The Customer Service Satisfaction Commerce Essay

As the Customer Service Branch Chief, I am devoted to guaranting client satisfaction criterions are met and group coherence is established within my squad. I am cognizant that client ailments are on the rise and assure you that action will be taken to rectify the issue. The intent of this memo is to supply you with my diagnosing placing the cause of the group disfunction within the client service subdivision and my recommendation of a class of action that would heighten teamwork, public presentation and increase client satisfaction.


The client service satisfaction is bit by bit decreasing and the figure of client ailments has been increasing in the Customer Service Branch. As you are cognizant, the Customer Service Branch is composed of a diverse work force of five client service representatives ( CSR ) . The persons range in age, abilities, accomplishments and experience. The group is a heterogenous group composed of members with different societal backgrounds, instruction, and expertness which can increase productiveness, but can besides make struggle amongst group members.

One of the chief observations is the group ‘s deficiency of societal interaction and communicating with each other. The employees do non help each other with undertakings and have minimum coaction. The group is besides made up of multiple coevalss runing from retirement ready workers to new college alumnuss. For illustration, Jane and Larry are older employees than Ted, Mary and Mamie. The coevals and age difference creates struggle in the workplace between the employees. In add-on, there appears to be a batch of interpersonal struggle between persons which besides impedes group development. The employees do non associate to each other and have any signifier of work relationship within the group. This impedes communicating and group coherence. Employees are non comfy with each other to inquire for aid or supply support. In his book, “ The Five Dysfunctions of a Team ” , Patrick Lencioni describes the undermentioned five disfunctions in a squad which may use to the CSR ‘s. :

Absence of Trust

Fear of struggle

Lack of committedness

Unwillingness to keep each other accountable.

Inattention to consequences

The group possesses the bulk of these disfunctions such as deficiency of trust and committedness for each other. Rather than a squad, the staff is a aggregation of persons. The group lacks work group socialisation since persons act on their ain versus seeking to work towards cut downing the client ailments as a squad. Champoux states that “ high degrees of tensionA during interpersonal interactions, an hostility between parties are all marks of dysfunctionally high struggle ” ( Champoux, 2011 ) . The work environment is negative and the persons do non look to acquire along nor have any relationships or sentiments towards each other. The office besides lacks group norms that tell the employees what acceptable behaviour is. The group besides lacks the societal construction that identify their several functions in supplying client service to our clients. In add-on, the group is besides non a squad. There are differences between a group and a squad. Some of the differences are in their goal-orientation, their synergism, their answerability, and their accomplishment applications ( Week 4 Lecture ) . Group communications normally revolve around the sharing ends and information to assist each other to execute within each one ‘s country of duty. Teams, on the other manus, work together as a unit to execute maps normally within assorted countries of duty ( hebdomad 4 ) , which are all things this group is missing.


My leading scheme involves being employee centered and path-goal oriented. My class of action is to supply clear counsel on the organisation ‘s vision, mission and values, every bit good as developing the employees as a squad and separately. The first measure is placing to the group PrimeCell ‘s vision statement, mission statement and values and guaranting the group understand them. The vision and mission provide strategic way and intent to the organisation every bit good as depicting how the organisation operates. The organisation ‘s end is to supply exceeding client service to our clients and increase stockholder net incomes. In order to make this, client ailments must worsen.

The following measure would be placing the group ‘s organisation construction, norms and single functions. After the group construction is identified, I will run into with each person to discourse the values and norms established. During this treatment, I will besides be measuring the employees and puting public presentation criterions every bit good as discoursing personal ends and alining them to the organisation ‘s end of cut downing client ailments. In add-on, during this meeting the employees will be made cognizant of the values and criterions of PrimeCell and what is considered appropriate behaviour in the workplace and how to act like a winning squad. In add-on, to advance group coherence and teamwork I will realine occupation responsibilities so persons rely on each other to finish undertakings and supply squad edifice accomplishments preparation and activities. The group behaviour will be monitored to during group phase development to guarantee tenseness, clash and struggle is reduced. An inducements and wagess plan will be implemented and positive behaviour accomplished as a squad will be rewarded to farther promote group coherence and teamwork.


