The Effect Of Climate Change On Businesses Commerce Essay

Climate alteration is already go oning and represents one of the greatest environmental, societal and economic menaces the planet is confronting. Malaysia ‘s C emanation per capita was one time the universe ‘s highest. Our Prime Minister agreed to the importance of cut downing our state ‘s C emanations and one of the best ways is to acquire private and authorities ain companies acquiring involved in it. Companies have several duties toward protecting the environment. They should minimise pollution and make their best to better the environment.

First, company should hold a well-managed and effectual environmental direction squad. They have the duty to transport out rating every bit good as overall reappraisal of the impact of company ‘s operations on environment. So as to avoid, halt, minimise or rectify the important pollution or debasement it had done to the environment. Following, company should besides hold good waste direction. Company should minimise their packaging and merely utilize packaging that are environmental friendly or use those packaging that can be recycled or reused.

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The Effect Of Climate Change On Businesses Commerce Essay
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Besides that, any gases, toxic or harm resources that will foul the environment should be managed decently. Company must do certain that all resources have passed the environmental criterion and have a best manner to work out it. Finally, company are obliged and tied to the environmental ordinances that set by authorities.

Actually, company can make more than that. Company can promote their employees on carpooling besides known as car-sharing. This can assist to salvage cost for the employees and cut down air pollution. Company can besides form any events or runs that promote environmental friendly and promote all employees to take portion.

Company needs to be witting of the importance of being environmentally responsible and attempts to interchange their position point on green behaviour with others. With companies traveling green, it saves the environment while at the same clip they can cut down their cost and addition regard and trueness from the society. As a consequence, companies gain more net income in the long tally.



First The Body Shop shop opens on 26th March 1976 in Brighton on the south seashore of England. During 1978, a booth in Brussels became the first abroad franchise and by 1982, new stores are opened at the rate of two per month. For your information, The Body Shop sponsored postings for Greenpeace during 1985 in its first twelvemonth as a public company. A twelvemonth subsequently, it creates an Environmental Projects Department of its ain while the first major window run for The Body Shop is “ Salvage the Whale ” with Greenpeace, in 1986.

The Body ShopA is a values driven, original and ethical high quality tegument and organic structure attention retail merchant and is well-known for making a niche market sector for naturally-inspired merchandises that are 100 % vegetarian.A The organisation ‘s aim is to accomplish high unity in its merchandise development by utilizing minimum packaging and to be honest about the benefits of the merchandises it sells.A Besides, The Body Shop has become an authorization in the development of alone personal attention merchandises inspired by the usage of natural ingredients with proved benefits.

The Body ShopA Malaysia ‘s concern doctrine is “ net incomes with rules ” . The company believes that a concern has the duty towards the communities in which it operates. For your cognition, the company supports and initiates community action and runs excessively. These includes activities such as environmental protection, human immunodeficiency virus ( HIV ) consciousness, Child Trafficking and Stop Violence Against Women, which is a long-run run to assist reference and raise consciousness on the issue of domestic force in Malaysia.A Till now, The Body ShopA®A is still committed and continues to take the manner for concerns to utilize their voice for the societal and environmental change.A


Ecofuture Sdn. Bhd is an environmental preservation and technology-based company which optimizes oil thenar biomass such as empty fruit Bunches sourced from the Group ‘s milling operations. These empty fruit Bunches are so processed and recycled into value-added biodegradable merchandises. For your cognition, Ecofuture Sdn. Bhd. was successfully listed on the 11th January 2005. The group is an investing keeping company while its chief activities are distributed through its subordinate companies which include Ecofibre Technology Sdn. Bhd. , Ecologico Packaging Sdn. Bhd. , Interactive Star Sdn. Bhd. , Stable-Win Sdn. Bhd. and Metro Knight ( M ) Sdn. Bhd.

Ecofibre Technology Sdn. Bhd. is concentrating on the production and gross revenues of mulch mat, known as ‘ecomat ‘ and besides the technology and gross revenues of specialised machinery used for the shredding of fiber empty fruit Bunches. Meanwhile, Ecologico Packaging Sdn. Bhd. provides turnkey services in production of ‘ecopak ‘ . For your cognition, ‘ecopak ‘ is an first-class consequence of sustained Research & A ; Development ( R & A ; D ) enterprises and attempts which aimed to cut down waste pollution and creates a ‘greener ‘ environment for the human community.

