The Director Of Abc Electronics Commerce Essay

The purpose of this study is to the Director of ABC Electronics, and this study has been commissioned to warrant and do clear of the HR issues that ABC Electronics has to take into history when resourcing and pull offing a new company outside UK ( Malaysia ) .

Executive sum-up

This study is designed later researching about the HR patterns and other related issue in runing a company at Malaysia. This study will include chief characteristics of the state which includes the legal system, and the labour market information. Therefore, it besides included the cultural difference that ABC Electronics might confront while operating in Malaysia. Role of the province has besides been included as it gives a contemplation on the impact of HR patterns which include regulative and protective statute law. It draws on HR policies on enlisting and choice, wage and wagess and preparation and development are besides they countries that have been researched. Level of trade brotherhood are critical to be included as it gives a perceptual experience on how Trade brotherhoods works in another country.Laslty, decision and recommendations has been made on what HR cardinal issue that ABC Electronics need to see before and while operating in the state

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Choice of state and principle

Main characteristics

2.1Brief History

2.2 Demographics and labor market information

2.3 Economy

2.4 System of authorities and legal system

2.5 HR patterns in Malaya

Cultural differences with the UK and how has it impact on HRM policies and patterns.

Role of province

Regulative statute law ( footings and status of employment )

Protective statute law ( associating to be rights and in wellness and safety )

Appraisals of direction manners and HR policies on enlisting and choice.

Analysis of employees ‘ engagement and degree of trade brotherhoods

Introduction to merchandise brotherhoods


Decision and recommendation

Research Methodology

The research methods are critical as the methodological analysis as a whole refers to the procedure and the procedural model within which the research is conducted. This methodological analysis is defined by Leddy ( 1989, cited by Remenyi et Al, 1988, pp 28 ) as “ an operational model within which the facts are topographic point so that the significance may be seen more obviously. ” This research has been carried based more on secondary research method, where diary, authorities web sites, newspaper article and book have been the anterior to the research. In add-on, an informal interview was carried out from a director working in Malaysia.

Choice of state and principle

Malaysia has been the state of pick. Malaysia is one of the taking Asiatic states in fabrication. Harmonizing to Siva lingam G ( 2008 ) , Malaysia from being a monopoly authorities, telecommunications services are now being provided by a figure of authoritiess linked privatized signifiers, private signifiers and a foreign house with Malayan spouses.

Main characteristics of the state chosen

2.1 Brief History

Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy in South East Asia. It consists of 13 provinces and three federal districts. Malaysia has is a state of multi racial and multi moralss. The state declared Islam as their national faith, while protecting the freedom of faith. The authorities is modelled by the Westminster parliamentary system, a bequest of British colonial regulation. Federal state stands the highest tribunal in Malaysia, followed by the Court of Appeal and two high tribunals, one for Peninsular Malaysia and one for the East Malaysia.

2.2 Demographics and labor market information

As the twelvemonth 2011, the population stands 28,859,154. As for the labour market information, Malaysia instruction system has been designed is a manner where any basic skilled labor would hold to undergo 11 old ages of school instruction, therefore it would be easier for them to be trained in new accomplishments. The work force in Malaysia is fundamentally multilingual talking two or three linguistic communications including English. As the has been many MNS venture to Malaysia, which are demanding for technically trained workers, Malaysian ‘s authorities has taken it into consideration in increasing the volume of applied scientists, technicians and other skilled forces graduating each twelvemonth from public, international universities, colleges every bit good the proficient and industrial preparation intuitions. The authorities has besides given comprehensive system of vocational and industrial preparation, including advanced accomplishments preparation.

2.3 Economy

Harmonizing to the Star online ( 2012 ) , the Malayan economic system is forecast to turn in between 4.5 % and 5.5 % in 2013. The study claims that 4 % to 5 % growing would interpret into nominal gross national income ( GNI ) per capita growing of 6.4 % from RM 30,956 to RM 32,947. The study added that the Government expects the services and fabricating sectors to lend 4.2 per centum points to the GDP growing to the GDP growing. Basically Malaysia has a market-oriented economic system, with good develop fiscal and banking sector. High telecommunications web and services, every bit good a to the full develop industrial Parkss, including free industrial zones, engineering Parkss and MSC.

