The Definition Of Enterpreneur Essay

In order to work out many jobs today, there is a demand of entrepreneurial activity on a big graduated table both in the private and the public sectors. There is a great importance of entrepreneurship in the economic pattern in Mauritius and the inquiry readily arises: What is its function in the economic system and how does it develop?

Entrepreneurship is non for everyone. It is hazardous and is filled with uncertainness. The enterpriser should larn to pull off the ups and downs, that is, the successes and failures related to any concern endeavor. Most of all, one must be passionate and wholly committed to a long-run success. A true and calling oriented enterpriser can and will ne’er give up easy.

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The Definition Of Enterpreneur Essay
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Entrepreneurship has a broad scope of significances. Before specifying this construct it is really of import to specify what is meant by an enterpriser and an endeavor.

The word enterpriser originates from the Gallic word, entreprendre, which means ‘to undertake. ‘ An enterpriser is a individual who owns and operates a concern endeavor. He or she takes all the hazards involved in the operation of the endeavor. Harmonizing to the economic experts, an enterpriser is considered to be among the factors of production. It is considered as the 4th factor of production. Computers, nomadic phones, rinsing machines, ATMs, Credit cards are all illustrations of entrepreneurial thoughts that got converted into merchandises and services.

Entrepreneur can be defined by different persons as follows:

David McClleland ( 1961 ) : An enterpriser is a individual with a high demand for accomplishment. He is energetic and a moderate hazard taker.

Peter Drucker ( 1964 ) : An enterpriser hunts for alteration, responds to it and exploits chances. Innovation is a specific tool of an enterpriser hence an effectual enterpriser converts a beginning into a resource.

An endeavor is usually started by an enterpriser. Entrepreneurship is the procedure of creative activity. There is the presence of an histrion and an act in the procedure of entrepreneurship. The histrion is the enterpriser and the act is the entrepreneurship in this procedure. The consequence of the histrion and the act is called the endeavor.

An endeavor is a concern that is set up to recognize ends and aims. The chief ends for any types of endeavors are to maximise net incomes. An endeavor is created to bring forth goods or to supply services to its possible clients. An endeavor helps an economic system to a great extent as it creates employment and helps to better the economic system.

Harmonizing to Peter Drucker, entrepreneurship is defined as ‘a systematic invention which consists in the purposeful and organized hunt for alterations, and it is a systematic analysis of chances such as alterations might offer for economic and societal invention. ‘

Entrepreneurship is a procedure of action where an enterpriser establishes his endeavor. It is considered to be a originative activity to construct something from practically nil. The procedure of entrepreneurship is applicable both for little and large concern and to economic and non-economic activities.

Entrepreneurship is a dynamic and hazardous procedure. It is considered as hazardous because there is a immense sum which has been invested to get down up a new concern. The enterpriser does non cognize whether the concern will do a net income or non.

Entrepreneurship can besides be defined to cipher hazards with assurance to accomplish the ends and aims of the endeavor. The procedure of entrepreneurship is normally undertaken by an enterpriser.

Rs 500,000 Grant are being offered for Business Women
The Ministry of Business, Enterprise and Cooperatives is supplying a grant of Rs 500,000 to the Mauritius Women Entrepreneurs Cooperatives Federation. This grant is being given so as to authorise adult females enterprisers and to increase adult females engagement in making concern. This is an of import measure that is taken as it will assist to better the quality of the merchandises and services.

Therefore, if the Ministry continues to supply such an enterprise so there will be a rise in entrepreneurship. Many adult females will be encouraged to get down up their ain concerns.

Rs 3 Billion to Small and Medium Enterprises
There is a large undertaking to allow loans amounting Rs 3 billion which is spread over the following three old ages to little and average enterprisers. Recently, little and average endeavors have received Rs 1,292, 915, 639 worth of recognition from 14 Bankss during the period of 1 December 2011 to 31 July 2012.

One million rupee of loan will be awarded yearly. The chief elements of this strategy are as follows:

An involvement rate of 8.5 %

An freedom for all costs

An ‘equity fund ‘ amounting to Rs 50 million will be established to cover all hazards.

Banks will be allowed to claim tax write-offs on revenue enhancements in regard of bad debts without fall backing to a tribunal of jurisprudence. However, sing the freedom from revenue enhancement on bad debts, commercial Bankss in progress have the blessing of Mauritius Revenue Authority. The MRA will unfit any sum which is non proper.

Therefore, this will certainly promote more and more people to get down their ain endeavor as the Bankss are supplying them with loans with a low involvement rates. Furthermore, the Bankss are being guaranteed that if the enterprisers are non able to refund all their loans so the Bankss can be exempt from revenue enhancement.

Small Enterprise to Help Development for All ( SEHDA )
Small concern development is the anchor of any strong economic system. SEHDA helps to advance the development and growing of little concern in Mauritius. SEHDA supports new and bing concerns to recognize their capacity to run successfully. The duty of SEHDA is to advance and prolong little concern development through the proviso of all relevant services. These services include concern subject, fiscal and legal affairs every bit good as gross revenues and selling consultancy.

As SEHDA is supplying such a large aid, persons will non fear to get down their ain concern. They will be confident that with the aid of SEHDA, they will be able to run in an efficient and effectual manner.

Business activities on the rise
The figure of concern licences has been increased by approximately 4 % from 102, 424 in December 2010 to 106, 667 in December 2011. During this period, 6730 new licences were issued, the bulk of which 67 % were in industry group such as in sweeping and retail industry, fix of motor vehicles, personal and household goods.

Between December 2011, the figure of concern activities, computed as the figure of licences and enrollments after seting for activities that are both registered and accredited, has increased by around 4 % from 128, 671 to 133, 723. The territory of Plaines Wilhems had the highest figure of concern activities followed by the territory of Port Louis.

Therefore, these facts and figures show that there has been an increased in the figure of entrepreneurship in Mauritius.


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