The Dancing Experience Essay

I love to dance. Dancing is my thing and I’ve been involved with dance ever since I was young. When I dance, I feel free, I’m into it and I have good feelings whenever I’m into it and I have good feelings whenever I’m doing it. Also, I love music and music plays a big role with dancing. I joined my first dancing class when I was five years old I loved it. Ever since that, I’ve continued to attend dance classes as years passed by. I’ve done ballet, jazz, tap and hip-hop. I presently take dance class in high school and I love it.

I love it because we do different kinds of dances and the class is just too fun. We’ve done different things in dance class whether it was the teacher teaching us a dance and or when it was the students coming up with our own dances. That which I enjoyed the most! Through out my whole experience in dance class, what I disliked the most was when we had to stretch at the beginning of each class because all I wanted to do always was get straight to the dancing and just dance away but then again, the stretching was good for our bodies.

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The Dancing Experience Essay
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I would definitely recommend this class to others because it is really fun and it is good for you especially if you love to dance because you’re doing something that you love and you could better yourself in it too for future opportunities. One of the things that I liked the most in dance class is when we did a dance activity where you and a partner had to make up a short piece of choreography and the two people had to face and reflect each other like a mirror image. That was very interesting to me because I liked the way it looked while dancing.

It gave a wicked effect. I really enjoyed the dance activity where everybody had to get into groups of five and had a certain amount of time to make up a dance to whatever song the teacher chose for us and whichever dance team had the least amount of votes got eliminated every time. This activity was very exciting because it had me thinking and imagining that I was on a reality dance show like America’s Best dance crew’’. I also liked this dance activity because it helped me improve on my ability to choreograph dance moves.


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