The different styles used by entrepreneurs Essay

For several old ages, enterprisers are defined in different ways by different bookmans in the field of research about the entrepreneurship. Harmonizing to Gartner, enterpriser is a individual “ who started a new concern where there was none before ” ( Gartner, 1985 ) . By this, Gartner means that those who inherit concern or those who buy an bing endeavor is non an enterpriser. But Peterson refers entrepreneurship as an activity if identifying and utilizing every chance to the upper limit ( Peterson, 1985 ) . There are six schools of idea on entrepreneurship which define entrepreneurship in different positions. The six schools of idea on entrepreneurship are “ Great individual ” school, the psychological features school, the classical school, the direction school, the leading school and intrapreneurship school ( Cunningham, J.B ) . To set together the definitions of these schools of entrepreneurship is “ it is a broad scope of activities that include making, initiation, accommodating and pull offing a venture ” . This study focuses on the behavior, personality, determination procedure, demands and incentives of two successful enterprisers, viz. , Richard Branson and Ted Turner. The latter portion of the study compares and contrasts these two enterprisers with each other and besides with the two enterprisers mentioned in the text Entrepreneurial bravery, audaciousness, and mastermind by Pech, R.

Discussion and Comparison

This subdivision of the study discusses all about the above two mentioned enterprisers and those in the text.

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The different styles used by entrepreneurs Essay
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Sir Richard Branson


Richard Charles Nicholas Branson was on born on 18th of July in 1950 as the first kid for Edward Branson and Eve Branson. In 1964, Branson joined Stowe school in Buckinghamshire, but he was less interested in school and dropped out of it at the age of 16 and founded the ‘student magazine ‘ along with his friend ( Dearlove, D, 2007 ) . It took about two old ages for Branson and his friend to put everything for their magazine house and eventually on 26th of January in 1968, first issue of Student Magazine was published and was marked as Branson ‘s first concern venture. The first Virgin branded concern was as a mail order record bringing ( Branson, R, 1999 ) . In the twelvemonth 1969, London had a great demand for the music at their doorsill and this was realised by Branson and he used this chance to hold a good gap for his trade name – Virgin ( Branson, R, 1999 ) . Soon after the bringing concern, Branson opened a personally owned music record shop as a consequence of frequent postal work stoppage at that place in London. After several back falls, Branson used the same trade name to bring forth music records. It was in 1984, when Branson started his Virgin Atlantic Airways and really shortly this air passage was listed in the London Stock Exchange. From so, Branson started several concerns including soft drinks, retail ironss, fiscal establishments, etc in many Fieldss of concern despite there were innovators in all the Fieldss ( Branson, R, 1999 ) .


`He ever picks person ‘bigger one ‘ as his rival. For illustration, he openly competed against Coca-cola by establishing Cola in United States under the Virgin Brand. Had it been some other man of affairs, he would hold drawn back the thought of establishing the Cola by seeing the public presentation of Coca-cola. Branson is called “ Hippy Capitalist ” because of his informal manner and unconformist attitude. For illustration, he stressed the arrest to the Vietnam war through his pupil magazine. But he was non comfy with this hippy ticket ( Dearlove, D, 2007 ) . Branson had a endowment of negociating like a street bargainer, cognizing precisely when to speak and when to stay soundless, when to walk off. He seldom appeared 2nd in any dialogue procedure. Even his concern spouses and close relations found it hard to negociate with him ( Dearlove, D, 2007 ) .

In add-on, Branson has the wont of doing the workplace full of merriment. Harmonizing to him, making the interesting workplace is the best to actuate people and retain the efficient employees. He says “ I get the best people, question them and state Lashkar-e-Taibas have merriment! ” . Branson ever cares for his trade name. He says that when a trade name is used sagely, it can make the bound of accomplishing anything. Though he is much exposed to public in individual, he appears at all topographic points of the media when his trade name Virgin appears. At times he had a large smiling for the cameras. For illustration, when he launched Virgin Atlantic Airways he thought media exposure is behaviour is the cheapest and best advertizement for any air passages and had several imperativeness meets. He barely spends more clip to reply to inquiries thrown at him ( Dearlove, D, 2007 ) . Rowan Gormley says this as “ He merely says yes or no. He does n’t pass valuable clip merely break winding seeking to convert a clump of center directors ” ( Dearlove, D, 2007 ) .

Needs and Incentives

Branson has a alone demand to distribute the trade name ‘Virgin ‘ in all Fieldss of concern regardless of its success ( Branson, R, 1999 ) . In support of this statement, he has mentioned that he was ne’er afraid of the any dominant participant in any field of concern, and this is the ground for presenting Cola in the United States. It is besides a known fact that out of top 20 trade names in the Earth, 19 were concentrating on merely one country but Virgin was the lone diversified trade name. This is a clear indicant that Branson wanted to stand out all Fieldss of concern ( Branson, R, 1999 ) .

