The Development Of The Nanotechnologies Industry Commerce Essay

Nanotechnology is the term that is been systematically utilizing in the present twenty-four hours among scientists, military personal & A ; remainder of the scientific discipline partisans. What precisely is nanotechnology one might inquire? Nanotechnology is about analysis and technology of constructions with the size mediate 0.1 & A ; 100 nanometres ( 1nm = 10-9m ) . So at this scale new effects occur & amp ; boundaries that were earlier with natural philosophies, chemical science & A ; biological science are been broken. In the hereafter nanotechnology is predicted to take to a stronger, lighter more powerful stuffs.

In recent old ages military research and development ( R & A ; D ) of nanotechnology has been expanded unusually. With the United States disbursement far in front of the remainder of the universe its research expands from electronics, to bio stuffs. Even though it is still in the primary phases, attempts are being made to convey the applications to military shortly. One one-fourth to one tierce of the federal support is traveling for nanotechnology goes to military R & A ; D.

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The Development Of The Nanotechnologies Industry Commerce Essay
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Nanotechnology will probably inculcate into all countries of military. From microscopic electronics to spectacless, uniforms, arms to big scale conflict direction & A ; scheme be aftering systems will work as human- like concluding at increasing degree of liberty utilizing detectors, communicating devices & A ; shows. Stronger but light weight stuffs, more efficient & A ; effectual energy storage and propulsion will let faster & A ; more nimble vehicles on all terrains, precise missiles, little weaponries, anti- personal missiles. New conflict suits worn by soldiers could supervise the organic structure position & A ; respond to hurts. Possibilities on complex communicating & A ; automated land vehicles, ships & A ; aircrafts would be possible through increasing computing machine power through nanotechnology. Small miniaturized automatons in microscopic graduated table can be used for surveillance & A ; other intents. On the other manus nanotechnology will enable inexpensive detectors for chemical & A ; biological warfare agents every bit good as stuffs for decontamination. Most of all these applications are 10 or more old ages in front & A ; the market is acquiring ready for it.

“ Out in 2040 the place of international boundaries & A ; frontiers are likely to be a beginning of tenseness ” said by the ministry of defence Strategic trends programme – Global strategic tendencies – out to 2040 4th edition.

In that they mention that the tenseness will raise either between two resistance provinces or two bing cultural or nationalist group whose historic districts are divided by an international boundary line. They believe that even though some differences will come to a stopping point due to legal agreements such as the 2008 Russia China colony of a long twelvemonth old difference sing their Amur River boundary line, most of them will non be resolved that easy particularly where cultural differences are aggravated by inequality & A ; historical competition.

With the rise of struggles in approaching old ages states try to safeguard their economic system, citizens & A ; substructure through military high quality. In the instance where they would demo instance that they have the fire power to strike back if they are being attacked at any given point.


In the coming old ages, nanotechnology is expected to convey a new revolution to the universe. To hold an thought of a nano construction it is of sizes between 0.1 nano metre ( individual atom ) to a 100nm ( big molecule ) . As mentioned earlier 1nm= 10-9 m is a billionth of a metre.

Nanotechnology is approximately look intoing every bit good as pull stringsing affair on the molecular degree. In the analysis & A ; design of systems in the nanoscale, the boundaries between different scientific subjects become irrelevant such as mechanics, biochemistry, genetic sciences, unreal intelligence, neurology, and robotics. Development in these countries will speed up each other at the same time because one manner or another they are all linked in the nano platform.

One major discovery is the C nanotubes which can be metallic or semiconducting. They could be used as electric interconnects, for memory or shift in future high-density computing machines. They provide the field emanation of negatrons ( without heating the cathode ) in shows. The strength of C nanotubes is manner higher than of steel while the denseness is merely 1/6.

( Below is the construction of the nanotube ) So with added fibres & A ; composite stuffs nano tubings would be much stronger at a low weight.

Further more research & A ; development of nanotechnology got a strong encouragement when other parties such as Europe & A ; Japan came to hold an involvement in it. United States founded the National nanotech initiative known as ( NNI ) in late 2000. After that disbursement by the US and in bend Japan & A ; Europe has been increased quickly. Harmonizing to M.C Roco authorities nanotechnology support on international mentality has recorded that in 2003, 700 – 800 million US dollars were spent by authoritiess such as US, Western Europe, Japan & A ; the remainder of the universe. Almost 30 states had active programs for nanotechnology at the terminal of 2001.

BMBF Nanotechnologie in Dutchland reported that in Germany entire public nanotechnology support was a‚¬153 million in 2001 and about 198 million in 2002 & A ; harmonizing to C. Roman it ‘s Ours to lose- An analysis of EU nanotechnology support and the 6th model programme references that the European Union is passing an one-year norm of a‚¬175 million.

