The dissertation proposal Essay


The thesis proposal will discourse on the chosen subject of survey. The purpose of the proposal is to inspect the consequence of information engineering in concern organisation, and the consequence on employees within the organisation. The proposal besides aims to analyse direction functions in the credence of information engineering by assorted single in the organisation. It will besides look into the advantage of following IT into an organisation and opposition on the portion on employees. The term Information Technology ( IT ) is a planetary phenomenon that makes the universe, in practical footings and in existent footings, a smaller topographic point through increased velocity of action and connectivity and it has been absorbed into mundane life to the extent that it is portion of an single societal cloth, dressing their working lives and their societal lives ( Elliot, 2004 ) . While the term information system ( IS ) and information engineering ( IT ) are sometimes used interchangeably, there are differentiations. An information system can be any organized combination of people, hardware, package, communicating web, informations resources and policies and processs that shops, retrieves, transform and disseminate information in the organisation ( O’Brien and Marakas, 2007 ) , while information engineering refers to the assorted hardware, package, networking and information direction constituents necessary for the system to run ( O ‘ Brien and Marakas, 2007 ) . Harmonizing to Beyon Devies ( 2009 ) , he explained an information system as a system which involves the communicating of people ; it involves aggregation, procedures and airing of information. Recently human organisation is being confronted with series of challenges ; outstanding amongst them are development portfolio, globalisation or borderless economic system, execution of entire quality. Today ‘s concern environment is dynamic and undergoes rapid alteration as a consequence of technological invention, and demands from assorted clients ( Agboola, 2007 ) . When implementing any new engineering into an organisation the direction demand to first cognize the impact on the employees, nevertheless this is non the instance as most directors do n’t look at it from the employees positions, instead they focus on the advantage the IT as on its organisation.


Assorted concern organisations, particularly the banking industries of the twenty-first century operates in a really complex and competitory environment which is characterized by technological invention, increased consciousness and demands from clients, Harmonizing to Woherem ( 2000 ) , the banking industry in Nigeria has witnessed enormous alterations linked with developments in ICT over the old ages. In the past old ages, Bankss in Nigeria have progressively depended on the deployment of information and communicating engineering ( ICT ) substructure to drive their procedures and present superior public presentation to run into and excel client outlooks ( Ovia, 2006 ) . Still there is still room for betterment in the banking industries, some service that abound in states like the United Kingdom ( UK ) have non been adopted into the system in the Nigerian banking system. This survey hopes to measure response of employees in Nigerian Bankss. The bank in usage will be Guarantee Trust Bank, Nigeria ( GTB ) .

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In most organisation alteration occurs often, most organisation have been subjected to alter, the ground for the alteration is due to the turning tendency of engineering in the universe today. In some organisation the consequence of engineering credence have been easy accepted while others employees find it progressively hard to accommodate to the alteration. Very frequently employees prefer the province in which they are in. The execution of any new engineering enterprise will significantly impact single employees in different ways, if this human impact is non identified and managed, so opposition to alter will happen hence doing the enterprise to neglect or non presenting the expected consequence ( Bocij et al, 2006 ) . The credence of the engineering is nevertheless of import in other for the organisation to execute good in its industry. The major job workers face is the fright to accommodate to this new invention in order non to lose their occupations. Another job an employee may confront is non having adequate support from the direction. Most organisation has adopted new engineering into their system, but deficiency of sufficient preparation and opposition on the portion of employees affects the organisation public presentation. The proposal looks into why organisation adopts state-of-the art engineering into their concern and the possible manner to work out single opposition.


The survey aims to research the effectual usage of information engineering in a Nigerian bank and the impact on employees, the research will concentrate on a major bank, and the bank is one of the taking Bankss in the state. The research has been able to clear up the fact that important jobs are bound to break out as a consequence of major IT changes within an organisation. There may be job in seting to such alterations on the portion of the employees. The chief inquiry this research aims to look into is:

  • What will be the impact of IT on single ( employees ) in the organisation?
  • How rapidly can employees accommodate to the alterations made to the organisation operations.
  • What makes an organisation follow new information engineering for service proviso


  • To analyze the impact of the debut of information engineering on single ( employees ) within an organisation.


The chief purpose and aims of this research includes:

  1. To analyze how fast and willing the employees can accommodate to such magnitude of alteration originating from the debut of IT.
  2. To look into direction intercessions when covering with employees, particularly the one time that find the acceptance of IT hard.
  3. To supply probationary recommendation to how information Technology can be decently implemented.
  4. To place the state-of-the-art information engineering employed in the industry.
  5. To look into past and current literature that addresses the issues and challenges of Information engineering credence.

The research besides intends to convey farther consciousness to the organisation sing the restriction and challenges the industry faces without the usage of information engineering ( IT ) .


In the universe today there are two schemes in carry oning a research which includes the quantitative research method and the quantitative research method. The purpose of the quantitative attack is to mensurate how people think, their perspective towards things, act or experience utilizing methods like study, while the qualitative research method is chiefly used to understand ( cognize ) people ‘s behaviour, civilization, attitude, life style ( Oates, 2006 ) . The qualitative research will be used in this survey, the chief ground for this attack is that it has the ability to supply a complex textual description of how people experience a given research affair, it provides a really of import facet of the issue in position, which is the human side. Qualitative attack is common with inquiring unfastened ended inquiry. It allows sharers to react to any inquiry in their ain words. Another advantage the qualitative attack has over the quantitative research attack is that the chance of the research worker examining the participant is likely, illustration of the inquiries are, inquiring the how or why. The two methods differ in certain ways, an of import facet is to observe is the type of questioned asked and the signifier of informations the research worker will get. The qualitative method utilizing the questionnaires and interview will let the assorted interviewees have their say on the issue.