2.4 System of Government and legal system

As been adverting earlier, the authorities type of Malaysia is constitutional monarchy. The legal system in Malaysia has written cons tuition knows as the Federal Constitution. It was adopted on 31st August 1957. It is the highest jurisprudence of the state and contains the cardinal rights of the citizen. The Fundamental law grants our basic rights such as the rights to life and autonomy, rights to equality, rights to instruction, right to belongings every bit good as freedom to patterns one ‘s faith.

Malaysia has really supportive authorities policies, a antiphonal authorities with broad investing policies. The authorities provides many assorted types of inducements for investing, for illustration, inducements for fabricating sector such as inducements for strategic undertaking, inducements for fabrication companies, while extra inducements for the fabrication sector such as reinvestment allowance.

2.5 HR patterns in Malaya

Human resources ( HR ) are the anchor of an administration ( Gerhart and Milkovich, 1990, Pfeffer 1998 ) . Malayan HRM patterns have great influences from the British colonization experiences. Hirano ( 1991 ) describes Malayan HR patterns into two chief watercourses, viz. British oriented values and ethic orientated values. However in recent twelvemonth, with the many MNCs embarking to Malaysia has left Malaysian back with a different manner of HR patterns. In add-on, the increased brotherhood of work related values and the outlook of Malayan abroad alumnuss makes the Western thoughts to absorb even faster every bit good redesign the value of HR patterns in Malaysia.

Cultural differences with the UK and how has it impact on HRM policies and patterns.

Culture is a major issue to be looked upon as concern grows globally and the work force even more diverse ( Trompenaars F and Woolliams P, 2003 ) . Every person of the society will hold an impact of their civilization within them. Therefore, when taking the concern to a planetary platform it necessitates the demand to understand the cultural difference between the host and the foreign state in concern.

Malaya on the whole is a multi-cultural society. The nucleus factor of their civilization is household. This in bend brings in integrity, trueness, regard. Many writers have pointed their strong beliefs and have mentioned that it will be hard for them to accommodate to new civilizations easy ( Drake, 2010 ) . The civilization of Malaysia is even more described by a study by Geert Hofstede ( 2001 ) which puts forth the cardinal high spots as:

Credence to the hierarchy,

Masculine nature of society,

Long term committedness.

The people of Malaysia are ready to accept the hierarchal order- They would follow their instructions carefully, the administrations have centralised construction and abide by their orders and processs set for them. This besides highlights the being of a higher per centum of inequalities. They have a masculine society- The society as a whole attempts to exhibit the nature of a masculine person. They aim for success, driven by competition and focussed to heighten accomplishments for development. Individually the people of Malaysia have long term committedness to their member groups.

On the contrast, United Kingdom being the host state exhibits a different civilization. As being said in that manner ABC Electronics would non confront any large differences as there are still many similarities, therefore the differences are besides adaptable.

The similarity between UK and Malaysia would be a friendly-culture. As there has been many MNc has left an influence of being friendly between employer and employees. Employees presents are trained and good accommodate the civilization in Western. They are every bit good civilization orientated. There are the two major similarities between the UK and Malaysia. This is decidedly of import information as when employees in Malaysia are adaptable to the civilization in UK as it would non be tough for them to be trained.