In add-on to the support there are a batch of research & A ; development investings throughout the universe by big transnational corporations.

Even though initial research will convey about cardinal merchandises such as nano -layered magnetic disc caputs a Hugh market development is forecasted & A ; harmonizing to M.C Roco/W.S Bainbridge ( explosive detection systems ) : Social deductions of nanoscience & A ; nanotechnology records that worldwide gross revenues in 10 -15 old ages of more than $ 1 trillion per twelvemonth.

There are anticipations that the struggles will be at that place in coming old ages & A ; the authoritiess should be prepared to safe guard their people & A ; resources.

This survey presents the overview of nanotechnology in warfare & A ; the hereafter of struggles around the Earth.

Nanotechnology in warfare

Word count – 792

2.1 Military nanotechnology disbursement

In countries of military research & A ; development nanotechnology is the most outstanding country US authorities is looking at. In 1996 it was named as one of the six strategic research countries for defence. After the execution of ( NNI ) the portions of section of defence ( DoD ) has risen enormously. It merely seconds to National scientific discipline foundation. Harmonizing to Roco, ioc.cit ( note 11 ) National nanotechnology enterprise below tabular array shows the dislocation harmonizing to the disbursement in US $ million

As shown in the tabular array the sections have spent a batch of funding on nanoscale research.

Harmonizing to M.C Roco: National nanotechnology investing in the FY 2003 budget petition by president 2002

Below tabular array shows the dislocation of military support in the US NNI for basic research ( 6.1 ) , applied research ( 6.2 ) , beforehand engineering development ( 6.3 ) for different DoD bureaus, in US $ million

And harmonizing to National nanotechnology enterprise, loc. Cit ( note25 ) ( page.34 ) the DoD has founded three NNI centres of excellence.

They are the institute for Soldier nanotechnologies at MIT, the institute for nanoscience at the naval research research lab

& A ; the centre for nanoscience invention for defence at UCSB.

So within the US DoD, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency ( DARPA ) gets the highest portion of ( NNI ) support. Even with old ages traveling by the findings get bigger.

Microscopic image of research caring out on a cell surface

2.1.2 Solider nanotechnologies

One of the major undertakings that are running in the US Army is soildernano engineerings. In order to acquire NT enabled systems closer to existent military usage.

They have identified that it is a major point into looking into soldier safety & A ; heightening capableness in winning the combats.

When measuring why all this research needs to be done we can presume that the authoritiess want to hold a superior defence & A ; offense force when it is required. The undermentioned country is being discussed on the hereafter conflicts that are predicted to take topographic point & A ; the importance of technologically advanced military force.

3. Front line Disputes

3.1 increasing defence & A ; security challenges

Since the cold war there was high chance of inter- province warfare. This was chiefly due the facts of instability, social struggles & A ; terrorist act. The planetary system has come into a phase where it is more mutualist & A ; interconnected and that has caused struggles whenever there was any miscommunication or misgiving. Some province & A ; non-state groups such as terrorist groups have gained increased planetary range. As predicted the tendencies are likely to go on.

Analysis of frontline differences shows countries with most likely for struggles by 2040 on Strategic tendencies programme: Ministry of defence

In Evens G, Dictionary of international dealingss 1999 Tells that defence chiefly refers to provinces and confederations defying physical onslaught by a 3rd party. Defense is about endurance of the province and is non a flexible activity.

Defense & A ; security will be critical in both physical & A ; cyber spheres. With the defence in procedure

Population growing & A ; other scenarios will come in to consequence which will depend on supporting entree to physical demands for endurance. Most of these will be international and linked to globalisation. Which would take the major powers & A ; confederations work in to a common end to safe guard their common involvements.

Below are the planetary tendencies in armed struggles

Shown in centre for international development and struggle direction.

But with the new technological promotions such as nanotechnology will enable less human death rate where the authoritiess will be able to support onslaughts with suppression with the aid of superior arms & A ; schemes.

4. Nature of competition

Word count – 468

Business defines competition as “ unfastened market competition in which every marketer tries to acquire what other Sellerss are seeking at the same clip – gross revenues, net incomes & A ; market portion by offering the best operable combination of monetary value, quality & A ; service. Where the market information flows freely, completion plays a regulative map in equilibrating demand & A ; supply. ”

The same scenario applies to weapon fabrication industry every bit good. There are tonss of privet & A ; governmental weapon fabricating establishments in the universe.

4.1 Porter ‘s five forces & A ; market map ( appendix 2 & A ; 3 )

Competition is decently identified in the porter ‘s five forces. If we further analyse the forces

4.1.1 Competition

Competition among rival houses ( eg-Arma, Boberg weaponries ) brings the net incomes down. Even though the competition is non perfect the houses are non that sophisticated for reactive monetary values. They would conflict out from competitory advantage position over their challengers.