The 3rd subordinate companies, Interactive Star Sdn. Bhd. is concentrating on managing and using hallmarks and patents for group ‘s merchandises. In the other manus, Stable-Win Sdn. Bhd. is responsible for the milling of the fresh fruit Bunches, gross revenues of rough palm oil and and besides the gross revenues of palm meats. Last, Metro Knight ( M ) Sdn. Bhd. which is a to the full incorporate thenar mush mill located in Segamat, Johor produces 100 % toxic free non-wood virgin mush. They are the first factory in Malaysia that develop the engineering to change over palm oil biomass into an ecologically sustainable agricultural residue into mush.


Ecofuture Bhd

Ecofuture Bhd. produces hempen mats and packaging merchandises from recycled oil thenar biomass. It markets its merchandises under the trade name names of ECOMAT, ECOPAK and ECOFIBRE. Its subordinates are Stable-Win Sdn. Bhd. , which is engaged in milling, sale of rough palm oil and thenar meats and recycling of oil thenar biomass. While Ecofibre Technology Sdn. Bhd is engaged in the production and sale of hempen mat from oil thenar biomass and technology and sale of specialised machinery.

EcoPak is a proud consequence of sustained Research & A ; Development ( R & A ; D ) enterprises and attempts, aimed at finally cut downing waste pollution and making a ‘greener ‘ environment for the human community. Ecologico Packaging Sdn Bhd ( ELPSB ) was established to originate the venture into the concern of ecological preservation.

Bing the first Malayan company to bring forth packaging merchandises made of natural ‘Oil Palm Fibre ‘ , Ecologico Packaging has successfully developed a broad scope of eco-friendly merchandises that promises to revolutionise the packaging industry. Driven by a squad of technically skilled and experienced Research & A ; Development ( R & A ; D ) forces with the latest state-of-the-art fabrication installation located in Segamat, Johor, an ecologically advanced engineering named EcoPakA® has been developed, responsible for the transition of palm biomass industries into extremely ecological natural stuffs used to bring forth eco-friendly packaging merchandises.

EcoPakA® Packaging Products contains assorted cardinal values that surpass the restrictions of conventional packaging merchandises, doing it a radical merchandise that is bio-degradable and exchangeable into natural fertilisers, suited for nutrient packaging and microwaveable and able to continue freshness for a long period of clip.

Besides that, it is tested by SIRIM Malaysia and assorted abroad establishments, such as Japan Food Research Laboratories etc, EcoPakA® engineering and merchandises had set a new criterion in ‘environmental protection ‘ enterprises, puting gait for Ecologico Packaging Sdn Bhd. Ecologico Packaging Sdn Bhd ‘s merchandises are made from natural oil thenar fibers. Using the latest engineering, machinery and human expertness, EcoPak merchandises were developed with the undermentioned differentiations:

Natural Merchandise

Processed by organic agencies, EcoPakA® merchandises contain no harmful chemical additives and colourings and are toxic-free.

Natural Fibre Color

EcoPakA® merchandises possess contemporarily attractive natural fibre-color spiritual world in any other type of packaging stuffs, doing it a pure and natural merchandise that is easy accepted by the general populace.

Eco-friendly & A ; Environmental Friendly

EcoPakA® merchandises are biodegradable within a short period of clip after disposal, turning it into natural soil-like fertiliser, unlike other substances like crude oil by-products, it takes more than a decennary to biodegrade and it is toxicant.

Provides the Finest Qualities for Food Packaging

EcoPakA® merchandises had been tested and proven to continue freshness of nutrients, even after long hours of storage, doing it the most ideal packaging stuff for all types of nutrient.

Suitable For All Types of Packaging

EcoPakA® engineering enables the creative activity of visible radiation, strong and lasting packaging stuffs suited for all types of merchandises runing from fruits, electronic point and etc.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is dedicated in lending to the preserve of environment through their committedness to seeking and prolonging natural stuffs and ingredients. They are synonymous with merchandises and ingredients inspired by nature. The Body Shop adopts a precautional attack to the usage of chemicals in order to minimise its impact to environment. To turn out this, they publish their chemicals policy and scheme, which include expressed positioning statements on chemicals of concern to candidates.

The Body Shop offers a broad scope of merchandises such as organic structure attention, skin attention, hair and aroma merchandises. The ingredients of all these merchandise scope are inspired by nature. For illustration, for the tegument attention merchandises, most of the ingredients are of course origin. There are a few classs of tegument attention merchandises which are differentiated by their chief ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Seaweed, Tea Tree and Shiso infusion. All of these chief ingredients are extracted from natural resources. As a consequence, they are harmless to our environment.