There are no groundss for any personal incentives for Branson but several forces have been motivational factor. When the developed states and many of the developing states were be aftering to make something to cut down the degree of emanation of toxicant gases into the ambiance, Branson was motivated to get down a concern bring forthing the bio-fuel as a consequence of which he invested $ 50 million in an Californian ethyl alcohol works ( Dearlove, D, 2007 ) ..

Decision Procedure

Branson was speedy in doing determinations and stood by them as he was good negotiant. In add-on, Branson had higgling character that helped him to be successful negotiant. For illustration, when he had record concern, a gentleman came frontward to sell some of his rare record aggregations at ?1 but Branson bought it for 50p and sold them at ?3 each. As an outstanding illustration for his determination procedure, the launch of Virgin Atlantic Airways can be quoted, which took merely six months to be after and get down the operation ( Dearlove, D, 2007 ) ..

Ted Turner

Ted Turner is an American Businessman who founded the Cable News Network ( CNN ) . This subdivision of the treatment portion deals all about him.


Robert Edward Turner III was born on 19th of November in 1938 in Ohio to the Ed Turner and Florence twosome. Ted is known is to be arch kid who had the thirst to accomplish what he wanted ( Kao, J.J, 1991 ) . His naughtiness continued in his school yearss and was named “ Awful Ted ” by his friends. Although Ted was interested in analyzing classics in Brown University, due to his Father ‘s advice he chose Economicss in the same university.


Ted besides has alone concern behavior. Harmonizing to Kao, he says that Ted ever promoted individuality in his concern. Ted ne’er wanted any of his employees to wait for an blessing to do an effort in implementing any new thought. Harmonizing to Ted, nil is achieved in really fast in the state is merely because there are so many commissions runing ( Kao, J.J, 1991 ) . In short Ted says “ it merely has to be you ” . When an employee is confident about the consequence of the new thought, he merely wanted him to travel with it and this serves as an alone behavior which is absent in about all other man of affairs. This proves that Ted excessively motivated his employees like Branson. Unlike Branson, Ted did non pick the innovator of the market as chief rival but he was able to crush his lone rival Satellite News Network in no clip ( Kao, J.J, 1991 ) .

Like Branson, Ted had firm committedness to ends. For illustration, when his 2nd married woman Janie was sick and was non able to pull off their childs Ted was in sailing for an of import concern trade. His married woman portrays this event as an best illustration when questioned about his committedness to concern. Like, Branson, Ted was besides a good negotiant. For illustration, when he sold some of his male parent ‘s concern, he convinced a purchaser to purchase one of the propertied for $ 200,000 which was considered a much higher than its worth ( Kao, J.J, 1991 ) .

Needs and incentives

When Ted took over his Father ‘s Billboard and other household owned concern he had thirst for accomplishment. For illustration, he forced his male parent non to sell any of the concern though the household faced fiscal crisis after purchasing the Atlanta ‘s General Outdoor Advertising Company ( Kao, J.J, 1991 ) . What started merely as a Billboard administration, went to the extent of advertisement and airing company with the attempt of Ted Turner under the name of Ted Broadcasting Systems. This shows that Ted has the same character as that of Branson to spread out his concern to the possible extent and to do full usage of the chance.

Unlike Branson, For Ted, his male parent Ed Turner was a direct incentive, a individual behind Ted ‘s success. It was Ed who wanted Ted to be concern baron in the field of advertisement. It was Ed who advised Ted to make Economicss in his college and inspired Ted to this household concern. After cognizing that the full concern has been left to him after his male parent, Ted sold two of the plantations as per his male parent ‘s wish ( Kao, J.J, 1991 ) .

Decision Procedure

Like Branson, Ted was besides really fast in doing determination and was a adult male who believed in “ Change ” . When he sold his household belongings for $ 200,000 as mentioned earlier, he instantly invested the amount in stock the really following twenty-four hours. This shows the gait of his determination procedure ( Kao, J.J, 1991 ) . Ted says that the secret for his success is that he makes uninterrupted alterations in what he does. In an interview he mentions “ Cipher can halt me because people are looking for alteration – they are take a firm standing and I ‘m giving them what they want ” ( Kao, J.J, 1991 ) .

