The Effects of Early Exposure to Sexual Content Essay

This problem becomes more worrisome if no solution is taken. This problem usually caused by the influence of sexually oriented stories. after that they will be attracted and more daring to try what they watch. according to statistics of teenagers under the age of 15 years and below them is usually only dared to hold hands while the age of 15 years on they are brave to the lip of 22. 2 percent and 20-24 will be more courageous to have sex. start with sex, then a lot of negative effects that we see the youth in Malaysia and many other party is required to solve this problem. he effects of sex among remja is pregnant out of wedlock children. when problems arise, at a young age they will take the easy way to remove the baby to various places as examples of waste, drains, etc. such as in Bukit Mertajam, a baby girl was found in the wounded and the cloth at 11 pm by a spouse. This is an example of baby dumping cases. thereafter, the family name of sexual perpetrators will fall because of their behavior. due to this problem, their families will be looked down and ignored by society. any solutions that can be taken to resolve the problem between parents and government. Parents should take care of their children and always follow their children’s interactions. Parents are also advised to provide religious education and knowledge adequately. other than that, the government also must work together in solving this problem. between a solution that can be taken by the government is carrying out awareness campaigns will be sex. otherwise the government should tighten laws for sex performers to solve this problem.


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