In add-on, the ingredients of The Body Shop ‘s merchandises non merely preserves our environment, it besides takes attention for consumer ‘s benefit. For case, the Aloe merchandises ‘ chief ingredient is Aloe Vera. It is grown without the usage of pesticides and is natural, pure and preservative free. Therefore, it is environmental-friendly. Furthermore, Aloe Vera is renowned for its unbelievable soothing, hydrating and humidifying belongingss and it is perfect for sensitive tegument. It is like a miracle medical specialty for consumer.

Besides, the seaweed used in The Body Shop Seaweed merchandises is harvested from the seashore of France. It is a natural skin-balancing ingredient renowned for its high beginning of foods and vitamins that efficaciously balance the tegument tone and purify and clear up the skin color. Unlike many of other merchandises in the market that their chief ingredients comprised of a batch of chemicals, The Body Shop ‘s merchandises are ever ecologically friendly.

Other than that, The Body Shop has been utilizing organic ingredients in their merchandises for many old ages. All the merchandises in Nutriganics scope are set to run into the degrees of organic content set out by ECOCERT, the universe ‘s largest organic enfranchisement organic structure to guarantee the organic claims are relevant and touchable. Over 95 % of all the ingredients used in Nutriganics merchandises are of natural beginning. Their merchandises are supported by active organic and botanical ingredients sourced from all over the universe.

On the other manus, The Body Shop has the policy that against carnal proving. They prohibit the usage of animate being in their toilet articless and cosmetics proving. They besides insist their providers non to prove their ingredients on animate beings. They comply with the stringent demands of the Humane Cosmetics Standard created by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection. They are dedicated in taking attention of animate beings ‘ public assistance. Furthermore, their merchandises are tested on the footing that does non harm our ecosystem or in another word, environment.

In the nutshell, The Body Shop has high committedness in taking attention of environmental public assistance in the term of cut downing their impact on environment.


Everyone knows, Earth is traveling to be destroyed by homo. A batch of industrial activities are doing pollution to Earth. If these activities are non addressed and actions non taken, planetary heating will decidedly go worse. Although authorities has put all attempt on forestalling such activities, the power still limited. The company themselves need to be responsible to Earth and do less pollution to Earth. Therefore the environment duty of company becomes of import to salvage the planet. We are traveling to discourse about the environment duty within an organisation in the organic structure store and ecofuture.

The Body Shop

Body store believes there is merely one manner to beautiful, nature ‘s manner. They held on this belief for old ages and until now, they still do. They invariably seek out fantastic natural ingredient from the whole universe and convey the merchandise spliting with effectivity to client. While they are making this they still strive best to protect our beautiful planet. They produce their merchandise with the ingredients which cause less pollution to the environment. They try their best to non destruct this planet. We need the planet to populate to remain reasonably.

Beside the merchandise, they besides disseminate the of import of protecting the planet by carry oning some run to popularise that thought, makes their employees know more about the planet and seek to salvage the environment. They have a run, named “ protect our plane ” t. There are “ cut down, reuse, and recycle ” . They will avoid extra utilizing packaging if possible. They are utilizing 100 % station consumer recycled plastics. This can assist to cut down the pollution to environment. They promise to seek out renewable resources, sustainable natural ingredients and happen better ways to protect the rain forests. Their committedness to protect our planet drives us to make more and be better corporate citizens. Another company that has the same political orientation as organic structure store is McDonald ‘s. McDonald ‘s had conducted the Olympic twenty-four hours run in old ages 2009. That is a planetary event.

EcoFuture Bhd

Another company that we are traveling to discourse is Ecofuture. Ecofuture is an investing keeping company whilst its chief activities are distributed through its subordinate companies chiefly to some other companies. One of it is Ecologico boxing Sdn Bhd ( ELPSB ) . Ecologico has a merchandise which is Ecopack. It was an environment friendly which is less pollution to environment container ware today for a healthier life style. It besides has non-toxic, disposable and non-wax coated which is benefit to human. Hence, the employees of the company normally are requires to utilize the merchandise that are environmental friendly. Besides this, the company besides communicated to its employees to guarantee that each employee understands, conforms to and patterns the Group ‘s quality criterion as an built-in portion of their occupation map. This choice criterion is used to do certain that all merchandise and operation in company are ever environmental friendly.

Through sound committedness and dedication, ECOFUTURE will continuously prosecute excellence in the promotion of environmental witting merchandises, non defying consumers ‘ demand attitudes towards eco-friendly merchandise use. The company merely wants to set attempt to their merchandise that can protect our environment.