Entrepreneurs in Text

Peter Terret

Peter Terret, is an Australian man of affairs and Managing Director of successful administration, RapidMap. When questioned about the secret in his success, he says explicating a good scheme helped him. For illustration, he found the possible betterments in the GPS systems. In add-on he marketed his merchandise as ‘field-kit ‘ which was merely a GPS in a dust and H2O cogent evidence box. He found what was missing in GPS – street marks, signals, bins, etc – and included them in the field-kit. Therefore he created an chance and made wise usage of the same, which is the chief entrepreneurial quality. This quality is common to Branson, who found an chance in everything, an illustration to be quoted can be his bio fuel venture. As a portion of the service, he offered confer withing and developing to utilize the merchandise for a sensible monetary value and people accepted the offer ( Pech, R, 2009 ) .

One of the interesting behavior of Peter Terret is that he is really active and ne’er remainders until he achieves his desires. He contributes his entrepreneurial success to the combination of capableness of the person, emerging engineering, wise usage of the chance which is nil but doing the usage of the imperfectness. The most of import fact to be noted is Peter ‘s household was besides in the GPS concern, so he gained some kind of experience from his household ( Pech, R, 2009 ) . This is common to Ted who besides had a household concern to do usage of in developing a concern of his ain. Peter ne’er considered who his rival was as he believed in himself and his merchandise. Therefore, this is the short description and comparing of Peter with two chief enterprisers.

Mc Phersons

This subdivision discusses about the household entrepreneurs Aimee semple mcphersons, including Thomas McPherson, William McPherson and William Edward McPherson who dealt with the household concern of doing bolts and nuts. There are many entrepreneurial features in these household enterprisers ( Pech, R, 2009 ) . Thomas made usage of the chance available where he filled the spread in the supply concatenation in the Fe industry. It is to be noteworthy that Thomas started concern to provide the hog Fe to the Fe industry, he made usage of this experience in the improvisation of the supply concatenation in his concern. McPherson besides had an wont of taking hazard, for illustration, he bought the full factory for the industry of the wool-packs in Scotland. This is an of import quality and is found in common to Branson ( Pech, R, 2009 ) .

It is to be mentioned that this was a household concern for the McPhersons with betterments from coevals to coevals. This is found common to Ted who besides made usage of the household concern and developed his ain.

A tabular array provided in the appendix ‘A ‘ clearly explains the comparing between the enterprisers discussed in this subdivision of the study.


From the treatment portion of the study, it is clear that Richard Branson and Ted Turner had some entrepreneurial qualities in them that led them to be successful enterprisers. These two enterprisers are similar in some facets like negociating accomplishments, determination devising, handling employees but different in other facets like hazard pickings and household background. In the latter portion of the treatment, Peter Terret and McPhersons are discussed based on the account in the text. Thus an overall comparing is made among all these enterprisers with clear projection of the necessary qualities of a successful enterpriser.


Harmonizing to “ Great Person ” school, an enterpriser is a individual who recognizes an chance and makes wise determination. From the treatment portion, Branson and Ted are such personalities ( Cunningham, J.B ) . This recommends that doing usage of chance is of import for any enterpriser. In add-on, an enterpriser believes in himself or herself. In support of this statement, Branson and Ted believed in what they did and Ted recommended to his employees.

An enterpriser has alone values and attitudes, harmonizing to the psychological school of entrepreneurship ( Cunningham, J.B ) . In add-on, this school recommends three of import features, viz. , honestness and ethical behavior, risk-taking, demand for accomplishment. Both Branson and Ted have good demand for accomplishment and hazard taking ability as it is clear from our treatment.

‘Innovativeness is critical ‘ says the classical school of entrepreneurship. Branson has proved himself as an advanced individual as he was the first to get down the mail bringing system for the music records. Good invention will give success to new enterpriser. The major portion of the invention lies in the creative activity of chance for the success ( Cunningham, J.B ) .

An of import quality needed for a non-entrepreneur to be an enterpriser is pull offing ability including staffing, budgeting, organizing and commanding things go oning around oneself ( Cunningham, J.B ) . Ted has proved himself to be a good director of his male parent ‘s concern and he has brought out the same concern from the crisis to the numero uno place in the industry if intelligence and advertizement. This is possible merely effectual direction of concern. This construct is much stressed by Management School of Entrepreneurship ( Cunningham, J.B ) .

An effectual and efficient enterpriser holds the ability of pull outing good sum of work from his employees to run into his ain demands and ends. In simple footings ‘leadership is besides en kernel of a good enterpriser ‘ says the Leadership school ( Cunningham, J.B ) . Harmonizing to Kao, this includes authorising the people, keeping the familiarity of the administration and developing s good HR system. These are besides indispensable qualities of the enterpriser.

It is clearly apparent that Branson and Ted can be classified under some of the Schools of idea on Entrepreneurship. Different schools define entrepreneurship in different facets and none of the schools can be mentioned as incorrect. Therefore there are different facets of entrepreneurship. It is indispensable that an enterpriser falls under at least one of these schools.


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