The Diary of Anne Frank vs. the Hiding Place Essay

In the late 1930’s and throughout the 1940’s Adolf Hitler an anti Jewish man came to power in Germany. During this Germany was in a great depression due to their loss of World War One. Hitler promised restoration and power and he was easily accepted. Once Adolf was in powered he began to invade countries around them like Poland and Holland. Hitler began to send Jews away to camps. He then began to rampage around the countries capturing the Jews and sending them to the camps where we later found out how they brutally killed the Jews. Before some of the Jews were captured they went into hiding.

That’s where our two stories came from our first is The Hiding Place and the other is The Annex. Although these are not the only stories about Jews hiding from the Nazis these are some of the most extreme. The Hiding Place will be the first story I talk about. This story is important because it tells about how a house of Christians became a secret hiding place for over 10 underground Jews. What happened was an older Christian woman and her husband felt the pain of the Jews and then let them hide out in their house along with the woman’s sister and child.

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The Diary of Anne Frank vs. the Hiding Place Essay
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Then the Green Police came to their house and arrested them with only a large amount of rations cards as proof. Then once the police had taken them away the Jews escaped and made their way out of town where most of them escaped to freedom. Years later a fault in the Nazis system gave one of the women taken away the chance to live. In our second story The Annex it talks about how two families the Franks and the Van Daans that lived with Mr. Dussel in a tiny attic. What we know was written by the Franks daughter Anne in her diary. It tells of how she had a relationship with Peter Van Daan, and the trouble that occurred in that annex.

They lived there for three years before they were captured helping them were two people Mr. Kraler and Meip who weren’t Jews and were never captured. There are many singularities in these stories like the plot of them both how Jews were hiding from the police. There are other similarities too though like how they ended in the main characters being caught. There is also the fact that one person from both stories survived the holocaust. During both stories before they were caught the were anxious and behaved as such or how both stories became known worldwide, or not to mention both of those who were found were sold out by a man who was evil.

Although there are many reasons why both stories are alike there are also many things that say they are different. One large difference was how in The Diary of Anne Frank most all of the main characters were Jewish when in the hiding place they were both Christian and Jews. There are other reasons too like how or how they both took place in cities hundreds of miles away from each other, but one of the other ones were how in The Diary of Anne Frank there were kids and in The Hiding Place there were no kids.

These stories were filled with mayhem and extreme struggles caused by one man Hitler who was an evil man with no conscience. Although both stories were filled with evil and sin I believe both caused hundreds of people to come closer to God, and stopped our mistreating of Germans. The halacaust and mass killings could have been prevented but I hope that learning about this will help prevent this evil in the future.


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