The initial ends are to set up guidelines, trust, communicating and support to make an effectual squad. The constitution of clear guidelines is indispensable for employees to understand and follow in order to give employees a standard base of operations. Bing clear about the group ‘s organisational construction, functions, duties, mission, and ends can do a large difference in how successful a group is ( Simon-Brown 1999 ) . A construction exists when the group decides and agrees on the functions and duties of the group members. Therefore, a specific function and extra duties may be given to some of the employees ; for illustration, Larry and Jane will be assigned as Senior Customer Service Representatives or Team Leads. This position construction would assist develop the group ‘s communicating web and make some interaction within the employees. This will besides let group members to seek extra counsel and aid out of the norm from within the group. Champoux ( 2011 ) , states that “ a group ‘s construction can impact its members and the public presentation of the group ” ; hence, organisational construction would be good in the Customer Service Branch.

To farther addition trust and communicating between myself and the employees, every bit good as with each other, unfastened duologue and communicating will be established within the group. This will let relationships and sentiments towards each other to organize and swear will be established amongst the persons. Champoux ( 2011 ) states that a cohesive group has members who are attracted to the group ‘s undertaking and other members of the group, so the end will be to supply experiences where the employees are able to link and develop working relationships with each other. Group coherence within squad consequences in several positive results such as high public presentation ends and higher degree of coherence which is a winning state of affairs for the organisation. Harmonizing to Wright & A ; Drewery ( 2002 ) , cohesive groups by and large seem to surpass non-cohesive groups. They province that one of the ways in which this occurs is through communicating. They found that as group members communicate openly, they make a committedness toward group ends and run in a flexible and motivative mode, which consequences in greater coherence. In add-on, the interaction between group members led to a higher degree of coherence. As people were engaged in conversation and interacted more often they began to go more attracted to each other, finding common involvements and developing a deeper degree of emotional fond regard.

To increase the potency of cohesive group formation, I will reconstitute occupation activities to let interaction among the group members. This will make chances of communicating and coaction. Throughout old ages of survey, coherence has been the most of import result among little groups ( Wright & A ; Drewery, 2002 ) . Harmonizing to Champoux ( 2011 ) , “ compatibility of group members in both demands and personality can take to higher group productiveness ” . Therefore, when members are non compatible with each other and do non portion the same demands and ends, struggle within a group increases.

A diverse work force is indispensable for high public presentation. Research shows that although compatibility can take to high public presentation, groups with members of diverse abilities who apply those abilities to group undertakings are besides effectual ( Champoux, 2011 ) . Group behavior research suggests that differences among group members cause persons to interact in ways that may heighten or weaken group public presentation. Dissimilarities among members may do the development of negative attitudes about work groups, taking to dysfunctional public presentation ( Valenti & A ; Rockett, 2008 ) . By run intoing with the persons I will be placing their specific demands and ends and discoursing my public presentation criterions and outlooks of teamwork in cut downing the client ailments. The execution of the inducement plan will enable me to utilize the single demands to supply intrinsic and extrinsic motive. Teamwork and group coherence will be enhanced by honoring positive group behaviour.


My employee-centered leading manner will concentrate on the people, their personal success and will do the employees feel valued. In add-on, the path-goal theory would help employees in making the end of cut downing client ailments. The ultimate end is to make an independent work squad that works toward a specific end, such as cut downing client ailments and increasing client service, with minimum influence from direction. This empowers the employees and allows them to put their ends and be responsible for accomplishing those ends. In this state of affairs, the squad will hold more control in set uping internal ends and work patterns that guide the way the squad wants to take. The execution of squad edifice exercisings and occupation activities will promote more interaction with each other would assist with the group formation every bit good. I will be glad to discourse my class of action with you during our hebdomadal meeting and have your feedback and recommendations.


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