The Development Of Society And Companies Commerce Essay

Increasingly, a batch of companies set up as the society develops ; different sorts of good disposal methods appeared to command the concern, in order to do it run better. Since the companies are fundamentally prosecuting money, they have to actuate their employees, by making those, the employees are more willing to work for them. Therefore, companies can do more money and achieve their ends by utilizing some theories. There is one common theory that many decision makers are willing to utilize, it is called ‘Taylor ‘s theory ‘ , which meant that all the employees should be motivated by money. Therefore the motivate method is set out by paying harmonizing to how much the workers had done ( NetMBA, 2010 ) . One good illustration is the Apple Company, every employee in the company will be able to borrow one computing machine after they had already worked for two months, and after 10 months, this employee can have the computing machine, this is the motive method Apple Company used to actuate their employees ( Zhuoling.H 2002 ) . This can be called fiscal motive. However, this method is non plenty for the companies, this essay will compare and contrast the other two theories — — -one was devised by McGregor, the other was accessed by Hertzburg. There will be advantages and disadvantages in doing these two theories in usage. The intent of this essay is to place them clearly and seek to happen out which method will be largely fit for the companies.

When mentioning to the usage of theory X and theory Y from Douglas McGregor. Theory X states that all workers are really lazy and they should be forced to work, if non, they will non be willing to be on responsibility and the company will endure greatly, while theory Y prefers that all employees can be motivated by different sorts of factors and they are responsible. When these two theories are combined together, they would make a great method to administer the employees, which means the employer can do some different sorts of schemes taking to different sorts of personalities so that the employees can be motivated efficaciously. For illustration, Theory X suggested that workers should be forced to work, while Theory Y preferred that employees could be motivated by different methods ( Hackman R. 1976 ) . Actually, there is no struggle between these two theories, theory X suggest that workers are lazy, combined with theory Y, one manner to actuate them is to set them into a higher place. For illustration, being a director may be a common manner in actuating the employees. Try to assure the employees that if they are making good, they can hold a rise. Otherwise, they may endure a batch. This can besides be called occupation enrichment, which means that the employees can try to make something higher than their current ability so that they may experience they are more of import, and they will work harder, in fact, this will be a good manner to actuate the workers. And it is traveling after those theories. If the workers are lazy and non willing to be on any responsibility, they can besides be motivated utilizing some other facets. This can be one of the illustrations for these two administering theory.

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The Development Of Society And Companies Commerce Essay
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Some other actuating methods such as occupation expansion and occupation rotary motion, occupation expansion means to allow the employees do more work in the same of a similar nature. ( Hall, D. et al 2008 ) For illustration, the employee may foremost major in doing french friess, but now, the employee may besides be responsible to work on the sauces, this may do them experience interesting because they are non making the same work repeatedly, so that they are more willing to work ; in conclusion, occupation rotary motion, which is similar to occupation expansion, nevertheless, there are still differences between them. Job rotary motion means that the employees can alter to another section from their original section, which will do them experience like they have different ability because they can both play of import parts in these sections. ( Hall, D. et al 2008 )

All the methods above were set out by a psychologist ( Herzberg, F.I. 1987 ) , hence, the theories above were specialized in covering with the employees ‘ psychological science, and this can be called as “ non-financial motive ” what is being introduced below is about the method of “ fiscal motive ” . It was set out by Hertzberg, for illustration, in this theory, Hertzberg set out some suggestions such as: To offer the employees some wellness insurance or wellness attention, when the employees are good cared, they will experience like they are really of import, and besides experience that this company is a trustable and dependable one because they can believe of caring the wellness of their employees. Another method is that the decision maker will offer the workers a better working environing so as to promote the employees, for illustration, a better working environing or some modern installations. Equally shortly as the employees are good encouraged, the working efficiency will be greatly increased and this will profit the company a batch. Furthermore, through these reasonable steps, the employees will be more responsible because they will experience like more satisfied with their occupation and they will give themselves into making the occupation to acquire more accomplishment, which is wholly suiting for the employer ‘s thought.

There are besides disadvantages in the theories X and Y, for illustration, some employees will have the negative effects and some psychological intimation, and their on the job public presentation will be even worse and worse. By that clip, the company will endure earnestly because their employees are non good motivated. By the antonym, they are losing assurance in their work. If that state of affairs keeps on, the house will be surely suffer a batch from this sort of actuating method.

One illustration can be used as a piece of good grounds in turn outing the actuating method from Hertzburg, there is a narrative about the company of Google, in this company, all the employees are able to hold a good environing while they are working, for illustration, some suites for them to play games in order to animate their originative. And they besides set cafeterias for the company to loosen up themselves every bit good as modern installations, all the workers in Google are absolutely motivated and they are more willing to work harder, that is the chief ground why Google is now still a really outstanding company all around the universe. ( Hall, D. et al 2008 )

In brief, if all the companies are utilizing the same method of motive, such as Taylor ‘s method, sometimes the cost will be excessively high, the purpose of doing the workers develop themselves into their occupations seems to be hopeless, when moving as what McGregor said, workers should be motivated by great force per unit area, the workers will non be satisfied and they will work with their bad temper, this can do the company suffer earnestly, the best manner to actuate employees may be utilizing Hertzburg ‘s theory, employees are ever able to motivated by holding a good temper, by so, the company will besides be benefited because of this. In other words, non-financial motive will be better for the employees really.

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