The Egypt Game Essay

Title: The Egypt GameAuthor: Zilpha Keatley Snyder The main character in this story is April hall. She is an 11-year old girl girl from Hollywood who goes to live with her grandmother at the Casa Rosada. April wears fake eyelashes and puts on the “Hollywood Act” when she meets people. Otherwise, she is brave, creative, and loves Egypt. April meets Melanie and comes up with a game sharing their love for Egypt. The story takes place in California in the mid 1960’s on Orchard Avenue at the Casa Rosada.

The Casa Rosada is an old Spanish-style apartment where April and Melanie live. The story also takes place in the backyard of A to Z Antiques store. April and Melanie make Egypt in this store. The main problem is that a little girl in the neighborhood got murdered when she was on her way back from the store. One evening April had to baby-sit Marshall. She realized she forgot her math book in Egypt. They went to get the book and found the murderer in the alleyway choking April.

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Marshall could not yell for help. The problem was solved because the professor who lives in the back of A to Z Antiques yelled for help. The murderer ended up being the clerk from Schmit’s store. When the clerk was arrested everybody was happy because they did not have to worry anymore. I really enjoyed this book. At first I was nervous but then I became curious and loved the way the kids in the book used their imagination.


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