In making so companies can follow following agencies as competitory moves

Changing monetary values e.g take downing or conveying it higher for short term additions

Bettering merchandise distinction presenting new engineerings such as nanotechnology to the arm industry.

Creative channels of administering e.g – direct merchandising or agents such as Knesek guns

Some of the cardinal properties that cater into industrial competition is big figure of houses runing in the market, high fixed costs, strategic bets being high, diverseness of the challengers.

4.1.2 Menace from replacements

A menace of replacement exists when merchandises demand is affected by the monetary value alteration. The more the figure of options, demand becomes more elastic. While the competition engages when merchandises come from outside the industry. Eg- Conventional arms & A ; atomic arms are replacements for nanotech arms.

4.1.3 Bargaining power of purchaser

This is one of the most critical countries of competition where purchaser ‘s power particularly authoritiess in the instance of arm purchasing is well higher than most of the industries. The authoritiess have the upper manus most of the times eg-DoD purchases merchandises from defence contractors who would necessitate to conflict out to win contracts.

4.1.4 Bargaining power of provider

A arm fabrication industry needs natural stuffs. Supplier concentration, important costs to exchange providers make competition among weapon developing organisations where if they can command most of these which makes them the highest likely organisation of winning contracts.

4.1.5 Threat of new entryway

With the tenseness & A ; competition edifice up within the bing houses in the arm fabrication industry there poses another menace of new entryway to the market. But these industries have features that protect the high degree net income degrees of houses where there will halt extra challengers from come ining the market. They are the barriers.

With the above rating we can come to a decision that weapon fabricating industry is a extremely competitory industry & A ; one must alter themselves to prolong in a market like this.

5. Strategic selling response

Word count – 332

We can utilize the generic scheme to react to the five forces. Michael Porter identified three schemes which will one of them act as a purchase to give strength & A ; defence against the effects of the five forces.

The three schemes are

Cost leading


Focus or niche scheme

Due to the market competition cost leading is non the manner to undertake this job particularly because the R & A ; D costs & A ; other roll uping cost are really high. Focus scheme should n’t be used because it should be targeted at mass market.

So the best scheme would be the distinction to the mass market.

Differentiated arms such as nanotechnologically engineered arms can fulfill the demands of clients through a sustainable competitory advantage. This provides the companies to maintain aside the monetary values & A ; concentrate on value that generates a higher monetary value & A ; a better border. In order to profit from distinction the company should section the market in order to supply section specific goods & A ; services.

For illustration sections should be divided into Military, Police & A ; other jurisprudence enforcement bureaus & A ; security bureaus.

So the armed forces will be given the highest technologically advanced arms & A ; the remainder would be given harmonizing to the specific demands of the sections.

Distinguishing sections will incur added costs in making competitory advantage. There is a opportunity that this distinction being copied by a rival house. So the distinction should be ever improved & amp ; innovated.

With the usage of Appendix 4 Concept circle the organisation must make up one’s mind on how to utilize the environments such as the macro, Meso & A ; micro. In the macro environment the organisation must follow to authorities ordinances such as control the flow of arms which will enable them to be seen as a societal responsible organisation where the company can aim the authorities to sell their freshly advanced nanotech arms.

With proper instruction to the clients about the nanotech arms & A ; proper distribution would enable to provide into separate sections that have selected earlier.

6. Selling professionals word count – 109

As per the selected scheme -differentiation we have segmented the market into three sections Military, police & A ; remainder of the jurisprudence enforcement bureaus & A ; security houses. So when providing into these three sections marketing professionals should look into the personalities, processs & A ; protocols of different bureaus before selling & A ; advancing new merchandises. Given in the appendix 5 & A ; 6 force field analysis & A ; mind map selling professionals should look into how presentations should be done, how to manage the force per unit area groups & A ; how they should utilize head maps to develop new thoughts which are section specific which will enable the organisations to better & amp ; introduce new countries of expertness.

7. Conclution

Word count – 168

Through the debut we discussed that nanotechnology as an emerging subject. Then we discussed about the military industry & A ; how nanotechnology is spread outing quickly in it. With the usage of tabular arraies it was easy to place that authoritiess such as US spends immense sums of money in nanotechnological field.

Then we looked at the environment degree why nanotechnology will assist in the hereafter. We discussed that there are anticipations that say struggles will turn into the hereafter. So it is indispensable that authoritiess would fix for the worst instance scenarios with the aid of nanotechnology.

With the aid from porters 5 forces analysis we discussed that competition will be a major factor in this industry & A ; to work in front of it companies should utilize the distinction from the generic schemes to section the merchandises & A ; cater into different sections individually & A ; the selling professional should be cognizant of the sections & A ; work consequently to remain in front of the state of affairs to prolong in the market & A ; thrive in it.


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