The effect of technology on children health. Essay

EFFECTS OF INCREASED USE OF TECHNOLOGY HAVE ON THE HEALTH OF TEENAGERS In the millennial generation, it is arguably impossible to imagine teenagers living their daily lives without any consumption of technology. Numerous technologies around us are assisting countless youngsters, allowing them to live a much more luxurious life. However, they tend to increase the use of their sophisticated machinery each day. This will greatly affect their health, both physically and mentally.

Being handicapped with strained vision and hearing impairment, experiencing motional instability and having to suffer from memory loss are some of the effects involving the increase usage of technology have on the health of teenagers. First of all, they will have to deal with being handicapped with strained vision and hearing impairment. Close computer work can cause teenagers to suffer from eye strain due to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). They also tend to permit themselves in making awkward postures to ensure they position they eyes for smoother performance.

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The effect of technology on children health. Essay
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Teenagers who frequently attending loud concerts and tends to wear oorly fitted ear buds can cause hearing impairment as early as their early 20’s. They also love to blast their music to drown out conversations when there are people around or even traffic when they are on the road. Other than suffering from CVS and hearing loss, teenagers will also experience emotional instability when they consume too much technology. Teenagers need approximately 9 hours of sleep daily, but they often text late into the night with their friends. With that being said, they are not able to focus well in school as well as cope with social pressure.

Teens will also fail to separate themselves with parents and become independent thinkers, which happens to be a crucial development step for young adults. The blame can be put on cell phones. Besides that, social media sites prevent teens from facing solitude. This will cause loneliness when they do not have any kind of connection. Having to suffer from memory loss is also a massive effect on the health of teenagers when they increase their usage of technology. Multi-tasking nowadays is becoming a habit amongst teenagers. Although it seems like it allows them become more fficient, a study has shown an opposite effect.

They had a more difficult time clarifying irrelevant information than those who focus on one task at a time. Teenagers who multi-task will also take a longer time to switch duties and solving In a nutshell, an increased use of technology will cause teenagers strained vision, hearing impairment, emotional instability and memory loss. Although it feels like using more technology is a good thing, we need to realize that everything we do has an unintended consequence. So go ahead and utilize your technologies but keep in mind to not overuse your gadgets.


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