Harmonizing to Anderson ( 2004 ) , when transporting out research work utilizing an organisation, there are three ‘research scheme ‘ that can be used viz. : study, action research, and instance survey. For the intent of this research work, the instance survey attack will be adopted as the method of this research ; it will be the most appropriate scheme to accomplish the coveted consequence. Harmonizing to Robson ( 2002 ) he defines the instance survey attack as a scheme for transporting out a research which involves an empirical probe of a peculiar phenomenon within existent life context utilizing multiple beginnings of grounds. The object of survey will be on Guarantee Trust Bank Nig ( GTb ) .


For the intent of this research of import information ‘s will be collected by agencies of interviews, questionnaires and from assorted papers analyses. The three methods will be used to acquire necessary information ‘s ; the interview ( telephone ) will be used in instance of the different location of the respondents.


For the instance survey information the beginning which will be used for roll uping grounds is the interview. The research worker intends to utilize the telephone interview technique. The telephone interviews are non personal but it can be really effectual in the circumstance of this research ( long distance ) ( Saunders et al, 2003 ) . The chief advantage is that more people can be reached at the same clip, it besides has a higher convenience ratio and less clip will be spent than the personal interview, furthermore the corresponding respondents will experience less uncomfortable compared to the personal interview ( Sekaran, 2003 ) . The research will besides utilize the semi-structured interview in the instance were the interviewee is non comfy go throughing critical information refering the organisation through the telephone interview. The semi-structured interview besides has its advantage. Harmonizing to Yates ( 2004 ) and Saunders et Al ( 2006 ) they suggested that semi-structured interviews can be really helpful in an exploratory survey when seeking to happen out what is go oning in a peculiar state of affairs. In the instance of necessitating farther elucidation after the interview procedure, electronic mail ( electronic mail ) will be used for the procedure. Besides during the semi structured interview if granted permission from the interviewees the conversation will be recorded.


To place the nature and relevancy of information engineering in concern organisation and its impact on employees, relevant texts and academic literature will be reviewed. Harmonizing to Deyner and Tranfield ( 2006 ) , carry oning reappraisals of relevant literature is critical to positioning the research worker ‘s parts to knowledge and to build reasoned, logical and substantiated statements. In order to obtain the primary information ‘s questionnaires will be sent to the bank direction, employees and to the cardinal bank of Nigeria ( CBN ) ; The questionnaire will dwell of inquiry that are back uping the usage of Information Technology ( IT ) at the organisation and the impact on single within the organisation, as mentioned the qualitative method will be used for this survey because multiple participant will be used to derive significant information for the research.


General information about Information Technology ( IT ) will be gathered for this research, information ‘s will be extracted from academic diaries and books, reexamining relevant texts. Conducting reappraisals of relevant literature is critical to a research worker ‘s part in-terms of cognition and besides helps to build sound statements with logical and substantiated statements ( Deyner and Tranfield, 2006 ) . Datas from the questionnaires and from the semi-structured interview will be analyzed qualitatively.


This survey will look at the impact of information engineering on employees within a concern organisation, holding an efficient information engineering is a cardinal to success in the banking industry. The survey will besides foreground how direction determinations affect the usage of information engineering credence ; it is of import to cognize that the research will confront the undermentioned jobs

  • The distance involved in the aggregation of primary informations.
  • Limited clip.
  • The respondent ‘s delay and hold in finishing the questionnaire.
  • The respondent giving inaccurate consequence.
  • Difficult to acquire the necessary people to interview.

Programme of work

The proposed research is expected to be concluded within a infinite of 13weeks. The research worker is to pull out a program of how the proposed research will be carried out and completed, roll up necessary information and information ‘s about the companies that he intends to do research on, assemble the necessary papers to back up the research, make certain the selected of import persons are interviewed. Roll up a study harmonizing to the result of assorted information gathered and come up with a sensible decision and recommendations.

Plan of work:

Research pre-phase ( Estimated period: 2 hebdomad ) :

The undertaking involves happening a research inquiry and to procure a supervisor. The following stage will be to confer with with of import organisations ( bank ) to see and to identifier the cardinal people to interview. The reappraisal of academic literature will be carried out and documented for future mention.

Milestone 1: To procure a supervisor and research inquiry.

Research program and design ( Estimated period: 1 hebdomad ) :

The research worker would happen a research attack and design in during this period. Tactical model for rating findings will be defined. All gathered information will be documented and a first portion of the research will be completed, checked decently and submitted.

Milestone 2: submit 1st deliverable: Research Proposal

Prepare for necessary informations aggregation ( Estimated period: 1 hebdomad ) :

The undertaking involves reaching the interviewees and schedules a day of the month for interview. Interview usher and ethical blessing signifier will be prepared. The necessary questionnaire will be prepared and designed. Pilot proving will be conducted for the interview usher and questionnaires.

Milestone 3: Pilot Testing and Questionnaire instruments.

Data Collection ( Estimated attempt: 3weeks ) :

The writers submit participant information to single involved in the research. The designed questionnaires will be distributed to the proper persons and the interviews will be conducted. Besides all the relevant papers for the proposed survey of the organisation will be gathered.

Milestone 4: Collate and arrange all informations collected.

Analysis and rating of happening ( Estimated period: 1 hebdomad ) :

All informations conducted from the assorted interviews and questionnaires would be examined and understood by the research worker and all other analyzed determination would be collated and arranged for extra apprehension.

Milestone5: Organized informations collected and evaluate findings.

Complete Report ( Estimated period: 3 hebdomads ) :

The undertaking involves the rounding up of the writers work and the necessary decision will be stated ; the writers will besides look to do suggestion for farther research.

Milestone 6: Submit concluding Report: Submit concluding Report.


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