Presents, more companies are advocate to protect the environment, this is a good mark. Not merely the company, for us, we are besides have duty to protect the planet and cut down pollution to environment. We can acquire started from making minor thing such as throwing the trash into the dustbin alternatively of littering it merely anyplace. Let ‘s get down to protect our place now.


The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a company that cares a batch for the society and the environment, as since its constitution, The Body Shop has launched and participated in many run in this respect. The Body Shop has besides played a major function in foregrounding the jobs related to human rights around the universe, as The Body Shop has managed to hold around three million people subscribing up for the ‘Make Your Mark ‘ for human rights run. As an illustration, in 1993 The Body Shop has helped the Ogoni people and their leader Ken Saro-Wiwa by raising the troubles they were confronting in their fatherland in Nigeria, as the elephantine oil and gas company Shell was carry oning some geographic expedition in the Ogoni ‘s country, and by making that, The Body Shop has helped their instance by raising the issue in an International degree. The Body Shop joins The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics in 2005 and its attempt has been appraised by both the Greenpeace and the Breast Cancer Fund based on the company ‘s responsible chemicals ‘ policies. The Body Shop has besides take part and created an efficient partnership with both the UNICEF and the United Nations Secretary-Generals Study on Violence Against Children to assist in halting force against kids in the place. The Body Shop has besides played a function in raising fund and consciousness about HIV and AIDS within the adolescents groups, as the company has partnered with MTV in a new run called Spray to Change, where over $ 430,000 were raised and were given to charities that are responsible for educating immature and at hazard groups about HIV and AIDS.

In the environmental side, The Body Shop has switched to green electricity since 2001, and many stores are now utilizing renewable energy beginnings to run their operation. The Body Shop has raised the consciousness of renewable energy by roll uping 1.6 million client signatures at the World Summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg. Furthermore, The Body Shop even invested in the development states by financing some of the energy efficient undertaking in the underdeveloped state, puting in the renewable energy field and depending in recycling bundles to protect the environment. Furthermore, The Body Shop was truly known in their high profile runs against carnal testing. These runs have helped to censor carnal testing of cosmetics merchandises and ingredients in the UK, and besides The Body Shop has helped to garner the largest request in the universe and it was delivered to the European Commission in 1996. The Body Shop was the first planetary retail merchant innovator to take part and associate its environmental attempt with the Board of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil, to protect and salvage tropical rain forests and better the human right of workers and autochthonal people.

The Ecofuture Bhd

Ecofuture Bhd is a company that emphasis on environmental preservation and is a engineering based company which produces hempen mats and packaging merchandises from recycled oil thenar biomass. Besides on the merchandise of their company, Ecofuture Bhd besides put their attempt toward the society. The company has taken enterprise to continue for a Clean Development Mechanism ( CDM ) undertaking whereby C credits will be sold under the Kyoto Protocol. Upon the successful completion of the undertaking, the release of C dioxide and methane gases will be significantly reduced. This action will convey benefits to society as it protects our planet. Other than that, the company usage ecobranding strategic to advance the environmental merchandise to their full scope of consumers no affair indoors or outside of the company. The house uses their proactive environmental committedness in an effort to distinguish their merchandise and services. Ecobranding allow potency clients to see the natural environment when they buying the merchandise. Due to the policy of the company that is to bring forth good merchandise to the society, ECOPAK merchandises gained acknowledgment and credence from well-known multi-national hypermarkets, environmental-friendly and organic hypermarkets shops located in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Environmental Quality Act 1974

Environmental Quality Act 1974 is a Malaysia ‘s jurisprudence towards the issues related to domestic environmental jobs and solutions. Within the jurisprudence itself, it contains few basic sectors which are protected under this act. There are commanding on Sewage and Industrial Effluents, Prescribed Premises & A ; Raw Natural Rubber, Clean Air, Motor Vehicle Noise, Delegation of Powers on Marine Pollution Control.

This act is besides provided some information by inform the company in Malaysia that Departments of Environment ( DOE ) proctors 20 specific activities and parametric quantities related to pollution and environmental criterions. The prescribed activities that affect forest are non leting and someA Environmental Impact Assessment ( EIA ) guidelines for forestry.

Environmental Quality Act 1974 on EcoFuture Company

From the web site of EcoFuture, they believe that eco hereafter is created when we are recognizing today that no quality of life can be attained without quality of the environment.