However, there are still some differences between the UK and Malayan civilization. It has been illustrated in the tabular array below:



United Kingdom

Industrial relation


Employee-employer ( more formal )

Chemical reactions

Ca n’t take up negative remarks

Employers put negative remarks in a coded mode


Male biased

50-50 ( equal gender )

Abide by the processs and orders

Come up with suggestions for alteration

Don show any reaction on face

Straight forward

In Malaysia, every bit far as industrial relation is concerned is a male parent -son is the manner how employers behave to their employees, which means the employee will hold to listen all what the employers said. However, this does non use in all organisation as there is besides organisation in Malaysia which follows the employee – employer civilization ( Maniam S 2012 ) . As gender is the concern, Malaysia could be gender oriented state where work forces ‘s has somewhat greater influences than adult females. And in the UK is equal gender intervention. This likely would give an undistinguished power for ABC Electronics while enrolling people or even when pull offing them in the work force. Malayan employees are used to stay by the processs and orders while the UK employees are bolder to come up with suggestions for alteration. These differences could be a positive vibration for ABC Electronics, as the employees are unagitated to be handled.

4.0 Role of province

4.1 Regulative statute law ( footings and status of employment )

The highest employment jurisprudence in Malaysia are the Employment Act 1955 ( EA ) and the Industrial Relations Act 1967 ( IRA ) , which straight impacts the employment relationship. To advance investing and growing, the Malayan authorities encourages an affectionate relationship between employer and employees. The EA administrates issues associating to employment in Malaysia and applies to most employees whose rewards do non transcend RM1, 500 ( USD 1= RM3.22 ) or who are engaged with specific work, for illustration manual labor or oversing manual labor. The chief country protected by EA affecting to employment contract contains the expiration of contracts, pregnancy protection, yearss and hours of work, one-year leave, public vacation, expiration and lay off benefits and methods of covering with ailments and questions.

On September 28, 2011 Article 8 ( 2 ) of the Federal Constitution was amended to forbid gender favoritism through the Constitution ( Amendment ) ( N 2 ) Act 2011. This development would hold occurred in Malaysia due to influences of MNC which are runing in Malaysia, which are favoritism of gender base as the topmost duties.

Examples of regulative system in Malaysia included, affairs such as signifier and range of employee audience and engagement on determinations sing enlisting, publicity, dismissal and redundancy, maximal figure of working hours per day/week and may more.

4.2 Protective statute law ( associating to be right and wellness and safety )

An effectual execution of Occupational Safety and Heath ( OSH ) patterns could cut down accidents therefore diminishing compensation paid. Surveies ( Jaselskis and Suazo, 1993 ; Teo and Phang, 2005 ) have found that safety steps taken in the workplace can take to better safety public presentations and Laukkannen ( 1999 ) besides emphasised on safety as being portion of a adept occupation public presentations.

Malaysian has established jurisprudence for wellness and safety, Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994. Every employer in Malaysia has to set up a safety and wellness commission at the topographic point of work in conformity if there are 40 or more individuals employed at the topographic point of work. Every employer shall confer with the healthy and safety commission with a position to the care.


6.0 Analysis of employees ‘ engagement and degree of trade unionism

6.1 Introduction

A trade brotherhood refers to an organisation which is made up of workers who come together so as to accomplish ends which they portion. The trade brotherhoods fight for the rights of their members through leaders who are normally elected competitively ( Clegg 1990, p. 345 ) . The leading in a trade brotherhood would therefore negotiate for the regulations applicable at the topographic points of work. The leaders of the trade brotherhood hence negotiate with the employers or the employer organisations and arrive at determinations which are adhering on the members of the brotherhood though at times the conditions of non members could besides be affected by such dialogues ( Clegg 1990, p. 356 ) .

6.2 Discussion

In footings of employee engagement and representation, the place in the United Kingdom is that an employee has the right to fall in or stay outside a trade brotherhood is more on indirect engagement. British employees are encouraged to fall in trade brotherhood, nevertheless there are a certain per centum of employees who are non a members of the brotherhood. The Employment Relations Act ( ERA ) 1999 enacted into UK labour jurisprudence a system of statutory trade brotherhoods acknowledgment under which a brotherhood can oblige an employer to acknowledge and dicker with it.

The Employment Relations Act 1999 represented a more favourable legal development for brotherhoods. By leting brotherhoods to use for statutory acknowledgment, the Act notionally provided them with an chance to derive a bridgehead following the displacement towards enterprise-level bargaining.

