The Effects of Eating Fast Foods Essay

FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCES THE EFFECTS OF EATING FAST FOODS NAME: NOR AZWANNIS BINTI FAHROLROZI (2009680788) NORMALIZA BINTI ZAMAN (2009605054) COURSE: DIPLOMA in NURSING (HS110-3C) SUBJECT: ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES CODE: BEL 311 (FIRST DRAFT) LECTURER’S: MDM. JEBA EBENEZER DUE DATE: 16th AUGUST 2010 Fast food refers about food such as hamburgers which is prepared quickly and that you can take away with you (Longman Contemporary English, p. 574). It is served at a counter or drive-thru window without to wait at a long time and do not employ wait staff, customers simply seat themselves after ordering.

Fast foods are ready to eat alternatives to home cooked food. They are readily available and can be eaten at ones own convenience. However, it is necessary that we know the benefits as well as the negative effects of eating fast foods which compromise our lifestyle, health and effects on children. Eating fast food can benefit our way of lifestyle. According to Valerie Tandoi (2009), fast food can saves time in today’s fast-paced society which is people can order first on their way to or from work without ever leaving their car. Moreover, it designed to come in small packaging so that people can consume it while traveling.

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The Effects of Eating Fast Foods Essay
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In addition, consuming fast foods can light on the wallet (Valerie Tandoi, 2009). In fact, it can save a lot of money for large families, students and anyone else looking to eat. For example, there are many fast food chains offer discount menus with foods costing a dollar or less. Furthermore, customers also avoid having to leave a tip when they choose a fast food restaurant. Nevertheless, several negative effects exist; for example, eating fast foods that effects our health (Jasvin Jusen, 2009). It can consume high sodium content to our body. As recommend daily sodium intake is 1500 – 2400 mg for an adult.

As we know, sodium attacks water causing an increase in the blood volume. As a result, the expanded volume forces your heart to work harder causing a raise in blood pressure. Moreover, fast food can consume Trans Fatty Acids that can worst kind of fat to consume. Trans Fat is used to deep fry food, make it generally last longer and have a better texture. In addition, fast foods also consume low fiber diet that can leading to constipation and digestive problems. Indeed, fiber is needed to maintain a healthy gut also reduce the complication of heart disease.

Other negative effects on eating fast food that can harmful to children. According to Batul Nafisa Baxamusa (2010), age group of 12 – 18 years of American children 15 – 20 % are overweight. Certainly, obese children spend little time in physical activity or sports, leading to mental stress and other emotional disturbance and also not give the children a feeling of fullness. Another effect on children involves the lead to diabetes because the excess sugar and sodas in fast foods. It will develop type 2-diabetes that generally affects our grandparents and parents.

As a result, their bodies fail to produce the insulin that controls the sugar and metabolism. The last effect is that these children develop anemic because they do not get the required vitamins and iron supplements in necessary for their growth (Batul Nafisa Baxamus, 2010). Hence, they become lethargic and tired easily. As a conclusion, for the brighter, healthier and safer future, all people not only government and public also must play the main role in prevent and become aware of negative effects to our family especially children from eating excessive fast food because like saying, “prevention is better than cure. ”


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