EcoFuture promised to environmental protection by diminishing the ecological footfall caused by production, ingestion and daily concern activities. It is our belief that a cleansing agent, healthier and sustainable hereafter is possible if we on intent to do the right eco picks today.

The Group positions Corporate Social Responsibility as an ongoing committedness by the industry to act ethically every bit good as to lend to economic and societal development whilst bettering the quality of stakeholders ‘ value and the local community at big. The Group has participated in assorted charities and academic events throughout the twelvemonth through sponsorship of its environmental friendly merchandises and will go on to make so in a sustainable behaviour for our future coevals.

Traveling frontward, the Group will be concentrating and heightening its activities locally and internationally for its line of environmental friendly merchandises, The Group is continuously having good response for its merchandises and is interrupting land in new market. This was a consequence from the ongoing restructuring of concern activities where the Group is now concentrating on downstream environmental friendly merchandises. This is related to the act because EcoFuture ‘s merchandises are doing by certified green cleansing chemicals, recycled paper goods for corporate and cordial reception applications, cornstarch bio-products and other environment friendly stuffs.

Environmental Quality Act 1974 on the Body Shop

Harmonizing to the Body Shop ‘s Environmental Principles, it wants to be an environmentally responsible retail merchant. Therefore, under the act, they are utilizing the environmentally responsible stuffs and engineerings, minimising waste and resource usage, and minimising their part to Climate Change with the intent to cut down the environment pollutions.

First and first, Body Shop is taking sustainable natural ingredients in order to salvage rain forests and protect endangered species within the proviso of the company policy. Furthermore, since Body Shop is endeavoring to try to the act, the company attempt to minimise the usage of waste and resource by switched from degradable plastic bags to 100 % recycled paper bags.

Apart from that, by obeying the Environment Quality Act 1974, Body Shop is promoting “ eco-living ” by selling the Bag for Life which is made from 100 % uncolored organic cotton in order to cut down the usage of bearer bags. Furthermore, under the act, they strive to minimise their impact on Climate Change and cut downing air pollution through efficient usage of energy, usage of renewable energy beginnings and countervailing of C emanations.

In a nutshell, Body Shop is considered as a house that had done good in obeying the Environmental Quality Act 1974. They are endeavoring to pass on clearly with their clients and providers on the policies toward environmental friendly issue.


The Body Shop

The Body Shop has been successfully constructing an image of being a lovingness company. But behind the green retail merchant image, the fact of the Body Shop ‘s operations that may be holding a harmful consequence on the environment and the universe ‘s hapless. Many consumers were willing to pay for its trade good merchandises because they believed its cosmetics were high quality and natural, and that it practiced societal duty consistent with what it preached. In fact, a batch of decorative companies make broad usage of non-renewable petrochemicals, man-made colourss, aromas and preservatives, and use merely bantam sums of botanical-based ingredients. The Body Shop besides on a regular basis irradiates certain merchandises to seek to kill bugs. This radiation is generated from unsafe non-renewable U which can non be disposed of safely.

Although the Body Shop maintain that they are against carnal testing, they do non ever do clear that many of the ingredients in their merchandises have been tested on animate beings by other companies, doing much hurting and agony to those animate beings. Although the Body Shop are concerns about the enforcement of their policy, but some of their points still contain carnal merchandises such as gelatin. Many of the cosmetics company, which includes the Body Shop, are ever seeking to do non merely adult females but besides work forces to experience unsated and insecure about their physical visual aspect, and maintain presenting a message that people need ‘beautifying ‘ . Peoples are frequently put under force per unit area to conform to the impossible physical ideals set, particularly adult females.

The Body Shop pays their shop workers at a really low rewards. The company is opposed to merchandise brotherhoods, so that they can maintaining the labour costs down and their employee are unable to form to better their on the job conditions. Since the Body store refuses to negociate with brotherhoods, so their employees are forced to impart their grudges and demands through processs wholly controlled by the company, therefore insulating workers and denying them corporate bargaining power.

In twelvemonth 2002, the Body Shop was selling familial trials by the company Sciona in some of its shops. This had been accused to be deceptive and unethical. A healthy balanced diet, acquiring adequate exercising and non smoking are much more of import in finding their hereafter wellness. Besides, this sort of trials may state people about their hazard of future unwellness. Employers or insurance companies may seek entree to this information in the hereafter. Most of import is that there are no Torahs to forestall Sciona selling on familial information from its database or patenting people ‘s cistrons without their cognition.