In Malaysia, the place is somewhat different from that in the United Kingdom. The right to fall in a trade brotherhood is guaranteed under the fundamental law. Malayan employees are all allowed to fall in Trade Unions, Private sector and public sector has their really ain feature on Unionization. For illustration: Public sector employees are non allowed to strike, but the private sector employees are allowed to strike. However, the Trade Unions Act, 1959 and the Industrial Relations Act, 1967 topographic point some limitations ( Jomo & A ; Todd 1994, p. 276 ) . In Malaysia workers can non organize general brotherhoods and therefore rank must be confined to a peculiar trade, industry or constitution. Certain categories of workers such as those in managerial and execution place should non be members of a trade brotherhood. The jurisprudence associating to merchandise unionism in Malaysia fails to efficaciously protect workers. Workers have been dismissed for prosecuting in brotherhood activities ( Darlington 2012, p. 525 ) . The authorities engages in a policy of segregating trade brotherhoods and this has seen merely less than 2 % of private sector workers being protected by corporate understandings ( Institut 1987, p. 216 ) . The terrible limitation in Malaysia makes it really hard for workers to travel on work stoppage. The demand to name a work stoppage is that a ballot must be taken of the involved workers to find whether to name a work stoppage ( Turner & A ; O’sullivan 2011 p.524 ) .

Decisions and cardinal recommendation

After the research has been carried out, it could be stated that UK based companies have some differences compared to Malayan companies. It may be non a terrible sight of the differences that ABC Electronics Company will hold to take history in, as the differences are non a major one as Malayan HR policy has tonss of intimation of British. Importantly globalisation has a monolithic impact in organisation presents, and that could be a ground the employee in Malaysia likes to work with the foreign organisation. As they are more benefits for them

Interestingly, based on the reading done Malayan companies has a great impact on Western civilization simply because many MNCs are runing in that specific state. It appears that Malayan employees are presently cognizant about the right that they get as in that is one of the greatest influences MNC has given to is an of import information as it shows the acceptableness of the employees in Malaysia. They are willing and happy to work with the foreign administration is high strictly because looking at the benefits given by the MNC companies, they prefer to working with the foreign companies ( S, Maniam 2012 ) .As far as Trade Union is concerned, both the states are utilizing the indirect engagement manner of fall ining the trade brotherhood. This information is of import gives ABC Electronics image on how the trade brotherhood works in Malaysia and how does employees respond to that. It will assist to pull off employees, as in UK trade brotherhood employees are encouraged to fall in, nevertheless every bit far as Malayan organisation is concerned, unionism could be a rank which is confined to employees of that peculiar constitution or company. And fundamentally Trade Union in Malaysia, are trade brotherhoods are confronted by economic factors, by and large beyond their control, such as menace of capital flight, and abroad competition. This gives an semblance that ABC Electronics would besides hold to take in history of those factors.

Otherwise, every bit far as Malayan administration concerned and upon the reading Malayan employees are deficiency of these accomplishments which is has been a major issue for UK employees. Skills such as leardesrship, answerability and civilization. These likely could be the countries that ABC Electronics will hold to look in to. UK employees looks like has been given tonss of privilege compared to the Malayan employees, as in that ABC Electronics need to be more specific in HR issues in wage and wagess schemes.

Equally far as the Employment statute law is concerned in Malaysia, there is some basic similarity on the manner employee is treated. In this manner, ABC Electronic has non many alterations to be made in the HR patterns to establish in Malaysia. The concern can be set up in Malaysia but a acute apprehension of their civilization in deepness is required. The people of Malaysia will be friendly to accept the new company but they will take some clip to accommodate. An organizational civilization with a combination of both the civilizations will assist towards the growing of the concern every bit good as bring in integrity and equality among the staff. It will besides supply greater support in pull offing the human resource factor. As been reference earlier in civilization differences, there are non major differences between UK and Malayan civilization. It could be understood that employees in Malaysia are adaptable as there are non major differences and they are besides welcoming the civilization of UK.


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