‘ several users ‘ bases as Sina has 83million registered users while Yahoo ‘s expertness and engineering to back up the auction platform. Therefore, Honda need use scheme confederation with others automobile company such as Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz and others. Through this, Honda and others automobile company can portion their technique cognition to deciding the particular job or avoiding the basic error, develop a better map of auto, design of auto which better than earlier. For illustrations, Honda remembering over 172,000 vehicles because of door latch issue during July, 2012.

Furthermore, Honda besides can utilize the scheme confederation to establish of engineering campus or college, so that Honda might non confront deficiency of labour force job in future. Honda can enroll the possible pupil as their technician after they graduate straight. It might non allow the possible technician employ by others automobile company if Honda has the chances to make so such as holding contract to the possible pupils by supplying scholarship to them. Besides, institute of engineering campus or college can supply the specific plan which require by Honda to develop the pupil so that pupil is more familiar to Honda company occupation range after they graduate. One of the illustrations is HP is partnership with UoPeople ( university of the people ), which provides UoPeople pupils the chance to use for internship to work with the HP Catalyst Initiative.

4.0 Decision

Globalization is a compulsory for every company in order to be able to remain competitory in the market. Those without it can be easy kicked out from the market. Every bank in the universe is someway connected even though they are from different company. Two different companies with different civilization can amalgamation in order to derive win-win net income. This is why globalisation is of import. Honda is besides the same. In order to better the Research and Development for autos in China, Honda has joint venture with GS Yuasa Formalize Li-Ion. Successful enlargement had make the success of Honda today.

Every state has its ain civilization and authorities regulations. Different attacks might be utile to one and non to the other. hence, it is of import to research on the specific state before utilizing different enlargement schemes into the country. To conclude, sometimes different civilizations, different norms and different regulations and ordinance might ensue in struggle. However, foreign market is much more good to put in comparison to the local market. Is tougher, and more rival but more profitable.


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