The Body Shop is a value driven, original, ethical, high quality tegument and organic structure attention retail merchant. It ‘s well-known for making a niche market sector for naturally-inspired merchandises which are 100 % vegetarian while Ecofuture Sdn Bhd is an environmental preservation and technology-based company which optimizes oil thenar biomass such as empty fruit Bunches sourced from the Group ‘s milling operations. In add-on, The Body Shop had set its organisation ‘s nonsubjective as to accomplish high unity in its merchandise development by utilizing minimum packaging and to be honest about the benefits of the merchandises it sells. Basically, both of the companies are seeking to be responsible to the communities in term of environmental friendly.

In term of merchandise, they are seeking their best to go on their production in a better manner to salvage the environment. They tried to increase the harmoniousness relationship between the human and the environment in order to increase the quality of lifes. Comparison between The Body Shop and Ecofuture Sdn Bhd are as follow:

The Body Shop

Ecofuture Sdn Bhd

Seeking and prolonging natural and organic stuffs and ingredients

green goodss hempen mats and packaging merchandises from recycled oil thenar biomass

adopts a precautional attack to the usage of chemicals

cut downing waste pollution and making a ‘greener ‘ environment for the human


merchandises are ever ecologically friendly

eco-friendly merchandises that promises to revolutionise the packaging industry

against carnal testing

surpass the restrictions of conventional packaging merchandises

Since the quality of life between the human and environment are diminishing dramatically due to the irresponsible and selfish homo who ignore their environment duty. They ignore the relationship between them and the environment. They thought that they are managed to work out those job through the high engineering in today ‘s universe. Unfortunately, world showed that their thought is wholly incorrect. The high engineering had its pros and cons excessively. It will increase the criterion of life of the human. On the other manus, it ‘s diminishing the quality of lifes. They had made the lone Earth sick earnestly. In order to confront the job, cooperation from all parties is needed. The Body Shop had conducted some run which related to societal environment. They are utilizing 100 % station consumer recycled plastics. Besides that, they promise that will seek out renewable resources and sustainable natural ingredients. In add-on, they will seek to happen a better manner to protect the rain forests. For Ecofuture Sdn Bhd, they are utilizing non-toxic, disposable and non-wax coated which is benefit to human. In action, employees of the company are normally required to utilize merchandises which are environmental friendly.

The Body Shop has been successfully constructing an image of being a lovingness company. However, its operation had brought a harmful consequence on the environment and the universe ‘s hapless. Consumers believed that The Body Shop is bring forthing the high quality and natural merchandises. Actually, it on a regular basis irradiates certain merchandises to seek to kill bugs. This radiation is generated from unsafe non-renewable U which can non be disposed of safely. Besides, some of the ingredients in their merchandise have been tested on animate beings by other company and contain carnal merchandises such as gelatin. Besides, they ever make people no affair what gender feel unsated and insecure about their organic structures. Keep on deliver a message that people need to be beautified. The Body Shop pays their worker with a really low wage excessively. Those unethical Acts of the Apostless of The Body Shop had spoiled its green retail merchant image and taking it to be an unethical retail merchant. Hence, decreases its gross revenues and net income.

In short, we can state that although there is a possibility that a company ca n’t wholly be perfect but at least do non misdirecting the consumer in order to increase its net income. Do n’t of all time seek to confound the consumer. By the manner, if it ‘s truly an ethical company, the consumer will back up it automatically. The soiled tactics will ne’er take us to heaven but hell.


From the information above, we learned that environment duty of concern is of import toward a company, employees and even society. Due to the planetary warning become serious and serious in our planet, we can recognize that environment duty is necessary to a company to salvage our planet. Nowadays, worldwide and consumers are going more sensitive and cognizant of the beginning of the merchandise they purchase. They are increasing demand for merchandise from sustainable beginnings. In keeping a consumers ‘ confident, most of the organisation should care about the eco-friendly merchandise. From the illustration above, we can see that the Body Shop and EcoFuture Bhd have a good company image. This is because these two companies sell the eco-friendly merchandises that protect our planet. Hence, we learned that a company who put their attempt in environmental friendly takes the competitory advantages in the commercial circle because the consumers have a confident toward their merchandise. This circumstance non merely increases the net income of company, it besides increases the image of company and indirectly increases the portion monetary value of company.

From my sentiment, the company such as Body Shop and EcoFuture Bhd should set more attempt toward the society. They should develop more eco friendly merchandise and behavior more runs to heighten the environmental consciousness of consumers even the other organisation. Thereafter, our future coevals can populate in a healthy environment.


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